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Because of the lockdown covid restrictions introduced yesterday, the CCRU decision on next week's rugby will be made this week.



SATURDAY, 26th JUNE, 2021



Terrigal​​24Elekana Laupola, Chad Shipton, Dan Sargeant,

Sam Kenny tries;

Adam Danckert 2 conversions


The Lakes20Macui Rauluni, Jaydan Nauluvula, Ray Kaati


Logan Hemopo 1 penalty goal;

Ray Kaati 1 conversion

Avoca Beach19Jake McPhie, Mitchell Briggs, Sam Evans tries;

Adam Carlisle 1 conversion;

Sam Evans 1 conversion


Hornsby15Jack Vandersteen, Tevita Faupula tries;

Sione Ala 1conversion, 1penalty goal

Kariong​​66​​Nick Outram, Richard Harvey, Sean Peruch,

Taylor Mildren, Josh Bottero, Kane Williams, Karl Verhoef, Lachlan Peruch, Jake Hubbard tries;

Penalty Try;

Lachlan Peruch6 conversions;

Logan Campbell 1 conversion


Warnervale15​​Lachlan NatapuNemani Rokodamitries;

Cameron McNamara 1 conversion, 1 pen. goal






Avoca Beach21

The Lakes20  

Woy Woy14  

Warnervale  4



Terrigal14The Lakes12  

Hornsby19Avoca Beach  7




The Lakes39Terrigal White29  

Hornsby30Avoca Beach19​​        


Terrigal​​55The Lakes  5  

Avoca Beach17Hornsby  7



The second half of the Central Coast Rugby Union season continued yesterdaywith the Swietelsky Shield Premier 1 rugby competitiongaining in strengthand alsodeveloping into one of the closest and tightest races to the Final Series in many years. 

The onset of covid restrictions changed the venuefor one matchyesterday, but it will also affect the upcoming fixtures over the next few weeks.

The Match of the Day at The Haven Oval saw Terrigal get home in a close one, winning by the narrow margin of 24 points to 20over The Lakes. The match was evenstevens from start to finishand it was anyones match for theentire 80 minutes. Both teams crossed for a try in theearlystagesand at themidway point of the first half Terrigalled by the narrow margin of 7 points to 5. The match see sawed from one end of the field to the other, and both teams had their chances to post further points. Terrigal didhowever cross for a second try late in thefirsthalf while The Lakes were onlyable to respond with a penalty goal. Terrigal thus went to thehalftime break leading by 12 points to 8. This 4 point margin also proved to be the differenceat fulltime. So obviously the secondhalfwas totally even. Both teams crossed for two tries each in the final 40 minutes. Best players for Terrigalwere lock Will McDonald, centre Harry Hughes, flanker Sam Kenny and winger Richard Hooper. The Lakes werebest served byfullback Macui Rauluni, winger JaydanNauluvula and flanker Ray Kaati, who all crossed foratry each.Both teams will be closto the action late in the season. Terrigal,with this win, cementtheir position at the top of the table, while The Lakes fall just out of the Top Five. It is such a tight race to the Finals.

The Hornsby versus Avoca Beachcontest had to be changedto Gosford ShowgroundfromMark Taylor Oval due to covidrestrictions being placed on the competition.Thisproved to beanother close contest throughout.Avoca Beachscored late in the match to secure the win over Hornsby by 19 points to 15.AvocaBeachgot the better of the startand it was not long before they led by 7 points to nilHornsby however then had thebetterof much of the remainder of the first half. This was certainly seen on the scoreboard as they were able to cross for 2 tries in this period of the half. These tries, and a penalty goal,gavHornsbythe halftime lead of 15 points to 7 and it seemed they may go on with it at thatstage. The match was proving hard and physical and both teams were giving it their all.The early stages of the second half were dominated by grittydefence from both teams with neither team able to make any headway on the scoreboard. It was intense. It was Avoca Beach who broke the ice in the second half when they crossed for one tryandthen for anothervery late in the half. The secondhalfsaw AvocaBeach score 12 pointswhileHornsbywere unable to add to their halftimescore. That final try saw Avoca Beach hold on to win by 19 points to 15. Best players for Avoca Beach were prop Jake McPhee, flanker Eden McQueen and halfback Kye Blair, while Hornsby were best served by hooker John King, No.8 James McCarthy, and prop Cameron LeeIt was such a crucial win for Avoca Beach who now creep intotheTop Five at the expense ofThe Lakes. The competition is so close and the competition ladder continues to change each week.

At Woongarrah Oval, Kariong proved far too strong for Warnervaleand ran out winners by 66 points to 15.Warnervalestarted well and theycrossed for the first try, and then followedit up with a penalty goal. They led by 8 points to nilearly on and it seemed it was to be a good day for the home side. But Kariongwere able to quicklyturn this all around. Theyquickly took charge on the paddock and also on the scoreboard. By halftime,Kariong had raced to 26 points to 8 lead, and then were able to post a further 40 points in the second half to record their biggest win of the season. It was disappointing day for Warnervale who had no answerto what wasKariong’s best performance of the year. Best players for Kariongwerecentre Lachlan Peruch, prop Richard Harvey and flanker Hudson Browningwhile for Warnervalecentre Moleni Soaneflanker Ethan Sant andNo.8 LachlanNatapu were their best.

The Bay had a bye in President’sCup rugby.

Women’s 10’s rugby saw three exciting matches, with all teams putting in pleasing performancesWins were gained by TerrigalAvoca Beach and WarnervaleThese three winners certainlygreatly improved theirchances of reachingthe Top Fourthisyear

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SATURDAY, 19th JUNE, 2021



Terrigal34Richard Hooper 2, Harry Hughes,

Will McDonald, Dylon Calabria tries;

Adam Danckert 3 conversions1 penalty goal


Kariong29CJ Fonoti, Scott Hanley, Jake Hubbard tries;

Penalty Try;

Scott Hanley 2 conversions, 1 penalty goal

Razorbacks29Connor Peden 2Josefa Biu,Sam Kearney tries;

Jarrod Grange 3 conversions, 1 penalty goal  


Woy Woy​​22​​Jazper Doak-Stride, Unaloto Tupou,

Josh Haskins, Scott Ofahengauetries;

Ratu Nagwaru 1 conversion

Hornsby37Malama Ala 2Mitchell MacDonal2, 

Mitch Fullager,Tuihakavalua Hika tries;

Sione Ala 2conversions, 1penalty goal


Warnervale22Cameron McNamaraBen Butler

Lachlan Natapu, Ketoni Toutai tries;

Cameron McNamara 1 conversion






The Lakes19  

Avoca Beach17

Woy Woy14  

Warnervale  4



Kariong21Terrigal  5

Razorbacks54Woy Woy  0​​

Hornsby44Warnervale  7    



Terrigal White45Kariong14

Terrigal Blue34Razorbacks12​​

Avoca Beach41The Bay  0​​        



Gosford/Woy Woy29Razorbacks12​​

Hornsby36Warnervale  7​​


Entering the second half of the Central Coast Rugby Union season, the Swietelsky Shield Premier 1 rugby competition is certainly developing into one of the closest and tightest races to the Final Series in many years. All matches yesterday were so close and so tight on the scoreboard.

The Match of the Day at Kariong Oval saw Terrigal came from behind to defeat Kariong by 34 points to29. There was nothing in this match.Kariong started the match very well and went to an early lead of 17 points to 5 lead. It was just the start that the home siderequired.The home side wereplaying very good rugbyand were setting theplatform fora very gooday at KariongOval. However,it did nottakelong forTerrigalto get back on trackboth on thepaddock and on the scoreboard. Terrigal gradually got back into the match and by halftime only trailed Kariong by15 points t0 Kariong17. There was nothing in this match at this stage. Terrigal took the lead early in the second half and by midway through the second stanza had jumped to a very handy 34 points to 17 lead. It seemed at that stage that they would go onwith it and record a big victory. However, in the latter stages of the match, Kariong came right back into the picture withsome vital tries. There was only the 5 point difference between the two teams at the conclusion of the match. Best players on the day for Terrigal were propNathan Simpson, lock Joe Taylor, five-eight Adam Danckert and fullback Dan Sargeant. Best for the hometeam were halfback Scott Hanley, who posted a personal tally of 12 points, forward Karl Verhoef, flanker Mitch Parker and centre Kane Williams. The win sees Terrigal remainat the top of the table, and the 2 bonus points for Kariong certainly keeps them right in the picture.

Razorbacksrecorded a 29 points to 22 victory overWoyWoyat Ourimbah Rugby Park in what was another tight tussle.The first half of this match was very evenly fought and there was nothing between the two teams at the halftime break. This clash was very tight throughout. The Razorbacks went to the early lead and led by 10 points to 5 midway throughthe firsthalf. Woy Woy came right back onto the scene with two late tries in the first half and went to the halftimbreak leading by 17 points to 10. The match was being played in cold conditionsbut the rugby was certainly keeping the spectators on the edge of anticipation. It was the Razorbacks who took control on the scoreboard early in the second half and it was not long before they had taken the lead in the match and they had raced to a handy 29 points to 17 lead. Woy Woy were not to be outdone and a late try to them saw a close race to the finishHowever it was the Razorbackswho were able to hang on for the importantvictory. The win sees them remain in secondspot on the competitionladder. Best players for the Razorbacks were flanker Jarrod Grange, Dan Jones and No.8 Matt Martin, while for Woy Woy their best performances came from flanker Jaz Doak-Stride, halfback Zac Doak-StridewingerMitieli Tamani and No.8 PhilShaw.

Hornbycontinuedtheir great formto defeatWarnervale by 37 points to22 at Mark Taylor Oval.It wasanother close contest throughout. Warnervale got the better of the startand it was not long before they had raced to 12 points to 5 lead. Hornsby certainly were placed on the back foot early in this clash. Byhalftimehowever the match had been all squaredup and the two teams went to the break locked up at 12 points apiece. It was anyones match at that stage as both teams were playing very effective rugby. Hornsby were being best served by No.8 James McCarthy,hooker Hosea Fotukava and winger Mitch MacDonald. Best for the visitors were No.8 Vakacegu Vuibau, flanker Hunter Jackson-Sullivan and hooker Cameron McNamara. The second half saw Hornsby quickly jump to a very handy 34 points to 17 lead anthey controlled proceedings in that earlyperiod in the second halfWarnervale never gave up however and were able to cross late in the half for their fourth try to grab a bonus point. The win cementsHornsby in the Top Five at this stage of the season.

Avoca Beach proved too strong for The Bay in President’s Cup at Heazlett Park,running out winners by 41 points to 0

Women’s 10’s rugby saw three competitive matches, with all teams aiming to get that vital win so they reach the Finals in 2021.Wins were gained by Terrigal, Gosford/Woy Woy and Hornsby. This competition is certainly hotting up and it seems there is a real race to make the Finals this year

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SATURDAY, 29th MAY, 2021

Hornsby 26 Tevita Alipate, James McCarthy tries;
Penalty Try;
Sione Ala 3 penalty goals
The Lakes 8 Logan Hemopo try;
Logan Hemopo 1 conversion

Kariong 48 Blake Silvester 2, Kane Williams 2,
Taylor Mildren, Sean Peruch,
Hudson Browning, Adam Peruch tries;
Scott Hanley 4 conversions
Woy Woy 19 Ratu Neori Qiokata, Philip Shaw,
Kabati Matanakilagi tries;
Corby Delaforce 2 conversions

Terrigal 62 Blake Irwin 2, Jye Cornish, Salipopo Pamata,
Chad Shipton, Dylon Calabria, Richard Hooper,
Daniel Sargeant, Harry Hughes tries;
Penalty Try;
Adam Danckert 5 conversions
Warnervale 5 Lachlan Natapu try

Terrigal 24
Kariong 22
Razorbacks 21
Hornsby 21
Avoca Beach 15
The Lakes 14
Woy Woy 12
Warnervale 3

Terrigal 62 Warnervale 12
The Lakes 22 Hornsby 10
Kariong 53 Woy Woy 7

The Bay 7 Razorbacks 5
The Lakes 36 Hornsby 12
Terrigal Blue 46 Kariong 12
Terrigal 31 Warnervale 5
Hornsby 34 The Lakes 5
Gosford/Woy Woy 48 Kariong 10

Swietelsky Shield Premier 1 rugby competition continued on Saturday with some interesting results. Once again, because of the results yesterday, the positioning on the Points Table in Premier changed considerably.

In the Match of the Day, Hornsby won a hard fought struggle with The Lakes, running out victors by 26 points to 8 at Slade Park. This match went point for point for much of the contest and it was only in the last quarter of the match that Hornsby was able to grab a reasonable lead that allowed their supporters to relax slightly. Hornsby opened the scoring with a penalty goal to five-eight Sione Ala, but The Lakes were quick to respond with their own penalty goal to halfback Logan Hemopo. The scores remained locked at 3 all for quite awhile before Hornsby kicked a second penalty to lead by 6 points to 3. It was proving a close and very tight struggle. The only other scoring in the first half was a try to The Lakes and this allowed them to take the lead in the match for the first and only time. The Lakes went to the halftime break leading by the narrow margin of 8 points to 6. Hornsby had several excellent performances in that first half but none were better than No.8 James McCarthy, who led from the front and was in everything. He was well supported by flanker Sau Faupola and hooker John King. Standout for The Lakes was Logan Hemopo who scored all the home team’s points with a try and a conversion. The second half continued in much the same vein but it was Hornsby who gradually gained the ascendancy. It was not easy but they were able to post a further 20 points in the second half and at the same time kept The Lakes scoreless. It was a most creditable performance by Hornsby and holds them in good stead for the rest of the season. Both teams know they have a very real chance of making the Finals this year. Hornsby, with this win, sneaks into equal 3rd position while The Lakes are just out of the Top Five.

Terrigal recorded a 62 points to 5 victory over Warnervale on a very cold day at Woongarrah Oval. The opening minutes of the match were very evenly fought but it did not take Terrigal long to start posting points. They had crossed for 2 tries within the first 8 minutes of the kickoff but then they continued to cross for tries at regular intervals for the rest of the first half, and the match. Terrigal went to the halftime break leading by 38 points to nil so the match was basically over already by then. Warnervale never stopped trying however. They had their chances to score points but errors at the wrong time stopped all progress. Despite the score line it was a physical clash but it was Terrigal who had the right form and were playing some of their best rugby of the year. Terrigal scored a further 24 points in the second half to go on to record a big win. The victory puts Terrigal back on top of the competition ladder which is proving a neck and neck race to the Finals. Warnervale‘s best players on the day were centre Richard Ahilelei, flanker Kye Haslam and halfback Brenton Acreman. Best for Terrigal were five-eight Adam Danckert, centre Harry Hughes and flanker Sam Kenny.

Kariong had a very important victory over Woy Woy at Woy Woy Oval, running out winners by 48 points to 19. This was another hard fought encounter for the entire 80 minutes but it was Kariong who were always ahead on the scoreboard. Kariong got away to a great start in the match and were able to cross for several early tries. They had scored 3 tries, and led by 19 points to nil, before Woy Woy were able to post any of their points. It was a slow start by Woy Woy and not one that they wanted. But Kariong did play extremely well in those opening stages of the contest. A further converted try was scored by each team before halftime for Kariong to go the halftime break leading by 26 points to 7. It was a very handy lead for Kariong, one which they maintained for the rest of the match. The second half was a far more even affair but the result had already gone to the visiting team. It was an important victory Kariong after two very close loses in recent weeks. The win places Kariong in second spot on the ladder in what is proving one of their best seasons in years. Woy Woy will continue to threaten this year and will be a danger for all teams for the remainder of the year. Best players for Kariong were No.8 Hudson Browning, lock Blake Silvester and prop Jonah Manuao, while Woy Woy were best served by No.8 Philip Shaw, flanker Jazper Doak-Stride and fullback Marcus Hundt.

The Bay recorded its first win of the season when they defeated the Razorbacks in President’s Cup on Friday night at Joseph Banks Oval. It was a hard fought clash throughout, resulting in the 7-5 win to the home team.

Women’s 10’s rugby saw four highly competitive matches, with all teams aiming to get that vital win so they reach the Finals in 2021. Wins were gained by Terrigal, Gosford/Woy Woy and Hornsby. This competition is certainly hotting up and it seems there is a real race to make the Finals this year. Terrigal and Gosford/Woy Woy proved on Saturday they will be on the scene during the Finals this year.

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Central Coast Rugby Union

SATURDAY, 22nd MAY, 2021

Razorbacks 28
Sam Kearney, Toby Carver, Selesitino Penisoni tries;
Jarrod Grange 2 conversions, 3 penalty goals
Terrigal 13
Mitch Hirst try;
Adam Danckert 1 conversion, 2 penalty goals

Hornsby 41
Malama Ala 2, Harry Fox, Sione Vuna, Tuihakavalu Ika, James McCarthy, Hosea Fotukava tries;
Sione Ala 3 conversions
Woy Woy 26
Mitieli Tamani 2, Kabati Matanakilagi, Philip Shaw tries;
Corby Delaforce 3 conversions

The Lakes 31
Sean Anlezark, Tim Poese, Macui Rauluni, Peni Rauluni tries;
Logan Hemopo 4 conversions, 1 penalty goal
Kariong 29
Jake Hubbard 2, Sean Peruch, Kane Williams tries;
Scott Hanley 3 conversions, 1 penalty goal

Avoca Beach 23
Kye Blair, Cameron Steer, Blake Jacob tries;
Sam Evans 2 penalty goals, 1 conversion
Warnervale 13
Moleni Soane try;
Cameron McNamara 2 penalty goals,
1 conversion

Razorbacks 21
Terrigal 19
Kariong 17
Hornsby 17
Avoca Beach 15
The Lakes 14
Woy Woy 12
Warnervale 3

Terrigal 32 Razorbacks 14
The Lakes 14 Kariong 0
Hornsby 59 Woy Woy 19
Avoca Beach 47 Warnervale 0

Razorbacks 22 Terrigal Blue 19
The Lakes 35 Kariong 17
Avoca Beach 24 Terrigal White 15

Terrigal 54 Razorbacks 0
The Lakes 29 Kariong 5
Gosford / Woy Woy 55 Hornsby 5
Avoca Beach 26 Warnervale 17

In what is developing into one of the best seasons in Central Coast Rugby Union, the Swietelsky Shield Premier 1 rugby competition continued on Saturday with four gripping matches across the Coast. It is proving a close, intense and hard fought competition with no team to be taken lightly. On their day all teams are very capable of winning.

The Razorbacks defeated the previously undefeated Terrigal by 28 points to 13 in a classic game of rugby at Ourimbah Rugby Park. The early stages of the match were very evenly fought with both teams crossing for an early try. Both teams then kicked a penalty goal each to make the score at the midway point of the first half Razorbacks 12 Terrigal 10. Both teams were putting the opposing team under pressure. But it was the Razorbacks who were gradually gaining the slight ascendancy. Prior to halftime the home side kicked two further penalty goals to go to the break leading by 18 points to 10. It was proving a very intense battle with both teams desperate for the victory. Best players for the Razorbacks to this point were flanker Jarrod Grange, who was playing well but also kicking those vital goals, fellow flanker Kaituu Kaufana and prop Brett Cunningham. Terrigal were best served by prop Harry Gary, halfback Jye Cornish and five-eight Adam Danckert. The Razorbacks continued to hold the sway in the second half even though there was not too much between the two teams. But it was the home team who crossed for the only try in the second half while at the same time limiting Terrigal to the one penalty goal. The win sees the Razorbacks take the lead in the Premiership race, pushing Terrigal into second spot. It is certainly proving a tight race to the Finals.

The Lakes kicked a penalty goal close to full time to secure a victory over Kariong by 31 points to 29 at Kariong Oval. This was another hard fought and intense encounter for the entire 80 minutes. This was the second loss in a row for Kariong by the barest of margins. Kariong started so strongly and completely dominated the first 40 minutes. They dominated so much that they led by 24 points to nil before The Lakes had even scored. It appeared at that stage the home team would go on with it and take complete control on the scoreboard for the remainder the clash. The Lakes did cross for a try just before halftime to make the score at the break Kariong 26 The Lakes 7. This was to prove a game in two halves. Just as Kariong had dominated the first half, it was The Lakes who controlled proceedings in the second half. The Lakes gradually crossed for tries for the gap on the scoreboard to slowly close. The Lakes actually took the lead very late in the half and led by 28 points to 26. It was then that Kariong scored their only points in this half with a penalty goal, to regain the lead 29-28 close to fulltime. The Lakes were not to be denied however. They kicked a further penalty goal to make the final score 31- 29. Best for The Lakes were halfback Logan Hemopo, who kicked 4 from 4 goals, including 3 from the touchline, and including the penalty goal from 45 metres out to take the lead in the match. Others to play well were prop Tim Poese, hooker Jason Kakato and five-eight Brayden Hutchinson-Walters. Kariong were best served by fullback Jake Hubbard, who crossed for two individual tries, and another steady performance from the experienced halves combination Scott Hanley and Mitch Clay.

Hornsby defeated Woy Woy at Mark Taylor Oval by 41 points to 26. Hornsby got away to a great start and they led by 19 points to nil before the visitors were able to respond on the scoreboard. Hornsby continued this good form throughout the first half and by half time led by 31 points to 7, and at that stage it seemed to be a match winning lead. The second s half was a much more even affair, in fact Woy Woy actually outscored the home team by 19 points to 10 in the second half but that first half had set the pattern for the match. Hornsby did score 7 tries to Woy Woy’s 4 in the match and that is a good indicator of the flow of the match. It was an important victory for Hornsby and it was a result that both teams will take a lot from. Best players for Hornsby were lock Sione Vuna, flanker Tevita Faupola, and halfback Jack Woodrow, while the Doak-Stride boys, Jazper and Zac, were the most valuable for Woy Woy.

Avoca Beach posted a pleasing win over Warnervale at Heazlett Park by 23 points to 13. It was a tough encounter and even though Avoca Beach always seemed to be in control on the scoreboard, they certainly did not have it all their own way. Avoca Beach had the better of the first half and went to the halftime break leading by the handy score line of 18 points to 6. It seemed they may go on with it in the second half but it was not to be. Warnervale actually outscored the home side to the tune of 7 points to 5 in the final 40 minutes but that first half was the difference. It was a most creditable performance by both teams. Avoca Beach got the win they needed after two recent losses, while Warnervale showed they will press all teams this season. Best for Avoca Beach were flanker Blake Jacob, prop Matt Ritchie and hooker Fionn Henderson-Foley. Warnervale had several goods players but none were better than flankers Joel Laws and Kye Haslam, and hooker Corey Stocks.

Women’s 10’s rugby saw four highly competitive matches, with all teams aiming to get that vital win so they reach the Finals in 2021. Wins were gained by Terrigal, Avoca Beach, Gosford/Woy Woy and The Lakes. This competition is certainly hotting up and it seems there is a real race to make the Finals this year.

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Central Coast Rugby Union

SATURDAY, 15th MAY, 2021

Terrigal 22
Joe Taylor, Mitch Hirst, Adam Danckert tries;
Adam Danckert 2 conversions, 1 penalty goal
Hornsby 0

Razorbacks 30
Jarrod Grange, Toby Carver, Matthew Martin, Selesitino Penisoni try;
Jarrod Grange 2 conversion, 2 penalty goals
Kariong 24
Jonah Manuao, Jake Hubbard, CJ Fonoti tries;
Lachlan Peruch 3 conversions, 1 penalty goal

Woy Woy 31
Vetaia Sinalevu, Junior Stowers, Philip Shaw, Corby Delaforce, Zac Doak-Stride tries;
Vetaia Sinalevu 3 conversions
Avoca Beach 27
Jake McPhie 2, Blake Jacob, Cade Robertson tries;
Sam Evans 1 penalty goal, 2 conversions

Terrigal 19
Razorbacks 17
Kariong 15
Hornsby 12
Avoca Beach 11
Woy Woy 11
The Lakes 9
Warnervale 3

Terrigal 46 Hornsby 14
Avoca Beach 50 Woy Woy 14
Kariong 15 Razorbacks 12

Premier 2 Points Played Won Lost Byes Draws Bonus For Against Ratio 1 The Lakes 19 4 4 0 1 0 3 142 33 4.3 2 Avoca Beach 18 4 4 0 1 0 2 95 48 2.0 3 Hornsby 11 4 2 2 1 0 3 82 49 1.7 4 Razorbacks 10 4 2 2 1 0 2 66 48 1.4 5 Kariong 5 4 1 3 1 0 1 79 83 1.0 6 Terrigal 5 3 1 2 2 0 1 48 65 0.7 7 Warnervale 4 4 1 3 1 0 0 22 120 0.2 8 Woy Woy 1 3 0 3 2 0 1 25 113 0.2

Terrigal Blue 41 Hornsby 5
The Lakes 25 The Bay 3
Kariong 31 Razorbacks 21

President's Cup Points Played Won Lost Byes Draws Bonus For Against Ratio 1 Avoca Beach 24 5 5 0 0 0 4 148 40 3.7 2 Terrigal Blue 12 4 2 1 1 1 2 81 54 1.5 3 Kariong 9 3 2 1 2 0 1 82 46 1.8 4 The Lakes 8 3 1 1 2 1 2 47 34 1.4 5 Terrigal White 8 4 2 2 2 0 0 65 81 0.8 6 Razorbacks 5 3 1 2 2 0 1 41 60 0.7 7 Hornsby 4 4 1 3 1 0 0 38 81 0.5 8 The Bay 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0

Terrigal 52 Hornsby 10
Avoca Beach 28 Gosford/Woy Woy 0
Kariong 20 Razorbacks 15

Women Points Played Won Lost Byes Draws Bonus For Against Ratio 1 Avoca Beach 19 4 4 0 1 0 3 132 27 4.9 2 Gosford/Woy Woy 15 3 3 0 2 0 3 106 32 3.3 3 Terrigal 11 3 2 1 2 0 3 148 22 6.7 4 Hornsby 11 4 2 2 1 0 3 71 67 1.1 5 Warnervale 10 4 2 2 1 0 2 57 73 0.8 6 Razorbacks 5 4 1 3 1 0 1 65 114 0.6 7 Kariong 5 4 1 3 1 0 1 27 151 0.2 8 The Lakes 1 4 0 4 1 0 1 25 145 0.2

In another gripping game of Swietelsky Shield Premier 1 rugby, Terrigal defeated Hornsby at The Haven Oval by 22 points to 0. In an intense and physical game of rugby, and one that was played under lights on a quite chilly evening, Terrigal were always in control on the scoreboard. However the game was much closer on the paddock with both teams giving their all throughout the entire 80 minutes. Terrigal took the early lead with a penalty goal, and then quickly followed this up with a converted try to lock Joe Taylor. Terrigal thus led by 10 points to nil early on. However there were no further points scored in the remainder of the first half. The game had developed into a real arm wrestle with both teams having chances to score but wonderful defence by both teams prevented any further scoring occurring. It was proving a hard fought and gripping struggle. Both teams had several pleasing performances. Best for Terrigal were prop Harry Gray, halfback Jye Cornish, flanker Mitch Hirst, and five-eight Adam Danckert. Hornsby were always trying to get on the scoreboard but just could not break through. Best players for Hornsby were No.8 Tevita Faupula, outside centre Ivanho Satuala, and five-eight Sione Ala. Terrigal opened the second stanza with an early try to five-eight Adam Danckert and this 15 points to nil lead remained the score for much of the reminder of the second half. Once again the match was proving a real struggle and it was proving very difficult to post any further points. Terrigal locked in the win with a converted try close to full time to run out victors by 22 points to nil. Terrigal remain undefeated in the competition while Hornsby definitely proved they will be close to the action later in the year.

The Razorbacks scored a try close to full time to secure a victory over Kariong by 31 points to 27 at Ourimbah Rugby Park. This was another hard fought and closely fought encounter for the entire 80 minutes. The scores were close for the entire clash and neither team was able to take a winning break on the other for much of the match. The Razorbacks started the match well and posted the first try to lead 5 nil but it was not long before Kariong took the lead with their own converted try in the 18th minute. Kariong then led by 7 points to 5. The Razorbacks probably played the better rugby in the first half and were dominating territory and possession for long periods. They were rewarded with 2 tries midway through the first half and this enabled them to go to a handy 18 points to 7 lead in the match. This was the biggest lead in the match but it was not to remain so for very long. The Razorbacks did dominate the middle stages of the first half but Kariong marked the start of their resurgence just before halftime when they crossed for their second try. This try made the score 18 points to 14 and this was to remain the halftime score. The second half was even stevens throughout for all of the 40 minutes. Both teams were able to post 13 points in the second half and the 4 points difference at halftime remained the difference at fulltime. Midway through the second half Kariong had taken the lead by 21 points to 18, then the Razorbacks led 23-21, then Kariong 24-23, before the Razorbacks scored a try very close to fulltime to secure the win by 30 points to 24. It was a very exciting game of rugby where both teams threw everything at each other and maybe both teams deserved the win. The pulsating match kept the spectators warm on a very chilly afternoon. Best players for the Razorbacks were winger Eden Sirone, halfback Connor Peden, flanker Jarrod Grange and centre Owen Turner, while best for Kariong were centre Lachlan Peruch, No.8 Mitchell Parker and five-eight Mitch Clay. Both teams will take a lot from this match. The Razorbacks would be pleased to get back into the winners circle while Kariong proved they are Finalist prospects this year.

In what was a minor upset, Woy Woy defeated Avoca Beach by 31 points to 27 at Woy Woy Oval. In what proved a topsy turvy match, Woy Woy was able to outlast the visitors in this contest. Woy Woy got away to a great start and before very long into the match were leading by 12 points to nil. It was just the start they wanted. However for the remainder of the first half, and early into the second half, it was Avoca Beach who did all of the scoring. By halftime Avoca Beach had fought back and had jumped to the lead by 14 points to 12. Many people thought they would go on with it from that point. In fact they did for awhile into the second half. Avoca Beach scored two tries early in the second half and it was not long before they had opened up a handy lead of 24 points to 12. Avoca Beach had scored 24 unanswered points in the match. However Woy Woy was not to be outdone. From the middle stages of the second stanza until the end of the match, Woy Woy stormed home with three tries. They had taken the lead and they remained in front on the scoreboard until the final whistle. It was a very pleasing effort by the home team and one that shows that in this year’s competition, no team can be taken lightly. Best players for Woy Woy on the day were five-eight Vetaia Sinalevu, who posted 11 personal points, No.8 Philip Shaw, and halfback Zac Doak- Stride. Avoca Beach were best served by prop Jake McPhie, who crossed for 2 tries, flankers Blake Jacob and Eden McQueen, and hooker Fion Henderson-Foley.

The Bay lost their President’s Cup clash with The Lakes by 25 points to 3 at Slade Park on Friday evening.

Women’s 10’s rugby continues to grow both in numbers and in quality, with three exciting matches on display yesterday. Wins were recorded by Avoca Beach, Terrigal and Kariong. Kariong had a very exciting win over the Razorbacks with a try right on fulltime to win the match, while Terrigal proved their Premiership credentials are firmly in place.

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