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Hi all,
It has been a most interesting time for all sporting bodies. It is also a very uncertain time also, to say the very least.
Central Coast Rugby Union have released a DRAW for the season with some details below. Of course this is all dependent on what happens between now and the 18th July, and even after that.
We are totally dependent on the decisions from the NSW Government, NSW Health and the various rugby authorities for what happens in the future.
However we are hoping we can commence on the 18th July.
Clubs can go to contact training from the 1st July so clubs will have just under 3 weeks to prepare for their first match. Clubs have been undertaking non-contact training now for several weeks.
The Competition Draw for this year is attached. It is a 9 round competition, with a 4 week Finals Series.
The competition will commence on the 18th July and the Grand Final will be held on the 10th October.
There will also be a Top 5 in Premier 1.
It MUST be noted that the resumption of the competition is all dependent on NSW Government and NSW Health directives. Things can change depending on the statewide situation with coronavirus.
It MUST also be noted that there could be changes to the Draw itself - for instance, if the competition is delayed, if some grounds become unavailable. .
It should also be noted that the The CCRU have agreed that all clubs will not be issued with any affiliation fees this year. There will now be no affiliation for clubs in 2020.
This means clubs will NOT have to pay CCRU affiliation fees, Referee fees, and NSW Country fees this year. There will also be no cost for the annual Presentation Night( the structure of which will change). The CCRU will cover all these fees.
Clubs are only liable for Central Coast Council ground fees which at this stage are unknown.
Larry Thomson,

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