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The 2019 Finals Series has finally arrived. In a year where the struggle to make the Finals was intense from the opening rounds, it now comes down to only four teams remaining in the race to the Major Premiership. The Final Four sees four Premier 1 teams that are quite evenly matched and it should prove a close Premiership.

Saturday’s Premier 1 Minor Semi-final sees Gosford and The Lakes meeting at Woy Woy Oval. This will prove a most interesting match up. Gosford finished third on the competition table and have shown quite good form all year. Gosford have had some great results during the year but injuries have affected them slightly in recent weeks. However they have had two very good wins over their rivals The Lakes during the season. The two wins, 22-18 in the first round, and the second round seeing Gosford easily account for The Lakes by 28 points to 5, probably sees Gosford going into the Minor Semi-final as favourites. But it is obvious the clash on Saturday will be close if these two games are anything to go on. Because of these two wins, Gosford may have that psychological advantage but Finals rugby is a very different story. Both teams can score tries. Their respective backlines contain players who can make inroads into any opposition. Gosford will rely heavily on players such as Josh McGlynn and Adam Carlisle. The Lakes also have players to do the same. These players include Macui Raulini and Logan Hemopo. But it is in the forwards where most games are won and lost. The two sets of forwards appear to be very evenly matched so it will come down to which group of forwards are the more committed on the day. Both teams know their season is on the line. Both coaches, Gosford’s Adam Beavis and The Lakes’ Andrew Long, will have their respective squads fully prepared for this clash. The winner on Saturday goes through to the Preliminary Final in two week’s time while the losing team can hang up their boots for the season. This will be an intense struggle and will closely fought for the entire 80 minutes.

The Premier 2 Minor Semi-final is between the same two teams as in Premier 1, Gosford and The Lakes. It all makes for an exciting clash on Saturday. These two teams have been evenly matched all season so this will be another tough and closely contested match. These two teams were also in the Premier 2 Grand Final last year which The Lakes won so Gosford will be most keen to seek some revenge in this particular game this weekend. Both teams have a combination of youth and experience and on paper it appears both teams could be victors in this clash.

The President’s Cup Minor Semi-final sees The Lakes playing Avoca Beach. The two teams have had two close battles over the year. The President’s Cup competition this year has been a close one and has seen rugby played at a good standard. The Minor Semi-final on Saturday between these two teams will reflect this – it will be a good standard match and will be close. Both teams finished their respective seasons last Saturday with very good wins, so both teams go into this contest with much confidence.

The Under 19 Minor Semi-final sees Avoca Beach up against Gosford. The Colts competition this year has been an excellent one and all four teams have shown respect for each other all season. Avoca Beach will go into this match as clear favourite. Gosford have had a tough year but have maintained their commitment for the whole year. However only last Saturday, Avoca Beach easily accounted for Gosford.

Women’s 7’s takes the stage in Central Coast Rugby Union Finals rugby between Premier 1 and Premier 2. The Minor Semi-final will see Woy Woy playing Hornsby to see who has the right to continue on in the Finals Series. Woy Woy will be favourites in this clash but with the Hornsby women’s team being that club’s first team in the CCRU Finals, Hornsby will be prepared to cause an upset.


Minor Semi Final Woy Woy Oval 24 AUGUST

10.00 am Under 19’s Avoca Beach v. Gosford

11.25 am President’s Cup The Lakes v. Avoca Beach

12.55 pm Premier 2 The Lakes v. Gosford

2.35 pm Women’s 7’s Woy Woy v. Hornsby

3.00 pm Premier 1 Gosford v. The Lakes

CCRU Finals Series

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Teams and Match Times :

Minor Semi Final               Woy Woy Oval                  24 AUGUST

                                                                                                                    Extra time

10.00 am         Under 19’s      Avoca Beach   v.   Gosford      60 Mins    5 Mins Each Way

11.25 am         President’s Cup   The Lakes v. Avoca Beach  60 Mins  10 Mins Each Way

12.55 pm         Premier 2        The Lakes   v.   Gosford           70 Mins  10 Mins Each Way

  2.35 pm         Women’s 7’s   Woy Woy   v.  Hornsby            14 Mins     5 Minutes only

  3.00 pm         Premier 1        Gosford       v.  The Lakes       80 Mins  10 Mins Each Way

Major Semi Final               Woy Woy Oval               31 AUGUST

                                                                                                                        Extra time

10.00 am         Under 19’s      Kariong     v.   Terrigal           60 Mins      5 Mins Each Way

11.25 am         President’s Cup    Ourimbah   v.  Terrigal      60 Mins    10 Mins Each Way

12.55 pm         Premier 2        Ourimbah   v.   Terrigal          70 Mins    10 Mins Each Way

  2.35 pm         Women’s 7’s   Terrigal    v.  Avoca Beach     14 Mins        5 Minutes only 

  3.00 pm         Premier 1        Terrigal     v.    Ourimbah       80 Mins    10 Mins Each Way


Preliminary Final             Woy Woy Oval                  7 SEPTEMBER

                                                                                                                        Extra time

10.00 am         Under 19’s      Loser Major v. Winner Minor   60 Mins   10 Mins Each way

11.25 am      President’s Cup Loser Major v. Winner Minor  60 Mins   10 Mins Each way

12.55 pm         Premier 2        Loser Major v. Winner Minor   70 Mins   10 Mins Each way

  2.35 pm         Women’s 7’s   Loser Major v. Winner Minor   14 Mins     5 Minutes only

  3.00 pm         Premier 1        Loser Major v. Winner Minor   80 Mins   10 Mins Each way

** In all matches above, if the scores are level at the end of extra time, the team that finished higher on the table shall be deemed the winner.


Grand Final Day                  

14th September, 2019     


Extra time

  9.55 am    Under 19’s           Winner Major v. Winner Prelim. 60 Min  5 Mins Each Way

11.20 am    President’s Cup    Winner Major v. Winner Prelim. 60 Min  10 Min Each Way

12.50 pm    Premier 2             Winner Major v. Winner Prelim. 70 Min  10 Min Each Way

  2.30 pm    Women’s 7’s        Winner Major v. Winner Prelim. 14 Min    5 Minutes only

  3.00 pm    Premier 1             Winner Major v. Winner Prelim. 80 Min  10 Min Each Way

**        In the event that scores are level at the end of extra time, both teams will be declared Joint Premiers.


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The final round in the Central Coast Rugby Union 2019 competition sees several enthralling games of rugby. Even though the Top Four in Premier 1 is settled, as well as the playing order, there are several games of interest leading into the Finals. Interestingly, the Premier 1 semi-finalists – Terrigal, Ourimbah, Gosford and The Lakes – all play each other in matches this weekend in clashes that may have a consequence for future battles in the Finals Series.

The Match of the Day this Saturday is the clash between Gosford and Ourimbah at Gosford Showground. There are quite a few unknowns about this match. Both teams have been hit with significant injuries so both coaches may rest players on Saturday to get them ready for the Finals. Whatever happens in this match results wise, nothing will change in terms of the matchups during the Finals. Ourimbah will be keen to get a win however so that they may regain the lead in the Minor Premiership which is still up for grabs this weekend. So Ourimbah do have something to play for after losing their undefeated tag last Saturday against Terrigal. Gosford are coming off the bye and will be freshened up and they are also at home which is a distinct advantage. Ourimbah won their first round clash so will be keen to do that again. Ourimbah will go into the match as favourites but anything could happen in this fixture. Ourimbah, having lost their first game of the season last Saturday, will be most keen to quickly get back on track. It all makes for an interesting game of rugby on Saturday – both teams will be keen to go into the Final Series with a win to further increase their confidence.

The other two teams in the Finals, Terrigal and The Lakes, will meet in another exciting clash at Slade Park. Terrigal showed that they are in very good form at present when they defeated Ourimbah last Saturday so they will go into this clash as favourites. However, travelling to Slade Park will not be easy for Terrigal. The Lakes showed they are also in pleasing form when they quite easily accounted for Warnervale last weekend in what was a do or die clash. The Lakes have nothing to lose on Saturday. They are in the Finals so their coaching staff will try various options to get the team fully prepared for their Minor Semi-final clash with Gosford the following Saturday. Terrigal have a lot to play for. They are still in a fight with Ourimbah for the Minor Premiership so both teams will be seeking a four try bonus win in their respective matches this Saturday. Gosford and The Lakes obviously will be trying to prevent that. This match is first versus fourth so it should be tight, with both sides wishing to go into the Finals with a win under their belts.

Woy Woy are at home at Woy Woy Oval on Saturday to Kariong in what is essentially another local derby for this season. Woy Woy clocked up their second win of the season last Saturday so will be keen to continue that form this coming Saturday. They also accounted for Kariong in the first round which was their only victory for much of this season. Kariong will also be very keen to finish the season on a high. They were defeated by Avoca Beach last week in a close one so will want to reverse that this weekend. Neither team have no pressure on them except to finish the season on a high so this should prove a high scoring match.

Hornsby travel to Woongarrah Oval to meet home team Warnervale this Saturday. However this venue is almost a home ground for Hornsby as they have had several washed out matches at this location during the year. Both teams are coming off quite sizeable losses last weekend so will be most anxious to reverse that on Saturday. This should prove a very close encounter for the entire 80 minutes. Like the game described above, neither team has anything to lose so there should be plenty of action on the paddock for the full 80 minutes with both teams prepared to throw the ball around.

The Entrance President’s Cup team meets Avoca Beach at Joseph Banks Oval on Saturday in a match which is always a hard fought clash between these two teams.

The women’s competition has produced some great rugby in recent weeks. The matches this Saturday will decide the Finalists for this year’s women’s competition.


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The penultimate round of matches next Saturday will go close to settling the final makeup of the semi-finalists for this year. The round has an exciting array of matches with the highlight match being the clash between the first and second placed teams in the competition, Ourimbah and Terrigal.

The Match of the Day at The Haven Oval is the top of the table clash between Terrigal and Ourimbah. These two teams have dominated the competition all this year and most pundits would agree that they are the most likely teams to go onto this season’s Grand Final. Whatever happens on Saturday, these two teams know they will play in the Major Semi-final at the start of the Finals, but the Minor Premiership for the season is still up for grabs with two rounds to go. The main purpose for both these two team will be to get the right combinations and to maintain form heading to the Finals. Obviously the winner of this clash will get bragging rights going into the Finals so the result is very important in terms of securing and maintaining confidence for the later matches in the season. These two teams will meet on several occasions from this weekend on and so both teams will be trying to gain some ascendancy over the other in the lead up to these important clashes to come. This is a real toss of the coin match. Ourimbah are leading the competition and are undefeated at present. Terrigal are just the one win behind them but they are at home on Saturday. It all makes for a close and an exciting game of rugby. As an addition, the Challenge Shield is another challenge that both teams will contest for this Saturday. This match will be close throughout and the contest will go right down to the wire. This is probably the match of the season so far and should attract a huge crowd at Terrigal on Saturday.

In terms of the makeup of the Top Four this season, the clash between The Lakes and Warnervale at Slade Park on Saturday is probably even more important than the game described above in that a Finals spot is possibly up for grabs. These two teams are in a desperate struggle for fourth spot. Both teams know that a semi-final chance is on offer if they can get a win. Warnervale are just the one win behind The Lakes so they must win. If The Lakes win they are all but assured of fourth spot on the competition ladder. It is such an important clash. Not only is the game the traditional local derby there is also so much more to be played for. The Lakes are at home which is an advantage for them but they probably have not had the success they had hoped for at home this season. These two teams played out a draw in their clash in the first round so there is very little between them. Both teams had good wins last Saturday – Warnervale defeated third placed Gosford while The Lakes came from behind to defeat Hornsby. This contest will be enthralling and there will be many nervous people at Slade Park this coming Saturday.

The match at Kariong Oval on Saturday between home side Kariong and visitors Avoca Beach is also very significant. This is Avoca Beach’s last chance in their quest to make the Finals Series. If they can win this match they can still make the Top Four. Both teams were defeated quite easily last Saturday so will be very keen to get back quickly into the winner’s circle. Avoca Beach know they have the bye in the final round so must win this match if they are to have any chance of reaching the Finals. Kariong are at home for the last time this season so will be keen to finish the season on a high in this match. This will be a tight contest and could go either way.

Hornsby travel to Woy Woy Oval on Saturday to take on home team Woy Woy. These two teams have had very up and down seasons so both teams will be trying to finish their respective seasons on a high. They will be keen to perform well both in this match and in the final one in the last round. Woy Woy are coming off the bye so much soul searching would have occurred after their big loss to Terrigal the previous Saturday. Hornsby only played out 40 minutes in their clash with The Lakes last Saturday so will be most keen to extend that to the full 80 minutes this weekend.

The Entrance President’s Cup team will travel to Gosford Showground this Saturday to take on Gosford in what should prove an exciting clash.

The women’s competition has produced some great rugby in recent weeks. All the eight women's teams this Saturday will take to the field in what is a most interesting round of women’s 7’s rugby in the race to the Finals.


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All matches this weekend in Round 16 are very significant for various reasons. Most will have an effect on the makeup on the Final Four this year. Although the top positions on the competition ladder are set, all teams bar perhaps Hornsby and Woy Woy still have a chance to make the Finals this year.

The Match of the Day will see the seaside derby at Heazlett Park between Avoca Beach and Terrigal. This almost a do or die clash for Avoca Beach. They would realise that a win is so necessary if they are to have a chance to make the Finals this year. The clash between these two teams is always a highlight match of the year and both teams will spend this week in a committed build up to this contest. The contest itself is wonderful event with usually a large crowd on deck. However this year, because of the Finals situation, the game holds even more interest. Terrigal will go into the match as favourites. They are playing some outstanding rugby of late, they are positioned in second spot on the ladder and their wins in recent weeks have been most decisive. Avoca Beach have also played well in recent weeks despite the fact they have suffered a loss and a draw over the last two weeks. Avoca Beach are at home in this clash so that is a huge plus for them. The match itself will bring the very best out of both teams so they should put on a great display of rugby on Saturday. Both teams will be fully prepared for this exciting clash.

Kariong will return home this Saturday to host Ourimbah at Kariong Oval. Kariong had a great win last Saturday against The Lakes and that win still gives them a chance to reach the Finals. Of course they will have to keep winning. They will go into this clash with renewed confidence because of the form they showed last week and the fact they are at home. However they do meet Ourimbah. Ourimbah remain undefeated this season and are setting the pace in the competition. They went so close to suffering their first loss last week against Warnervale and that shock will have them fully back on target this weekend. Ourimbah will go into this clash as favourites but they will realise that Kariong played well last week and do have a team that can cause major problems for them. They also know this match maybe Kariong’s last chance to possibly secure a Finals position this year.

Warnervale also return home this Saturday and will meet Gosford at Woongarah Oval. Warnervale are in exactly the same position as Kariong. They know they must keep winning if they are any chance of making the Finals. It is a small chance but it is a possibility. They meet Gosford who are in good form and who had a very pleasing win over Avoca Beach last Saturday. The match will be close. Warnervale displayed great form last Saturday when they were unlucky to lose to competition frontrunners Ourimbah. They are also at home so everything is in their favour to cause a possible minor upset. Gosford know they are assured of a Finals spot but know they must keep winning if they are to maintain their confidence in the run to the Finals. This contest will prove a hard fought and most interesting clash.

Hornsby are at home to The Lakes at Mark Taylor Oval on Saturday. Hornsby are coming off the bye so they will be freshened up and ready to. They have displayed some great form this year and probably should have won more matches than they actually have. The Lakes know they must win this match. They would have been so disappointed to lose to Kariong last Saturday. They did let a good chance go by to cement their current position. The Lakes are currently in fourth position on the ladder on percentages but they also know they are in the fight of their lives to hold onto that position. This will be an intense match for the entire 80 minutes on Saturday.

The Entrance President’s Cup team will host Woy Woy this Saturday at Joseph Banks Oval in what should prove an exciting clash.

The women’s competition has produced some great rugby in recent weeks. The Match of the Day in women’s rugby this Saturday will be the highlight clash between the two leading teams at present – Terrigal and Avoca Beach. All matches are important leading to the Finals but this matchup will be a highlight.