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Wins for Northern Power Orange, Lisarow Ourimbah Black, Lisarow Ourimbah White and Terrigal Matcham in Round 11 of the diggers@the entrance CCCA Women's 1st Grade competition.

Terrigal Matcham’s Ella Merritt continued her excellent run of form with 61 not out for Terrigal Matcham whilst Elissa Andrews (Lisarow Ourimbah Black) and Amy Cunningham (Lisarow Ourimbah White) each finished with 49 retired. Jess de Tarczynski (4/8) and Danielle Thorp (4/11), both from Lisarow Ourimbah Black were the most successful bowlers.

Table (Unofficial): Terrigal Matcham 23, Lisarow Ourimbah Black 21, Wyong Gold 17, Lisarow Ourimbah White 15, Northern Power Orange 15, Kincumber Avoca 9, The Entrance 8, Northern Power Blue 4, Narara Wyoming 3, Wyong Green 1

Home Team


Away Team


Wyong Green



Don Small Oval 

Lisarow White2/124(cc) Amy Cunningham 49* Ebony Wright 27*  



Lisarow Sporting Field 

The Entrance58  Jess de Tarczynski 4/8 Danielle Thorp 4/11

def by

Lisarow Black2/164(cc) Elissa Andrews 49* Michelle Pankhurst 31* Jess de Tarczynski 30*  

Pat Morley Oval 

Terrigal3/123 Ella Merritt 61* Tara French 35  


Wyong Gold5/122(cc)  Emily Humphreys 3/14

Terrigal Haven 

Northern Power Orange6/108(cc) Kerry Seymour 27*  Emma Raychaudhuri 2/14 Kylie Taylor 2/20 Charlotte Lane 2/22


Northern Power Blue5/66(cc)  Crystal Osborne 2/11 K Mander 2/17

Tunkuwallin Oval 

Full scorecards:

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