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The Everything Sports CCCA T20 competition will continue Thursday night with Round 4 being played.

All matches commence at 5pm.


Wyong vs Narara Wyoming at Tuggerah # 9

Kincumber Avoca vs Southern Spirit @ Tuggerah # 12

Lisarow Ourimbah vs Northern Power @ Tuggerah # 34

Brisbane Water vs Terrigal Matcham @ Tuggerah # 67

Warnervale vs The Entrance @ Woongarrah Oval

Day 2 of Round 8 of the diggers@the entrance CCCA Men's 1st Grade competion will be played tomorrow with a number of matches in the balance.

All matches commence at 12.30pm.

State of play



Away Team



Wyong5/52  Dave Molan 4/24


Northern Power174 Josh Abel 64 Dave Molan 38 Vikram Singh 26  Harry Townsend 4/17 Hayden Murphy 4/46

Baker Park 


Terrigal2/50 Lloyd Radcliffe 31*  


Lisarow88 Ryan Fenning 38*  Josh Bridge 5/43 Alex Patterson 4/27

Duffy's Road 


The Entrance155 Daniel O'Brien 41 Ash Hardy 40  Dylan Robertson 6/69 Rob Lavery 2/23 Jack Heuston 2/29



Jubilee Park 


Southern Spirit202 James Leary 75 Laurence Legge 35  Kyle Jordan 2/16 Andy Ryan 2/27 Tom Owen 2/36 James Smith 2/40



Col Gooley Field


Warnervale7/373(dec) Grant Robertson 101 Brett Russell 59 Martin Graham 41* Chris Sheppeard 40 Mitch McNeilly 29* Ben Sammut 29  Lewis Cavender 2/44


Brisbane Water4/20  Daniel Watson 2/9

Woongarah oval) 

It will be a big day at Tuggerah tomorrow with a female cricket extravaganza with all CCCA Women's matches to be played on turf.

It will be a fantastic day for the women who will get the opportunity to play on the turf wickets.

Make sure you pop on down to see the girls in action.



2nd Grade - Lisarow Ourimbah White vs Lisarow Ourimbah Black @ Tuggerah #34


1st Grade - Narara Wyoming vs Lisarow Ourimbah Black @ Tuggerah #34

2nd Grade - Warnervale vs The Entrance @ Tuggerah # 9

2nd Grade - Southern Spirit vs Northern Power Blue @ Tuggerah # 12

2nd Grade - Northern Power Orange vs Narara Wyoming @ Tuggerah # 67


1st Grade - Wyong Gold vs Kincumber Avoca @ Tuggerah# 12

1st Grade - Terrigal Matcham vs The Entrance @ Tuggerah # 9

1st Grade - Lisarow Ourimbah White vs Northern Power Orange @ Tuggerah # 34

1st Grade - Wyong Green vs Northern Power Blue @ Tuggerah # 67

You can keep up to date with all matches live vis the MyCricket App on your phone or

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