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The Lakes 31                   
Epeli Vure 3, Noah Halaapiapi, Tim Poese tries;
Logan Hemopo 3 conversions
Avoca Beach 25                   
Alex Halls 2, Mitchell Briggs tries;
Sam Evans 2 conversions, 2 penalty goals

Razorbacks  25
James Mann, Edan Sirone, Josefa Biu tries;
Jarrod Grange 2 conversions, 2 penalty goals
Warnervale 22
Lachlan Natapu, Scott Fitzpatrick, TJ Teekafa, Matt Martin tries;
Cameron McNamara 1 conversion

Kariong 78                   
Jake Hubbard 3, Lindsay Rumble 2, Lachlan Peruch 2, Jye Clack, Sean Peruch, Ryan Conaghan, Adam Peruch, Nick Outram tries;
Lachlan Peruch 7 conversions;
Nick Outram 2 conversions
Gosford 19                   
Chris Heap, Sione Fanua, Ben Harvey tries;
Ben Shelley 2 conversions


Terrigal                 60

Avoca Beach        51

Razorbacks           51

Kariong                49

The Lakes             44

Warnervale           43

Hornsby               24

Gosford                11                                                                                                                                                   


Warnervale                  50        Razorbacks      12         

Avoca Beach                 7        The Lakes         0

Kariong                       61        Gosford           12                   

Terrigal                        28        Woy Woy          0                                                               

PRESIDENTS CUP                                    

Terrigal White             31        Warnervale      14 

Avoca Beach               45        The Lakes         3

Hornsby                      26        The Bay          21                   

Terrigal Blue               22        Woy Woy        21                              

WOMEN’s 10’s

Warnervale                  15        Hornsby            7         

Avoca Beach               59        The Lakes         7                                           

Terrigal                        46        Kariong/Razorbacks   0                     


The Lakes travelled to Heazlett Park to meet Avoca Beach in what was another crucial game of rugby. The Lakes secured a valuable victory when they defeated Avoca Beach by 31 points to 25. This match proved a close tussle throughout the entire 80 minutes. Avoca Beach got the better of the start when they crossed for an early try to centre Alex Halls. However, The Lakes were quick to respond with their own try. The Lakes then grabbed a second try to take the lead by 12 points to 10. The Lakes were to score a further converted try just prior to the break to go to halftime leading by 19 points to 10. However, Avoca Beach were not to be outdone. Soon after the break they responded with two tries to take the lead once again, by 22 points to 19. This seesawing fixture was proving a thriller for the crowd in attendance. It was then The Lakes turn to take the lead. Winger Epeli Vure crossed for his third try midway through the second half for The Lakes to grab the lead by 24 points to 22 before another try increased that lead to 31 points to 22. Avoca Beach finished the match strongly with a penalty goal and then nearly scored a try right on fulltime. Best players for The Lakes were No.8 Tim Poese, flanker Paul Wilson and centre Ashton Hutchinson-Walters, while for Avoca Beach, hooker Cooper Elliott, lock Emile Thomas and centre Alex Halls were strongest. The win sees The Lakes jump into fifth spot at the expense of Warnervale in what is developing into such an exciting race to the Finals with two rounds to go.

Warnervale were back home at Woongarrah Oval to host the Razorbacks. The Razorbacks were able to outlast Warnervale by the narrow margin of 25 points to 22. The first half was such an even battle with no quarter given or asked for in the first 40 minutes. Warnervale opened the scoring with a try but the Razorbacks were quick to respond with their own 5 pointer. Scoring went point for point in the first half with both teams going to the halftime break locked at 10 points apiece. The match was certainly up for grabs at that stage. The lead changed 3 times in the second half with neither team able to make the break on the other. It was proving to be such a tight contest. The Razorbacks led 15-10, then Warnervale took the lead 17-15 before once again the scores were locked at 22 points apiece. A penalty goal near fulltime secured the victory for the Razorbacks. Warnervale did score 4 tries to 3 but were unable to get the victory. Best players for the Razorbacks were hooker Jordan Clarke, halfback Luke Mack and No.8 Rob Peden. Best for the home side were No.8 Moleni Soane, lock Matt Martin and lock Lachlan Natapu. The win sees the Razorbacks locked in 2nd spot on the competition ladder with Avoca Beach while Warnervale have two nervous weekends coming up to conclude the competition rounds

Gosford travelled up the hill to take on Kariong at Kariong Oval in this neighbouring club clash. Kariong ran out winners by 78 points to 19. Kariong were in control almost from the very start and the further the match went on the stronger they became. Kariong went to the halftime break leading by 21 points to 12. The first half was a relatively tight struggle and both teams were able to score points and for the score to be remain reasonably close. However, Kariong completed dominated the second half. They were able to post a further 57 points in the final 40 minutes to which Gosford had no real answer. It was an important victory for Kariong and holds them in good stead for the Finals. Best players for Kariong were flanker Ryan Conaghan, fullback Jake Hubbard, who scored 3 tries, prop Jonah Manuao and flanker Lachlan Peruch, who posted 24 personal points for the home side. Gosford were best served by flanker Richard Cully, halfback Damien Montgomery, prop Suli Hakalo and centre Sam Underwood.

President’s Cup rugby saw several interesting games of rugby yesterday. Hornsby recorded a good victory over The Bay by 26 points to 21, Terrigal Blue defeated Woy Woy 22-21 in a close one, while Avoca Beach and Terrigal White had good wins.

All six teams were in action yesterday in Women’s 10’s rugby. Avoca Beach were easy winners over The Lakes by 59 points to 7, Terrigal defeated Kariong/Razorbacks by 46 points to 0, and Warnervale caused an upset by defeating Hornsby by 15 points to 7.

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SATURDAY, 30th JULY, 2022



Terrigal                        44                   

Ulisene Tagiilima Esene 3, Noah Hughes, Jye Cornish, Salipopo Pamata, Harry Gray tries;

                                                            Jye Cornish 1 penalty goal;

Jayden Woolley 2 conversions


Razorbacks                  20                   

Rob Peden 2, Kaituu Kaufana tries;

                                                            Jarrod Grange 1 conversions, 1 penalty goal

Kariong                       43                   

Mitch Clay 2, Jye Clack, Jonah Manuao,  Kyle Young, Taylor Mildren, Sean Peruch tries;

Scott Hanley 4 conversions


The Lakes                   41                   

Nathyrn Harrison 4, Sione Vaenuku, Macui Raulini tries;

                                                            Logan Hemopo 4 conversions, 1 penalty goal

Avoca Beach               31                    Liam Jenkins 2, Matt Anderson,

Shaun Townsend, Harrisen Bowcock tries;

Sam Evans 3 conversions


Warnervale                  19                   

Veipueki Siale, Ben Butler, Moleni Soane tries;

                                                            Cameron McNamara 2 conversions


Terrigal                 55

Avoca Beach        50

Razorbacks           47

Kariong                44

Warnervale           41

The Lakes             39

Hornsby               24

Gosford                11                


Terrigal                       61        Razorbacks        7

The Lakes                   54        Kariong             7

Avoca Beach               15        Warnervale      14                   

Hornsby                      28        Woy Woy          0                   


PRESIDENTS CUP                                    

Terrigal White            22        Terrigal Blue   13

Avoca Beach               19        Warnervale      12                   

Hornsby                      41        Woy Woy        24                   



Avoca Beach               69        Warnervale        0                 

The Lakes                   22        Kariong/Razorbacks   5                     



Terrigal hosted the Razorbacks at The Haven Oval, and Terrigal scored an important victory by 44 points to 20. The first half was a very even battle. The two teams were neck and neck for the first 40 minutes. In fact, by halftime, they were locked at 13 points apiece. It was anyone’s match at that stage.  The second half started well for the Razorbacks when they crossed for a converted try to take the lead by 20 points to 13. Things were looking good for them. However, it was not long before Terrigal hit their straps and started to play some very constructive rugby. They quickly responded with their own try to level the scores once again at 20 points each. However, as the second half proceeded, it was proving to be all Terrigal. In fact, in the second half, they posted 31 points while the Razorbacks were only able to respond with that single try just after halftime. It was a mist convincing victory for the Terrigal team. Best players for Terrigal were winger Ulisene Tagiilima Esene, who crossed for 3 tries, flanker Noah Hughes, halfback Jye Cornish and fullback Dan Sargeant. The Razorbacks were best served by flanker James Blanch, centre Kaituu Kaufana, lock Steve Finley and No.8 Rob Peden, who crossed for 2 tries. The win sees Terrigal cement their position at the top of the competition ladder, and they also retain the Challenge Shield.

Warnervale travelled to Heazlett Park to meet Avoca Beach. Avoca Beach proved too strong on the day getting the victory by 31 points to 19. However, they certainly did not have it all their own way. Avoca Beach got away to a good start in the match and it was not long before they had crossed for 2 tries to lead by 10 points to nil. They did control the early stages of the first half. However, Warnervale hit back later in the first half, and were rewarded with their own try to make the score Avoca Beach 10 Warnervale 5. This score line was to remain the situation at the halftime break. Avoca Beach continued to control the scoreboard in the second half. In fact, soon after the break, they were able to cross for a further two tries to increase their lead by 24 points to 5 by midway through the second stanza. It was a handy lead but to Warnervale’s; great credit they fought back with their own tries later in the match. Avoca Beach were able to hang onto the lead when they crossed for their fifth try late in the match. Best for Avoca Beach were No.8 Matt Anderson, halfback Charlie Crimmings and flanker Fionn Henderson- Foley, while for Warnervale prop Steve Neli, winger Ofa Siale, No.8 Tevita Piukala and lock Lachlan Natapu played well. The win sees Avoca Beach displace the Razorbacks in second spot on the ladder.

The Lakes were at home to Kariong at Slade Park. The clash proved to be one of the best games of rugby this season, but it was Kariong who grabbed the victory by 43 points to 41. It was high scoring match with play going from one end of field to the other for the entire 80 minutes. Kariong got away to a great start and before long led by 10 points to nil. It was a good start. However, the lead did not last long. The Lakes then responded with some great rugby. They crossed for 4 tries before the halftime break to lead by 26 points to 10 at halftime. They even increased that lead early in the second half with a further try to lead by 31 points to 10. It was a great lead. To be down by 10 points to nil, and then lead by 31 points to 10 was a major turnaround. But it was not to be only turnaround in the match. Suddenly Kariong woke up and they suddenly changed the scoreboard considerably. Kariong were able to stay in the struggler and they responded with 5 tries during the second half. It was a marvellous fight back. The Lakes had no answer at this stage. It was such a close struggle and the two point victory to Kariong showed just how tight the match was. It was a gripping game of rugby with 13 tries scored in the match. There was high quality ball movement in the match, a tough struggle in the forwards, and with play going from one end of the paddock to the other. Kariong scored 7 tries to 6 and that was the only difference in this titanic match. Best players for Kariong were centre Mitch Clay, who scored 2 tries, prop Jonah Manuao and No.8 Logan Campbell. The Lakes were best served by fullback Macui Raulini, prop Tim Poese, and flanker Wiremu Pirini, while winger Nathyrn Harrison crossed for 4 individual tries.  

President’s Cup rugby saw Hornsby record a good victory over Woy Woy by 41 points to 24.

There were two matches in Women’s 10’s rugby. Avoca Beach were easy winners over Warnervale by 69 points to nil, while The Lakes defeated Kariong/Razorbacks by 22 points to 5.

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SATURDAY, 30th JULY, 2022

Terrigal 20
Dan Sargeant, Aaron Carrigg tries;
Adam Danckert 2 conversions, 1 penalty goal,
1 field goal
Kariong 19
Jye Clack, Jonah Manuao, Lindsay Rumble tries;
Lachlan Peruch 2 conversions

Warnervale 42
Matt Martin 2, Lachlan Natapu, Kye Haslam, Ofa Siale, Lachlan Tupou, Ben Butler tries;
Cameron McNamara 2 conversions,
1 penalty goal
Hornsby 31
James O’Connor 2, Talifolau Sitani, Samuala Kanongataa tries;
Hunter Bird 4 conversions, 1 penalty goal

The Lakes 24
Daniele Cakuseru, Logan Hemopo, Brayden Hutchinson-Walters, Tim Poese tries;
Logan Hemopo 2 conversions
Gosford 23
Mitch Cornwell, Liam Dickson tries;
Ben Shelley 2 conversions, 3 penalty goals

Terrigal 50
Razorbacks 47
Avoca Beach 45
Warnervale 41
Kariong 39
The Lakes 37
Hornsby 19
Gosford 11

Terrigal 22 Kariong 19
The Lakes 83 Gosford 7
Warnervale 36 Hornsby 7
Razorbacks 28 Woy Woy 0

Terrigal White 36 Woy Woy 0
Warnervale 26 Hornsby 19
Avoca Beach 83 The Bay 12

Avoca Beach 28 Terrigal 24
Hornsby 31 Warnervale 5


In the ‘Match of the Day’, Kariong hosted Terrigal at Kariong Oval and the match turned out to be a thriller from start to finish. Terrigal won the match by 20 points to 19 in the final seconds. There was plenty of intense rugby in the first quarter of the match with neither team able to post any early points. It was hard fought and typical of a ‘match of the day’ clash. It was Kariong who opened the scoring with a converted try to lead by 7 points to nil. However close to halftime Terrigal was able to square the ledger and their converted try saw the scores locked at 7 points apiece at the break. Terrigal took a certain amount of control early in the second half and they crossed for their second converted try to lead by 14 points to 7 early in the second stanza. But once again Kariong were quick to respond. They then posted their second try to make the score Terrigal 14 Kariong 12. It was such a tight battle and both teams knew victory could go either way. In the final 15 minutes of the match Terrigal kicked a penalty goal while Kariong took the lead with their third try. With seconds remaining Kariong hung on to a 19 points to 17 lead. They felt they had deserved victory having scored three tries to two. But it was not to be. Terrigal five-eight Adam Danckert kicked a dropped goal on fulltime to secure the win for Terrigal by the single point. It was an exciting match to say the least. Best players for Terrigal were five-eight Adam Danckert, No.8 Ethan McInnes and lock Macklan Collins, while for the Kariong side the best performers were halfback Jye Clack, flanker Josh Bottero and hooker Justin Walker.

Hornsby travelled to Woongarrah Oval once again to meet Warnervale. The match saw some exciting rugby and a good performance by both teams. Warnervale outlasted Hornsby to win the match by 42 points to 31. Hornsby got away to a great start in the match. They crossed for two early tries and they really did set the pace in the opening stages of the contest. Warnervale did hit back later in the first half and by halftime they had responded with four tries. Unfortunately, none were converted. Hornsby did score their third try before the break so the visitors did lead by the narrow margin of 21 points to 20 at the halftime break. Hornsby continued to lead in the match in the early stages of the second half. They led by 31 points to 25 and it seemed a victory to the visitors was on the cards. However, the last quarter of the match saw the home team take control on the paddock and thus on the scoreboard. Warnervale posted 17 points during this period to secure this very important win for them. Best players for Warnervale were fullback Ben Butler, flanker Kyle Haslam, lock Matt Martin and halfback Harrison Sexton. Hornsby were best served by winger James O’Connor, who crossed for 2 tries, and No.8 Talifolau Sitani.

The Lakes versus Gosford clash was played at Gosford Showground. Being the first time Gosford had played at home this year, a large crowd was on hand to watch the contest. The Lakes got home right on fulltime to grab the win by 24 points to 23. This match was a cliff hanger from start to finish. The Lakes opened up the scoring with an early try to lead by 5 points to nil. Gosford then replied with their first try, before The Lakes crossed for their second. The score was The Lakes 10 Gosford 7, but before long, Gosford responded with their second try to take the lead, in what was proving a topsy turvy match on the scoreboard. The Lakes did cross for their third try right on halftime to allow them tom go to the break leading by the narrow margin of 17 points to 14. The match was certainly up for grabs at that stage. Gosford kicked two vital penalty goals early in the second half to regain the lead, and this lead was even further increased by a third penalty goal in the last quarter of the match. Gosford had suddenly jumped to a 23 points to 17 lead and an upset result seemed very much on the cards. Gosford were playing their best rugby of the season, while The Lakes were not taking their chances. They did leave several tries out on the paddock due to dropped passes. The Gosford defence was working overtime. The Lakes had several good players but none were better than props Tim Poese and Connor Starkey, and halves Logan Hemopo and Brayden Hutchinson-Walters. Gosford were best served by five-eight Ben Shelley, fullback Chris Heap, in his 100th top grade match, and No 8. Joel Wagner. The Lakes took the victory right on fulltime when prop Tim Poese crashed over for their fourth try. The pressure conversion kick saw huge delight for The Lakes fans, and huge disappointment for the Gosford supporters.

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SATURDAY, 23rd JULY, 2022

Razorbacks 39
Edan Sirone, Steve Finley, Owen Turner, Rob Peden, Bett Cunningham, tries;
Jarrod Grange 4 conversions, 2 penalty goals
Kariong 26
Jye Clack 2, Taylor Mildren, Justin Atkins tries;
Scott Hanley 3 conversions

Terrigal 59
Blake Irwin 3, Matt Polmear 2, Jye Cornish, Ulisese Tagiilima Esene, Ethan McInnes, Adam Danckert tries;
Adam Danckert 7 conversions
Hornsby 19
Andrew Collins, Hosea Fotukava, Talifolau Sitani tries;
Hunter Bird 2 conversions

Warnervale 68
Zane Theron 3, Dylan Acreman 2, Cameron McNamara 2, Sevanaia Nabetelevu 2, Max Alexander, Ben Butler tries;
TJ Teekafa 1 penalty goal, 4 conversions;
Matthew Hurley 1 conversion
Gosford 5
Liam Etherington try

Terrigal 46
Avoca Beach 45
Razorbacks 42
Kariong 38
Warnervale 36
The Lakes 32
Hornsby 18
Gosford 10

All lower grades were cancelled due to the ongoing weather conditions. Matches in Premier 2, Presidents Cup and Women’s 10’s were declared draws.

In another unusual day of rugby, all Premier 1 matches were played at the same venue – Woongarrah Oval No.2. The three Premier 1 matches were all played in great spirit with plenty of action across the afternoon and into the evening,

All lower matches were cancelled.

In the ‘Match of the Day’, Kariong travelled to Woongarah Oval to take on the Razorbacks. The Razorbacks outlasted Kariong to run out winners by 39 points to 26. This high standard rugby match saw plenty of action from start to finish. The Razorbacks commenced the match so well. They controlled the action on the paddock and it was this good play that took them to an early 11 points to nil lead after 15 minutes. They crossed for a try in the opening few minutes then followed this up with two penalty goals. Although Kariong were not to be outdone. They hit back with some great rugby. Before long they had responded with two converted tries and by midway through the first half had jumped to the lead by 14 points to 11. But once again, the Razorbacks replied. They then crossed for a further two converted tries to take the lead by 25 points to 14 at the halftime break. It was a great 40 minutes of rugby. It was hard and fast and it was some of the best rugby seen this year. This 11 point lead to the Razorbacks was such a handy lead in the context of the match. The second half was a very even affair but the first half lead to the Razorbacks was enough for them to hold on for victory. The Razorback had several very good performances. The centre pairing of Jarrod Grange and Kaituu Kaufana was strong, James Mann was good at the lineout, and prop Brett Cunningham gave his usual strong performance up front. Kariong were best served by centre Jye Clack, who crossed for 2 tries, lock Nick Outram, No.8 Lachlan Peruch and centre Tyson Potger.

The Terrigal versus Hornsby match was the opening game at Woongarrah Oval. Terrigal defeated Hornsby by 59 points to 19. Terrigal certainly did not have it all their own early on. In fact, the opening stages of the match were hard fought and tight. However, as the match went on, Terrigal took control and slowly the points were accrued. Terrigal opened the scoring with a charge down try to lock Matt Polmear but Hornsby quickly squared things up with their own try. However later in the first half Terrigal did really assert their dominance. In fact, by halftime, Terrigal had jumped to a very handy 38 points to 19 lead. It was a high scoring first half with plenty of action for the spectators. The second half was all Terrigal and despite Hornsby giving it their all, Terrigal were able to post 21 points to nil in the second stanza. Best players for Terrigal were lock Sam Kenny, five-eight Adam Danckert and lock Matt Polmear, who crossed for 2 tries in the match. Hornsby were best served by halfback Jack Woodrow, No.8 Talifolau Sitani, and lock Aaron Duncan.

The Warnervale versus Gosford clash was played under lights at Woongarrah Oval. Obviously, it was a home ground fixture for Warnervale and they took full advantage of that. The match saw Warnervale totally dominate the proceedings for the entire 80 minutes, and they ran out victors by 68 points to 5, It was an excellent performance by the home team. They ran in 11 tries to one and that is a good indication of the flow of the match. Warnervale led by 37 points to 5 at the halftime break, and then continued on to post a further 31 points in the second half. However, nothing could be taken away from Gosford. They were severely hit with injuries and other commitments by the players but they never stopped trying for the whole match. The team started with 15 players, and finished with 13 on the paddock. However, it was Warnervale’s night. Thewy showed they are a Premiership threat and with two great wins over the last fortnight they will be a threat for the remainder of the year. Best players for Warnervale were five-eight TJ Teekafa, No.8 Moleni Soane, flanker Matt Martin and centre Sevanaia Nabetelevu. A feature of the match were the three tries scored by winger Zane Theron. Best for Gosford

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SATURDAY, 16 th JULY, 2022

Warnervale 28 Sione Piukala 2, Matt Martin tries;Cameron McNamara 3 penalty goals,2 conversions
defeated Kariong 20 Kane Williams, Jake Hubbard, Lindsay Rumble tries;
Scott Hanley 1 conversion, 1 penalty goals

Terrigal 31
Noah Hughes 2, Adam Danckert, Tod Atkins
tries;Adam Danckert 4 conversions, 1 penalty goal
defeated The Lakes 24 Tim Poese 2, Brayden Hutchinson-Walters,
Daniele Cakuseru tries;Logan Hemopo 2 conversions

Avoca Beach 24
Mitchell Magrath 2, Fionn Henderson-Foley,
Steve Pike tries;Sam Evans 2 conversions
defeated Hornsby 5 Russell Yates try

Razorbacks 73
Josefa Biu 3, James Blanch 2, Rob Peden 2,Bett Cunningham, Charles Bose, Jarrod Grange,Ryan Bender tries;Jarrod Grange 9 conversions
defeated Gosford 10 Ben Shelley, Joel Wagner tries

Terrigal 41Avoca Beach 40Razorbacks 37Kariong 37The Lakes 32Warnervale 32Hornsby 18Gosford 10

The Lakes 10 Terrigal 5Kariong 33 Warnervale 26Avoca Beach 44 Hornsby 7Razorbacks 26 Gosford 14

The Lakes 42 Terrigal Blue 19Avoca Beach 52 Hornsby 7Woy Woy 29 The Bay 7

Terrigal 28 The Lakes 0Warnervale 51 Kariong/Razorbacks 7Avoca Beach 41 Hornsby 5

:In the ‘Match of the Day’, Kariong travelled to Woongarah Oval to take onhome team Warnervale. Competition leaders Kariong had a tough day and weredefeated by Warnervale by 28 points to 20. Warnervale got away to a great startand they controlled proceedings in the early stages of the match. They kicked apenalty goal before they then crossed for two tries. It was a dominant start to thematch against the competition leaders. Warnervale went to the halftime break leadingby 18 points to 3 and were in a dominant position to secure a very welcome victory.Kariong hit their straps early in the second half. They were able to respond with afurther 12 points to make the score Warnervale 18 Kariong 15 midway through thesecond half. Suddenly the match was up for grabs. However, Warnervale did respondand jumped ahead with their own converted try. Kariong did cross for a try late in thematch but Warnervale hung on to gain a meritorious win. Best players for Warnervale were No.8 Tevita Piukala, lock Lachlan Natapu and centre Sione Piukala, whocrossed for two individual tries. It was an important win for Warnervale who now sitin equal fifth position. Best players for Kariong were centre Kane Williams, five-eightJosh McGlynn, and No.8 Logan Campbell.The Terrigal versus

The Lakes match was transferred to Ettalong Oval. Terrigal recorded a tight 31 points to 24 win over The Lakes. It was a necessary but not convenient venue change for home team. The Lakes have become used to playinghome matches away from home. Terrigal got away to a great start and within theopening few minutes of the start of the match had jumped to a 14 points to nil leadwith two tries to flanker Noah Hughes. However, The Lakes, after this initial shock,hit back with their own tries, and by midway through the first half had even taken thelead in the match. They led by 17 points to 14 but a late penalty goal to Terrigal sawthe two teams go into the halftime break locked at 17 points apiece. Terrigal were ableto assert some authority early in the second half and were able to cross for two tries tojump to a very handy 31 points to17 midway through the second half. The Lakes didcross for a late converted try which was not enough for the victory but it did gain TheLakes 2 valuable bonus points for 4 tries and a loss by 7 or less points. Terrigal were best served by locks Macklan Collins and Joe Taylor, centre Harry Hughes andfullback Dan Sargeant, while for The Lakes, five-eight Brayden Hutchinson-Walters,Daniele Cakuseru and prop Connor Starkey were their best performers.

The Razorbacks versus Gosford clash was moved to Joseph Banks Oval due to the condition of Ourimbah Rugby Park. The match was a completely dominantperformance by the Razorbacks, and they ran out victors by 73 points to 10.They controlled the match from start to finish and Gosford simply had no answer tothe onslaught. The Razorbacks led by 42 points to 5 at the halftime break and so thematch was tightly secured even at that stage. It was a tough day for Gosford whocontinued to give their best but it was just was not good enough on the day. TheRazorbacks were able to post a further 31 points in the second stanza to continue onfor the comfortable win. The Razorbacks posted 11 tries in the match with lock JosefaBiu crossing for 3 individual tris. Best players for the Razorbacks were flanker JamesBlanch, centre Jarrod Grange, who was able to post a total of 23 points, centre OwenTurner and prop Brett Cunningham. Best for Gosford were five-eight SamUnderwood, centre Richard Cully, flanker Jackson Steinbeck and No.8 Joel Wagner.

Hornsby hosted Avoca Beach at Pennant Hills Oval No. 1. Avoca Beach wereable to secure an important victory by 24 points to 5. The match was played invery heavy conditions. This resulted in the first half developing into a rather dourbattle with both teams struggling to get their rhythm. The damp conditions under footresulted in the first half being a very even struggle and in fact the two teams went tothe halftime break locked at 5 points apiece. It seemed the match was very much upfor grabs at that stage. However, it was Avoca Beach who asserted their authority inthe second half and were able to respond with all the points in the second half. Theyposted a further 3 tries while the home team was unable to increase their score. It wasan important bonus point win for Avoca Beach and sees them in second spot on thecompetition ladder. Avoca Beach were best served by hooker Cooper Elliott, flankerFionn Henderson-Foley, halfback Mitch Magrath and prop Matt Ritchie. Best forHornsby were prop Greg Yates, centre Harry Fox, and flanker Cooper Davenport.

On Friday night, The Bay lost their President’s Cup clash with Woy Woy by 29points to 7, in what proved a tough tussle throughout.

Women’s 10’s rugby continued with some excellent matches. Wins were recordedby Terrigal, Warnervale and Avoca Beach. These wins see Terrigal and Avoca Beachlocked in a tight struggle at the top of the competition ladder.

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