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PRESS RELEASE 27th August, 2021

The Board of the Central Coast Rugby Union have made the difficult decision to abandon the 2021 CCRU competition in all senior grades. The continued lockdown, due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout our community, has left the Board with no choice but to cancel what remained of the 2021 local rugby season. This decision was made in line with advice received from NSW Country, which was to think of the wellbeing of our communities and for all competitions in Regional NSW to cease.

We have now been in lockdown for nine weeks, with at least another two weeks to come and our Clubs have not trained or prepared for rugby in this time. We have concerns that if and when community sport is allowed to return the extreme conditions which could be placed on us will not give the Zone or the clubs any benefit to continue our competition. This includes a long ‘Return to Play’ protocol, limited training numbers, vaccination requirements and restricted or possibly no crowds. We had also been advised BY NSWRU that the ‘Return to Play’ protocol would have to be at least 20 days.

The Board have determined that no Premierships will be awarded for the 2021 season. This decision was not made lightly – it is the first time this has occurred since our competition’s inception in 1975. Also, no competition awards will be handed out in 2021, such as the Club Championship, Syd Noble Medal, the Kate Thomson Medal or any Service Awards. The CCRU Presentation evening has been cancelled. However, there will be some Representative Awards acknowledged from our NSW Country Championships campaign in June.

The Board have made plans over the past nine weeks to be prepared to get rugby back up and running on the Coast and to finish our competition with a Finals Series. The length of this lockdown and the restricted access to playing fields for everyone to play and train on over the coming months, has left us with not enough time to run any of the 13 draws which had been put together as options to successfully finish our competition.

To say the Board is disappointed is an understatement and we do regret not being able to allow you, our Clubs and supporters, to see out the 2021 season. We had left it to the last possible moment to get the competition back up and running.

The Board thank all of our ten Clubs, their volunteers, players and team staff, our CCRU Sponsors and match officials, for their support in what has been a challenging period of time. We look forward to providing a more fulfilling competition in 2022.

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SATURDAY,17th JULY, 2021


One can always live in hope that the Swietelsky Premier 1 2021 competitionrecommences next Saturday.

Although it seems very, very unlikely, we are hoping that the covid lockdown is undone this Friday and that rugby can go ahead.

The Match of the Day is the seaside derby at The Haven Oval between Terrigal and Avoca Beach. This is always one of the highlight matches of the season and this year will be even more intense because of the currentcompetitive struggle on the competition ladder.This match is always acontest to be savoured simply because of the rivalry on the paddock between these clubs. However this year the result will have such a bearing on the competition itself. These two teamsare coming off great wins in their last fixtures so both are in great form and ready to go.

Another match theycouldeasily be a ‘Match of the Day is the clash at Ourimbah Rugby Park between the Razorbacks and Hornsby.It is another must win game for both teams if they are to keep their positions in the Top FiveThere is not too much between these two teams – one is 2nd and one is 5th so both teams are fully aware of the pressures of maintaining their current positions on the ladder. The Razorbacks have the home ground advantage and this may be the only difference between these two highly credentialed teams.

The local derby at Slade Park between The Lakes and Warnervale should be a beauty. There is an intense rivalry between these two teams at any time and both would vey much enjoy to defeat the other. The Lakes need a victory to possibly get themselves back into the Top Five, while Warnervale will be most keen to get their first win of the season.

The Bay will play Kariong in President’s Cup this coming Saturday at Joseph Banks Oval.

Woy Woy and Karionghave byes in Premier 1 and 2 this Saturday.

Saturday also sees the continuance of the Central Coast Women’s 10’s competition.This weekend will see Warnervale favoured to defeat The Lakes,the Razorbackswill host Hornsby in what should be a tight tussle, and Avoca Beach will travel to The Haven Oval to meet Terrigal in the ‘Match of the Day

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Due to the extended covid lockdown, there is no local rugby union this coming Saturday, 10th July.
Information on the missed rounds of rugby will be distributed late next week.
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SATURDAY, 10th JULY, 2021

The Swietelsky Premier 1 2021 competition recommences next Saturday.
We are hoping that the covid lockdown is undone this Friday and that rugby can go ahead.
There is no obvious ‘Match of the Day’ as all matches are equally significant in terms of the competition ladder.

One of the very important matches is the clash at Kariong Oval between Kariong and Hornsby. These neighbouring clubs do enjoy playing each other and both will be most keen to get into the winners circle. Much will depend on how the clubs have handled the 2 week lockdown and how they have come out of it. All teams are in the same position. Kariong are coming off a wonderful victory two weeks ago and they would very much like that winning form to continue. Hornsby, on the other hand, had a last minute loss to Avoca Beach, so will be most keen to quickly turn that around. There is not too much between these two teams, both on the paddock and on the competition ladder, so this makes this match so significant for both teams. This will be desperate battle for the entire 80 minutes.

The Razorbacks will host Avoca Beach at Ourimbah Rugby Park in a contest that is also so important in terms of the competition ladder. This match is in exactly the same position as the match described above. Both teams are currently in the Top Five but have teams coming close behind them. It is a desperate race to the Finals. The Razorbacks have the home ground advantage and that may be the only difference in this clash. Avoca Beach came back to good form in their last match where they able to defeat Hornsby so they know they can play the rugby needed to defeat the Razorbacks. The home team have great depth and have shown excellent form, especially at home, so this match will be a battle from start to finish.

The Lakes travel to Woy Woy Oval to play Woy Woy in what is a must win game for the visitors. It is also a must win game for Woy Woy if they are to give themselves a chance of making the Top Five. In fact it could be their last chance. The Lakes know they are currently out of that to Top Five so these are matches they must win if they are to get themselves being into the top echelon of teams. So like the two games described above, this is another very important game of rugby and one which will also have a huge bearing on the competition ladder,

The Bay will play Terrigal Blue in President’s Cup this coming Saturday.

Terrigal and Warnervale have byes in Premier 1 and 2 this Saturday.

Saturday also sees the continuance of the Central Coast Women’s 10’s competition. This weekend will see the clubs continue with 10-a-side rugby and there will three (3) exciting matches across the Coast this Saturday. Gosford/Woy Woy will be favoured to defeat The Lakes, Kariong will host Hornsby in what should be a tight tussle, and Avoca Beach will travel to Ourimbah Rugby Park to meet the Razorbacks.

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SATURDAY, 5th JUNE, 2021

The Swietelsky Premier 1 2021 competition reaches the halfway point of the 2021 season next Saturday. Because of the byes each Saturday, it is only at the end of this Round 9 next weekend that we can see exactly where the teams are positioned on the ladder with equal matches.

The ‘Match of the Day’ on Saturday is the crucial clash at Heazlett Park between Avoca Beach and The Lakes. These two teams are only separated by the single point on the competition ladder so this match up on Saturday is so crucial. The winner of this match will secure fifth position on the ladder so both coaches, and their respective teams, know the importance of the game. It is so difficult to choose a winner in this clash. The Lakes lost their match at home last Saturday so they would be most disappointed with that, and they know any trip to Avoca Beach is tough. Avoca Beach are coming off the bye so will be freshened up and ready to go. They are also at home which is a huge plus for them. Both teams have been a little up and down this season so much will depend on what team comes out for each club on Saturday. This match will go the full 80 minutes and the result will not be known until very close to the full time whistle. Justin Staben will have has Avoca Beach team fully prepared for the match, while Marshall Hemopo will stress to his players how important the match is. Neither team will need much convincing of that. There is so much to play for in this contest and there should be a good crowd on deck on Saturday to view this match.

Woy Woy will travel to The Haven Oval to meet rivals Terrigal. Terrigal recorded a huge win last Saturday so they are in the correct form while Woy Woy are coming off two high scoring losses in recent weeks. Woy Woy could be a threat in this match. They know how to score points but they must defend for the entire 80 minutes. Terrigal are on top of the ladder at present and they know a win in this match will see them stay them on top at the halfway point of the season. This game will be close fought but on current form one would think Terrigal, at home, should be too strong. Woy Woy will be most keen, however, to prove this wrong.

The Razorbacks host Warnervale at Ourimbah Rugby Park in a clash that could prove interesting. Like the match described above, one would think the Razorbacks would win this match but Warnervale, like Woy Woy, are the type of the team that can provide an upset result. Razorbacks are so close to the top of the ladder and will be most keen to stay there. There is a distinct rivalry between these two teams and the Warnervale team would very much like to upset the Razorbacks on Saturday. On would think the Razorbacks would sure the victory in this match but the contest will be intense and hard fought.

Kariong and Hornsby have the Premier 1 bye this coming Saturday.

Terrigal 24
Kariong 22
Razorbacks 21
Hornsby 21
Avoca Beach 15
The Lakes 14
Woy Woy 12
Warnervale 3

The Bay President’s Cup team will travel to Mark Taylor Oval for their clash with Hornsby.
It should also be noted that the Kariong v. Terrigal White President’s Cup match is now at Gosford Rugby Field.

Saturday also sees the continuance of the Central Coast Women’s 10’s competition. This weekend will see the clubs continue with 10-a-side rugby matches with some great clashes across the Coast. Terrigal host Gosford/Woy Woy, which will one of the highlight matches of the season, the Razorbacks meet Warnervale, and The Lakes travel to Avoca Beach.

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