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Why Should You Try Sambo Combat Sports?

Why Should You Try Sambo Combat Sports?
The trend of learning martial arts is becoming popular these days. People are more focused on their physical and mental health and martial art is beneficial for both. Many schools offer to teach your children martial art, particularly sambo. Sambo is a popular Russian sport and is an acronym of ‘SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya’ which means self-defense without weapons. Earlier it was developed for the Soviet military and secret services but the later modification over the course of time has made it a sport. Just like karate, it is played by wearing particular sambo shoes and outfits. Moreover, it has few types namely self-defense, combat, special, and sport sambo.
Sambo is a perfect combat sport that you should consider learning. It has a positive impact both on your physical and mental health. Here are some potential benefits that sambo combat offers:


The most obvious reason to learn sambo is that you should be able to defend yourself. Practicing sambo makes your muscles strong. Moreover, the particular techniques of sambo can help you protect yourself against anyone no matter how big or powerful your opponent is. Sambo Head Guard lets you become resistant to any sudden powerful attack and you develop the stamina to fight. We cannot deny the fact that there is always danger around us, so instead of fearing from being in danger, it is rather preferable to be prepared to fight and face any uncertain circumstances. If you want to be self-sufficient for your safety, sambo should be your pick!

Physical Strength:

Why Should You Try Sambo Combat Sports?
Sambo requires you to be agile and act against all the attacks from the opponent. It strengthens your body and makes it flexible to fight from various angles. Every sambo session starts and ends with multiple exercises to bring flexibility to your body. You won’t have to do any extra effort to keep your body fit. Practicing sambo will keep your body in shape. It helps you build reflexes and makes you strong enough to sense a dangerous situation and have an instant solution to protect yourself from being harmed.
Sambo combat sport is considered to be the most intense yet short cardiovascular workout. Mostly sambo wrestling session lasts 6min and the participants can easily cross 165bpm in this short time. This makes Sambo the best sports to build endurance that is why sambo practitioners have the best cardiovascular health. You feel better and more energetic in life as your joints become capable of moving in a better way and blood flows to all parts of the body and you can breathe better.

Soft Skills:

Why Should You Try Sambo Combat Sports?
Personality and soft skills building are as important as keeping your body physically fit. Sambo is the best martial art to teach you discipline, tolerance, fairness, and humbleness. Strengthening such skills is beneficial for people of all ages. By gaining more proficiency, you will become more self-confident and will be able to travel alone. When learning sambo, you have to practice one move for like hundred times until you are able to it to perfection. This practice encourages you to be tolerant, you learn to be persistent and become disciplined.
The repetition teaches you to be humble. You learn from your partners and instructors how to correct yourself, thus become tolerant to criticism in a positive manner and learn to use it to improve yourself. There is no doubt that you will get a healthy learning environment that is beneficial for you in all possible ways. Learning sambo makes you understand how ‘practice makes a man perfect’.

Mental Health:

Another common reason why people want to learn a martial art like sambo is that it helps reducing stress. You can project your stress in a physically beneficial way. Sambo is a great way to pull all the negative energy out of you while gaining physical strength simultaneously. Moreover, it makes you learn how to stay focused and not letting things until done to perfection.
Learning sambo is beneficial for your personal growth both physical and mental. The sambo moves that you learn make you learn to get out of your comfort zones which helps improve your social skills which will help you grow. Sambo is becoming a global sport and you can easily find a school for it near you. If you want to be in shape without being bored while working out in the gym, then sambo is a must-try for you!

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