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Central Coast Hydrothon All Female Clinic


The Surf Cross (similar to a traditional ironperson, with shorter water legs and including a run leg) and Beach Cross events will see the stars compete against each other from 9.30am.

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The Hydrothon is more than a race however, the majority of the day is spent by the competitors as mentors, conducting surf sports and beach skills clinics for over 150 young girls from across the Central Coast and beyond.

"Partnering with Macquarie Sports since 2016, the Hydrothon All Female Clinic through its elite mentors has had an impact on over 1,000 girls from 67 surf clubs spanning the entire eastern seaboard. The Central Coast has always been a location we wanted to bring the clinic to as there is a vibrant surf sports community" Steven Southwell, Event Director

Macquarie Sports and Hydrothon aim to inspire young girls to stay active in surf sports through their teenage years and also to encourage them to maintain a healthy body, mind and mateship. We will do this via a holistic approached delivered by some of the biggest names in surf sports.

Here is a list of the Central Coast racers and mentors

Sophie McGovern
Bailee Radford
Maddy Dunn
Karlee Nurthen

Emily Doyle
Liv Heaton
Tiarrn Raymond
Naomi Scott
Chloe Mannix
Emily Eaves
Elly Miller (Graf)
Nicola Owen
Carla Papac
Britney Pierce
Elyssa Pierce
Jemma Smith
Kiera Warn
Elizabeth Welborn
Bella Williams

More info HERE.