BDAFL Round 13 Results

Results & Reports from today’s Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup matches.

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

CARDIFF v. WARNERS BAY @ Hillsborough Oval
Cardiff 5.4, 8.7, 12.9, 13.13 (91)
Warners Bay 1.0, 2.1, 7.5, 12.9 (81)
Cardiff :
Josh Murphy 5, Tom Quade 3, Lachlan Price 3, Tom Yensch 1, Jack Pratt 1
Warners Bay :
Kayne Gibbs 3, Benjamin Kernahan 3, Adam Van Est 1, Tristan Warner 1, Josh Nicol 1, Robert Schindler-Taylor 1, Leo Vo 1, Luke Roach 1
Cardiff :
Josh Murphy, Tom Yensch, Simon O'Brien, Jack Pratt, Nicholas Chapman, Chad Mayo
Warners Bay :
Robert Schindler-Taylor, Benjamin Kernahan, Ben Hunter, Leo Vo, Tom McDonell, Lincoln Stewart

Terrigal Avoca 5.3, 7.5, 11.9, 16.10 (106)
Nelson Bay 1.0, 3.2, 5.3, 7.7 (49)

Terrigal Avoca :
Ryan Webster 4, William Delahunty 2, Jayson Van Dam 2, Matthew Shortal 1, Kurt Fleming 1, Jarrad Flint 1,
Jack Grimmond 1, Ethan Formby 1, Peter Van Dam 1, Daniel Heuston 1, Lachlan White 1
Nelson Bay :
Aaron Clayden 2, Cooper Scott 2, Billy Barton 1, Nathan Vaisey 1, Jayden Rymer 1
Terrigal Avoca :
Lachlan White, Jayson Van Dam, Sam O'Brien, James Hart, Mark Skuse, Ryan Webster
Nelson Bay :
Jeremy Eddy, Billy Barton, Jayden Rymer, Todd Thornton, James Bellman, Christopher Eddy

Newcastle City 1.0, 4.1, 6.1, 11.3 (69)
Killarney Vale 3.2, 4.2, 5.6, 6.7 (43)

Newcastle City :
Patrick Gillingham 3, Reed van Huisstede 2, Jackson Crawford 2, Steven Scott 1, Cameron Keast 1, Conor Haswell 1,
Cade Triffitt 1
Killarney Vale :
Scott Reed 3, Jack Nancarrow 1, Brandon Cozens 1, Harley Bernleitner 1
Newcastle City :
Mitchell Knight , Conor Haswell, Reed van Huisstede, Steven Scott, Aaron Seen, Patrick Gillingham
Killarney Vale :
Max Mumford, Lachlan Waters, Connor Reilly, Ryan Barrett, Lachlan Wilson, Tim Oosterhoff

Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 44, Cardiff 40, Newcastle City 32, Nelson Bay 16, Killarney Vale 8, Warners Bay 4

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate

The Entrance Bateau Bay 10.6 (66) defeated Muswellbrook 8.7 (55)
Newcastle City 13.10 (88) defeated Lake Macquarie 3.5 (23)
Wyong Lakes 14.15 (99) defeated Terrigal Avoca 3.5 (23)
Maitland 13.4 (82) defeated Gosford 12.6 (78)
Singleton - Bye

Ladder: Wyong Lakes 92%, Maitland 92%, Singleton 82%, Newcastle City 58%, Gosford 45%, Terrigal Avoca 45%, Lake Macquarie 18%, Muswellbrook 8%, The Entrance Bateau Bay 8%

GE BDAFL Women's

Maitland 9.9 (63) defeated Gosford 8.6 (54)
Nelson Bay 23.18 (156) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)
Newcastle City 16.21 (117) defeated Killarney Vale 0.0 (0)
Singleton 4.3 (27) defeated Wyong Lakes 3.1 (19)
Warners Bay 10.7 (67) defeated Cardiff 2.2 (14)
Lake Macquarie 14.10 (94) defeated Newcastle 4.5 (29)

Ladder: Newcastle City 44, Nelson Bay 40, Gosford 36, Killarney Vale 28, Maitland 28, Warners Bay 28, Wyong Lakes 24, Singleton 16, Lake Macquarie 8, Cardiff 8, Newcastle 4, Muswellbrook 0.

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade

Gosford 12.9 (81) defeated Maitland 6.6 (42)
Killarney Vale 14.18 (102) defeated Newcastle City 2.4 (16)
Nelson Bay 14.19 (103) defeated Singleton 2.4 (16)
Warners Bay 14.6 (90) defeated Cardiff 10.11 (71)
Terrigal Avoca 19.15 (129) defeated Wyong Lakes 1.2 (8)
Lake Macquarie - Bye

Ladder: Cardiff 82%, Warners Bay 82%, Killarney Vale 75%, Terrigal Avoca 73%, Nelson Bay 55%, Gosford 45%, Lake Macquarie 45%, Maitland 42%, Newcastle City 33%, Singleton 17%, Wyong Lakes 8%

Ladder leaders Terrigal Avoca returned to the winners list with a win over Nelson Bay, whilst a tenacious Killarney Vale pushed league heavyweight Newcastle City all the way before being defeated by 26 points in Round 13 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup competition.

Terrigal Avoca travelled to Nelson Bay keen to get back on track after suffering the first loss of the season the previous week and dominated from the outset on their way to a 16.10.106 to 7.7.49 win.

After Nelson Bay kicked the first goal of the game before the Panthers kicked the next six goals to open up a 34 point lead early in the second quarter before cruising to a 57 point win.

Best players for the Panthers were Lachlan White, Jayson Van Dam, Sam O’Brien, key backman James Hart, coach Mark Skuse and Ryan Webster who also kicked four goals to be the game leading Goalkicker..

At Adelaide St Oval, Newcastle City overcame a spirited Killarney Vale, kicking ten goals to three in the final three quarters to eventually grind out a 26-point victory. Final scores were Newcastle City 11.3.69 to Killarney Vale 6.7.43.

The Bombers had the better of the opening exchanges as key forwards Jack Nancarrow and Scott Reed put early scoreboard pressure on them. The Bombers profited from a glut of turnovers as they stopped City’s normally reliable short passing game and City went to the first break with some serious work to do in the clearances and with their kicking accuracy.

City’s experience eventually came to the fore as they ground their way back into the contest, before pulling away in the last quarter to win by 26 points.

150-gamer Max Mumford was excellent for the Bombers, whilst Lachlan Waters, Connor Reilly, Ryan Barrett, Lachlan Wilson and Tim Oosterhoff had strong games. Scott Reed was Killarney Vale’s only multiple goalkicker with three goals.

In the Black Diamond Plate, there was planet of celebrations at Bateau Bay as The Entrance Bateau Bay recorded their first win of the season after coming from behind at three quarter time to defeat Muswellbrook by 11 points. After a tough year the players and officials were jubilant when the final siren sounded. Gosford finals chances hang by a thread after second placed Maitland kicked two goals in the final two minutes to defeat the Tigers by four points. Wyong Lakes were untroubled in accounting for Terrigal Avoca to retain top position on the ladder.

In the GE Womens Competition, none of the Central Coast teams managed victory, with Gosford going down to Maitland in a nine-point thriller at Rogers Park in Woy Woy, Wyong Lakes were upset by Singleton whilst Killarney Vale were no match for league leaders, Newcastle City.

BDAFL Round 12 Results

Below are match results and reports from today’s Round 12 Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup matches:

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

Newcastle City 1.4, 5.7, 11.9, 13.12 (90)
Terrigal Avoca 3.1, 5.3, 7.4, 9.8 (62)
GOALS, Newcastle City :
Courtney Knight 4, Patrick Gillingham 3, Hugh Blanchfield 2, Max Quinlan 1, Ian Baker 1, Cade Triffitt 1,
Jackson Crawford 1
Terrigal Avoca :
Mark Skuse 2, Ryan Webster 1, Austin Clark 1, Dale Walker 1, Matthew Shortal 1, Jack Grimmond 1,
Peter Van Dam 1, Daniel Heuston 1
BEST, Newcastle City :
Patrick Gillingham, Ian Baker, Cade Triffitt, Abraham Gibson, Liam Dwyer, Aaron Seen
Terrigal Avoca :
Kurt Fleming, Jack Grimmond, Austin Clark, Brandon Sarich, Matthew Shortal, Mark Skuse

CARDIFF v. NELSON BAY @ Hillsborough Oval
Cardiff 3.2, 6.4, 12.6, 16.6 (102)
Nelson Bay 1.1, 3.3, 7.5, 9.5 (59)
GOALS, Cardiff :
Josh Murphy 4, Trent Thompson 3, Toby Machart 2, Tom Quade 2, Jack Lennon 1, Kieren Bellemore 1,
Simon O'Brien 1, Andrew Walker 1, Tom Yensch 1
Nelson Bay :
Luke Price 3, Nathan Vaisey 2, Jayden Rymer 1, Adam Grinyer 1, Jeremy Eddy 1, Mathew Dews 1
BEST, Cardiff :
Not Supplied
Nelson Bay :
Jeremy Eddy, Adam Grinyer, Luke Price, Jayden Rymer

Warners Bay 4.2, 6.3, 9.5, 12.7 (79)
Killarney Vale 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.6 (30)
GOALS, Warners Bay :
Kayne Gibbs 4, Luke Roach 3, Jake Roach 2, Lincoln Stewart 1, Ben Hunter 1, Matthew Spinks 1
Killarney Vale :
Michael Broadbent 2, Scott Reed 1, Connor Reilly 1
BEST, Warners Bay :
Jake Roach, Lachlan Deverell, Ben Hunter, Kayne Gibbs, Luke Roach, Oscar Anderson
Killarney Vale :
Lachlan Wilson, Michael Broadbent, Connor Reilly, Ryan Barrett, Samuel Jabour, Lachlan Waters

Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 40, Cardiff 36, Newcastle City 28, Nelson Bay 16, Killarney Vale 8, Warners Bay 4

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate

Terrigal Avoca 17.13 (115) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 3.5 (23)
Lake Macquarie 13.6 (84) defeated Muswellbrook 6.13 (49)
Newcastle City 11.9 (75) defeated Singleton 8.9 (57)
Wyong Lakes 11.18 (84) defeated Gosford 9.5 (59)
Maitland - Bye

Ladder: Wyong Lakes 91%, Maitland 91%, Singleton 82%, Newcastle City 55%, Gosford 50%, Terrigal Avoca 50%, Lake Macquarie 20%, Muswellbrook 9%, The Entrance Bateau Bay 0%

GE BDAFL Women's

Cardiff 13.11 (89) defeated Muswellbrook 0.3 (3)
Nelson Bay 8.2 (50) defeated Gosford 4.3 (27)
Singleton 8.18 (66) defeated Newcastle 0.4 (4)
Warners Bay 5.11 (41) defeated Lake Macquarie 2.7 (19)
Maitland 11.12 (78) defeated Killarney Vale 3.4 (22)
Newcastle City 10.16 (76) defeated Wyong Lakes 2.1 (13)

Ladder: Newcastle City 44, Nelson Bay 40, Gosford 36, Killarney Vale 28, Maitland 28, Warners Bay 28, Wyong Lakes 24, Singleton 16, Lake Macquarie 8, Cardiff 8, Newcastle 4, Muswellbrook 0.

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade

Singleton 9.7 (61) defeated Newcastle City 6.10 (46)
Cardiff 32.14 (206) defeated Terrigal Avoca 3.3 (21)
Warners Bay 23.9 (147) defeated Lake Macquarie 1.0 (6)
Gosford 11.14 (80) defeated Wyong Lakes 6.7 (43)
Maitland 8.12 (60) defeated Killarney Vale 5.14 (44)Nelson Bay - Bye

Ladder: Cardiff 90%, Warners Bay 80%, Killarney Vale 73%, Terrigal Avoca 70%, Nelson Bay 50%, Maitland 45%, Lake Macquarie 45%, Gosford 40%, Newcastle City 36%, Singleton 18%, Wyong Lakes 9%

No team remains undefeated and no team remains without a win following Round 12 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup competition which saw wins for Newcastle City, Cardiff and Warners Bay.

In the Match of the Week, reigning premiers Newcastle City served notice on the rest of the competition with a comprehensive 28 point win over Terrigal Avoca, 13.12.90 to 9.8.62.

The loss ended the Panthers ten game winning start to the season and was further compounded by a groin injury to inspirational leader Jayson Van Dam who left the field in the third quarter and did not return.

The game opened with both teams making uncharacteristic skill errors and despite Newcastle City having the early ascendancy it was Terrigal Avoca’s who kicked the first two goals courtesy of Austin Clark and Jack Grimmond. Both sides traded goals before quarter time which saw Terrigal Avoca lead by nine points.

With Newcastle City dominating the clearances and make shift ruckman, Abe Gibson doing a sterling job, the Blues were able to dominate possession and take control of the game in the second term. Their back line led by the experienced Ian Baker and Luke Rawnsley plus Ethan Durbridge and the talented Conor Haswell repelled numerous attacking forays for the Panthers whilst up the other end of the ground Pat Gillingham and Cade Triffit were creating options across half forward.

Four goals to two for the term saw Newcastle City lead by four points at the long break.

Newcastle City, led by Aaron Seen, Mitch Knight and Sam Payne increased their pressure around the contest which forced Terrigal Avoca to rush their possessions. The Blues kicked six goals in the third quarter to open up a lead of 29 points at the final change.

Needing to start well, the Panthers led by Kurt Fleming kicked the first two goals of the final term to reduce the margin to 17 points and give their supporters hopes of a comeback, however a turnover across half back resulted in an excellent running goal to Jackson Crawford to kill off the contest. The final margin was 28 points and a well deserved victory to Newcastle City.

The Blues were best served by Gillingham (three goals), Ian Baker and Cade Triffitt, whilst the performance of youngsters Crawford, Hugh Blanchfield, Aidan Watling, Reed Van Huisstede, Max Quinlan and Liam Dwyer would have pleased the Newcastle City faithful. Courtney Knight also was his normal dangerous self up forward finishing with four goals despite close attention from the Panthers defence.

For Terrigal Avoca, Fleming, Austin Clark and Jack Grimmond were their best.

At Feighan Oval, Warners Bay, after knocking on the door for their first win for a number of weeks finally broke through with a convincing 12.7.79 to 4.6.30 win over Killarney Vale.

Coach Marty Reiman, was ecstatic with his teams performance and led by Jake Roach and Rob Schindler-Taylor dominated from the outset kicking the first four goals of the game before winning by 49 points.

The Bombers who were missing their key midfielders through injury and unavailability were unable to create enough quality scoring opportunities to challenge the Bulldogs after their slow start.

Apart from Roach and Schindler-Taylor, Kayne Gibbs continued his good form up forward to kick four goals whilst Lachlan Deverell and Ben Hunter also had good games.

Lachlan Wilson, Mick Broadbent and Conor Reilly were their best whilst Ryan Barrett continued his consistent season.

Cardiff returned to the winners list and in doing so consolidated second position on the ladder with a 16.6.102 to 9.5.59 win over Nelson Bay.

Using the tight confines of Hillsborough Oval to their advantage, the Hawks controlled the game from the outset when they led by 13 points at the first change before extending their lead at each break before winning by 43 points.

In his 100th game, Nick Chapman was the Hawks best with good support coming from Matt Vukovich, Simon O’Brien and Chad Mayo with Josh Murphy and Trent Thompson their most effective forwards finishing with four and three goals respectively.

For a disappointing Marlins outfit, Jeremey Eddy, Adam Grinyer, in his first game of the season and Billy Barton were their best, whilst Luke Price kicked three goals.

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate, Newcastle City completed a good day for the club by defeating reigning Premiers, Singleton at Rose Point Park by 18 points to move back into the top four. Kevin McDonald made a welcome return for the club finishing with four goals. Wyong Lakes returned to the top of the ladder with a hard fought 25 point win over arch rivals Gosford highlight by six goals to captain Lee Moore. Lake Macquarie recorded their second win of the year after a dominant second half to defeat Muswellbrook at Tulkaba Park by 35 points with Tim Wells starring whilst Terrigal Avoca were too strong for a gallant The Entrance Bateau Bay outfit at Bateau Bay.

In the GE Women’s competition, Nelson Bay gained the upperhand in the race to secure the all important second position on the ladder with a 23 point win over Gosford in an enterprising match at Adcock Park. Maitland gave their finals chances a big boost with a 56 point win over fellow final aspirant Killarney Vale. After not winning a game in 2016, Singleton recorded their fourth win, third in row for 2017 with a 62 point win over Newcastle Nova’s. Warners Bay had to come from behind to defeat Lake Macquarie by 22 points at Tulkaba Park whilst Cardiff were too strong for Muswellbrook recording their second win of the year. In the final game ladder leaders Newcastle City were made to work hard by a depleted Wyong Lakes before winning by 63 points.

BDAFL Round 11 Results

BDAFL Round 11 Report/Results

In Round 11 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup first-placed Terrigal Avoca, who kept their unbeaten start to the season with a win over second placed Cardiff, whilst Killarney Vale were no match for Nelson Bay.

In the Match of the Round, a typically stingy Terrigal Avoca defence were in complete control of a depleted Cardiff forward line in shaping a very convincing 53-point defeat of the Hawks. Final scores were Terrigal Avoca 13.12.90 to Cardiff 5.7.37.

The Panthers were 32 points up at quarter time and were never troubled by the second-placed Cardiff outfit. Cardiff put men behind the ball in the final three quarters to stem the flow.

Ryan Webster and Daniel Heuston starred up front for the Panthers, kicking four goals apiece. Webster’s speed and sticky hands were a nightmare for the Hawks defensive six.

Jarrad Flint was superb for the Panthers, plucking at least 10 intercept marks at centre-half back. Other fine players for the undefeated Terrigal Avoca were Jayson Van Dam, Webster, Heuston and Jackson Farquhar.

Cardiff’s Jack Lennon was outstanding in a well-beaten side, supported by Toby Machart, David O’Donnell and Simon O’Brien.

At Dick Burwell Oval, Nelson Bay responded to last weeks shellacking at the hands of Newcastle City by methodically disposing of Killarney Vale, 18.6.114 to 6.6.42.

Nelson Bay were never troubled kicking the first six goals of the game, with Killarney Vale’s first goal not coming until the five minute mark of the second quarter.

The Marlins continued their dominance in the third quarter kicking five unanswered goals before running out 72 point winners, the second time this year they have easily accounted for the Bombers at home.

The Bombers were best served by Ryan Barrett, Max Mumford, Lachlan Waters and Harley Beckett.

In the Black Diamond Plate, Wyong Lakes moved into second position on the ladder with an easy win over The Entrance Bateau Bay.

In the GE Womens Competition, Gosford had to work hard to defeat Killarney Vale by 27 points in a torrid contest whilst Wyong Lakes pushed reigning premiers, Nelson Bay before going down by 36 points..

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

Terrigal Avoca 6.4, 7.10, 11.11, 13.12 (90)
Cardiff 1.2, 2.2, 3.3, 5.7 (37)

Terrigal Avoca :
Ryan Webster 4, Daniel Heuston 4, Austin Clark 1, James Hart 1, Matthew Shortal 1, Peter Van Dam 1, Corey Billins 1
Cardiff :
Josh Murphy 4, Trent Thompson 1

Terrigal Avoca :
Jarrad Flint, Jayson Van Dam, Ryan Webster, Daniel Heuston, Jackson Farquhar, Will Mckellar
Cardiff :
Jack Lennon, Toby Machart, David O'Donnell, Simon O'Brien, Josh Murphy, Mattie Vukovich

Nelson Bay 5.1, 10.4, 15.4, 18.6 (114)
Killarney Vale 0.1, 3.3, 3.6, 6.6 (42)

Nelson Bay :
Jayden Rymer 5, Mathew Dews 3, Todd Thornton 2, Luke Price 2, Jye Clayden 2, Nathan Vaisey 1, Louis Dews 1, David Wood 1, Billy Barton 1
Killarney Vale :
Beau Cubillo 1, Connor Reilly 1, Michael Broadbent 1, Alex Wells 1, Harley Bernleitner 1, Jack Nancarrow 1

Nelson Bay :
Louis Dews, Jayden Rymer, Jeremy Eddy, Christopher Eddy, Ben Grace, Mathew Dews
Killarney Vale :
Ryan Barrett, Max Mumford, Lachlan Waters, Harley Beckett, Jorden Carrick, Lachlan Wilson

Newcastle City 4.3, 5.4, 8.10, 9.10 (64)
Warners Bay 2.1, 2.4, 4.4, 8.9 (57)

Newcastle City :
Courtney Knight 2, Liam Dwyer 2, Patrick Gillingham 2, Hamish Thomson 1, Max Quinlan 1, Reed van Huisstede 1
Warners Bay :
Kayne Gibbs 2, Benjamin Kernahan 2, Nicholas Metcalfe 1, Corey Deverell 1, Ben Hunter 1, Simon Rocco 1

Newcastle City :
Macaulay O'Malley, Reed van Huisstede, Liam Dwyer, Stephen Batten, Ethan Durbridge, Hamish Thomson
Warners Bay :
Corey Deverell, Ky McGrath, Jake Roach, David McGuinness, Benjamin Kernahan, Ben Hunter

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate
Singleton 13.11 (89) defeated Terrigal Avoca 2.5 (17)
Wyong Lakes 26.13 (169) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 3.3 (21)
Newcastle City 16.10 (106) defeated Muswellbrook 3.3 (21)
Maitland 15.10 (100) defeated Lake Macquarie 4.8 (32)

GE BDAFL Women's
Nelson Bay 8.8 (56) defeated Wyong Lakes 3.2 (20)
Maitland 11.12 (78) defeated Lake Macquarie 1.3 (9)
Newcastle City 19.14 (128) defeated Warners Bay 1.0 (6)
Gosford 5.11 (41) defeated Killarney Vale 2.2 (14)
Singleton 11.9 (75) defeated Cardiff 1.1 (7)
Newcastle 7.15 (57) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)

Hunter Haval Reserve Grade
Terrigal Avoca 14.17 (101) defeated Singleton 3.3 (21)
Warners Bay 15.10 (100) defeated Newcastle City 4.4 (28)
Lake Macquarie 6.7 (43) defeated Maitland 5.3 (33)
Nelson Bay 17.19 (121) defeated Wyong Lakes 3.4 (22)
Killarney Vale 15.12 (102) defeated Gosford 4.7 (31)

BDAFL Round 10 Results

Black Diamond AFL Review/Results - Round 10

Terrigal Avoca maintained their unbeaten start to the year in the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup competition with a 11.15.81 to 4.3.27 win over Warners Bay, a loss which sees the Bulldogs remain winless for 2017.

The game at Feighan Oval started in enterprising fashion with both teams keen on quick ball movement and play on at all costs.

Terrigal Avoca had the early ascendancy but wasted opportunities before a goal off the ground to Warners Bay’s Dave McGuiness against the run of play opened the goal scoring for the day.

Panthers ruckman, Sam Ellis, who was superb all day responded almost immediately, however from this point on Warners Bay gained the upper hand to kick the next three goals to take a 13-point lead into the first change.

That was as good as the Bulldogs got however as the Panthers began to dominate the clearances and their superior defensive pressure prevented Warners Bay from kicking another goal for the game and in fact were kept scoreless in both the second and final quarters.

Terrigal Avoca’s ability to shut down the game and turn it into a stoppage battle which was dominated by Ellis and Will Delahunty was key to their success and allowed Kurt Fleming to use and pace and skill on the outside to ensure most of the game was played in Terrigal Avoca’s forward half.

Newcomer Daniel Heuston was excellent on debut rewarding himself with two goals whilst Corey Billins (two goals) and Ryan Webster (three goals) were also dangerous up forward.

Only downside for the Panthers was the reoccurrence of a thigh injury to former coach and influential midfielder, Chris Bishop which will have him in doubt for next week’s blockbuster against Cardiff.

Cardiff maintained their moniker as “The Cardiac Kids” with a come-from-behind 11-point win over Killarney Vale at Adelaide St Oval. Final scores were Cardiff 14.7.91 to Killarney Vale 12.8.80.

Cardiff were three points down at three-quarter time but kicked two priceless last-quarter goals whilst holding the Bombers to three behinds in the last stanza. The Bombers actually kicked seven goals to five in the first quarter but could only manage five majors for the rest of the match.

Coach Scott Reed and Harley Bernleitner kicked four goals each for a gallant Bombers outfit.

Killarney Vale’s best players were Josh Mifsud, Ryan Barrett, ruckman Tim Oosterhoff and Max Mumford.

Next week, Killarney Vale travel to Nelson Bay and in a blockbuster BARTV Match of the Round, first-placed Terrigal Avoca host second-placed Cardiff at Hylton Moore Oval. All games commence at2.00pm.

In the Black Diamond Plate, Gosford moved back into the top four with a comfortable win over The Entrance Bateau Bay whilst Wyong Lakes remain in third position with a win over Lake Macquarie at Don Small Oval.

In the GE Women’s competition, Gosford moved into second position with a win over Warners Bay whilst Killarney Vale and Wyong Lakes also had wins over Cardiff and Lake Macquarie respectively to maintain their position in the final six.

Match Details – Round 10 – 3 June 2017

2017 Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

Newcastle City 2.6, 7.13, 15.16, 23.18 (156)
Nelson Bay 1.3, 1.5, 4.8, 5.12 (42)
Newcastle City : C. Knight 4, J. O'Donoghue 4, J. Crawford 3, H. Blanchfield 3, N. Gill 2, A. Seen 2, M. Quinlan 1,
S. Batten 1, C. Triffitt 1, H. Thomson 1, M. Knight 1
Nelson Bay : D. Wood 2, N. Vaisey 1, A. Clayden 1, M. Dews 1
Newcastle City : J. Crawford, L. Dwyer, A. Seen, H. Blanchfield, C. Haswell, J. O'Donoghue
Nelson Bay : C. Eddy, B. Barton, J. Rymer, T. Thornton, A. Clayden, D. Wood

Cardiff 5.1, 10.2, 12.3, 14.7 (91)
Killarney Vale 7.3, 9.4, 12.6, 12.8 (80)
Cardiff : T. Yensch 3, C. Jones 2, J. Pratt 2, T. Thompson 2, K. Bellemore 1, S. O'Brien 1, B. Job 1, N. Chapman 1,
T. Lashlie 1
Killarney Vale : S. Reed 4, H. Bernleitner 4, J. Mifsud 1, M. Mumford 1, A. Wells 1, S. Sinclair 1
Cardiff : T. Yensch, S. O'Brien, M. DeLeur, N. Chapman, Z. Metcalfe, C. Mayo
Killarney Vale : J. Mifsud, R. Barrett, T. Oosterhoff, M. Mumford, C. Bond, H. Bernleitner

Terrigal Avoca 2.5, 6.7, 7.11, 11.15 (81)
Warners Bay 4.0, 4.0, 4.3, 4.3 (27)
Terrigal Avoca : R. Webster 3, D. Heuston 2, C. Billins 2, S. Ellis 1, D. Walker 1, M. Shortal 1, J. Grimmond 1
Warners Bay : N. Metcalfe 1, D. McGuinness 1, J. Nicol 1, K. Gibbs 1
Terrigal Avoca : K. Fleming, S. Ellis, C. Billins, W. Delahunty, D. Heuston, E. Formby
Warners Bay : L. Deverell, A. Van Est, N. Turner, O. Anderson, D. McGuinness, T. Warner

Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 36, Cardiff 32, Newcastle City 20, Nelson Bay 12, Killarney Vale 8, Warners Bay 0

2017 BDAFL Black Diamond Plate

Gosford 9.8, 15.9, 16.13, 20.14 (134)
The Entrance Bateau Bay 0.1, 0.2, 0.2, 1.2 (8)
Gosford : D. Rodger 6, T. Eather 3, B. Deitz 3, M. Gleisner 2, K. Handley 1, S. Burkinshaw 1, L. Mueller-Byrnes 1,
S. Manuelle 1, J. Mandy 1, J. Hunt 1
The Entrance Bateau Bay : J. Granger 1
Gosford : A. Remy, S. Manuelle, S. Burkinshaw, M. Gleisner, J. Hunt, B. Deitz
The Entrance Bateau Bay : J. Bastin, O. Gardiner, M. Ifield, P. McMahon, R. Besley, J. Cullinan

NEWCASTLE CITY v. MAITLAND @ No 1 Sportsground
Maitland 3.2, 7.5, 10.9, 12.10 (82)
Newcastle City 3.2, 3.4, 5.5, 7.7 (49)
Maitland : B. Crowley 3, W. Beard 3, J. Button 2, A. Damico 2, P. McMahon 1, M. Norton 1
Newcastle City : J. Hamilton 2, C. Sheridan 2, J. Clark 1, J. Cleaver 1, D. Sheng 1
Maitland : D. Notman, D. Spriggs, M. Norton, P. McMahon, C. Warneken, H. Matheson
Newcastle City : C. Sheridan, B. Jones, D. Osarek, J. Clark, H. Selkirk, B. Cullen

Singleton 5.5, 9.6, 13.11, 18.13 (121)
Muswellbrook 1.0, 5.2, 6.2, 7.3 (45)
Singleton : T. Bates 3, A. Mitchell 2, O. Moody 2, L. Davis 2, J. Long 2, M. Phillips 2, C. White 1, C. Collier 1, A.
Scott 1, J. Ingram 1, J. Kolatchew 1
Muswellbrook : A. Higham 4, C. Benkovic 1, J. Besford 1, J. Galvin 1
Singleton : L. Davis, C. Collier, A. Scott, J. Kolatchew, J. Ingram, O. Moody
Muswellbrook : A. Higham, J. McCarthy, N. Smith, L. Watts, J. Connor , C. Benkovic

Wyong Lakes 6.1, 12.3, 15.7, 18.9 (117)
Lake Macquarie 1.1, 4.1, 5.2, 6.4 (40)
Wyong Lakes : J. McPhan 5, A. Kosub 3, L. Moore 2, J. Cross 2, J. Bennett 2, C. Koop-Folkes 1, A. Raslan 1, M.
Ede 1, N. Naidoo 1
Lake Macquarie : S. Hines 2, D. Tually 2, S. Mills 1, H. Davis 1
Wyong Lakes : J. Cross, J. McPhan, A. Kosub, C. Jones, R. Johnston, T. Hillman
Lake Macquarie : D. Tually, R. Janissen, R. Sleeth, S. Hines, T. Clark, T. Wells

Ladder: Maitland 90%, Singleton 89%, Wyong Lakes 89%, Gosford 56%, Terrigal Avoca 50%, Newcastle City
44%, Lake Macquarie 13%, Muswellbrook 11%, The Entrance Bateau Bay 0%

2017 GE Women’s

Maitland 3.7, 9.13, 16.19, 23.21 (159)
Newcastle 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1 (1)
Maitland : A. Worth 5, S. James 4, S. Burns 4, A. Warner 3, M. Casserly 2, J. Dudgeon 2, F. Millen 1, K. Moke 1
Maitland : J. Dudgeon, F. Millen, C. Gaspersic, A. Worth, S. Burns, A. Smith
Newcastle : K. Stellmaker, G. McSpadden, R. Ronan Yates, C. Eacott, A. Hood, A. Sturman

Gosford 3.3, 5.3, 10.7, 11.10 (76)
Warners Bay 0.1, 1.5, 1.5, 1.5 (11)
Gosford : J .Bond 3, C. Walsh 2, M. Kacarovski 2, S. Hudson 2, E. Crookes 1, L. Randall 1
Warners Bay : E. Foreman 1
Gosford : A. Parkin, M. Kacarovski , . Bond, R. Collins, S. Walsh, K. Mcmullen
Warners Bay : E. Foreman, K. Rocco, K. Booth, D. Crep, H. Gow, S. Russell

Wyong Lakes 2.3, 5.7, 8.11, 9.12 (66)
Lake Macquarie 0.2, 1.2, 3.3, 4.3 (27)
Wyong Lakes : A. Hemmings 5, A. Pearce 2, E. Bohan 2
Lake Macquarie : E. Howe 3, K. Jenner 1
Wyong Lakes : A. Hemmings, A. Pearce, E. Bohan, R. Potts, A. Pearce, C. Reed
Lake Macquarie : E. Howe, K. Jenner, S. Bassett, J. Biden, S. Dixon , K. Foster

Newcastle City 3.2, 6.6, 9.14, 15.16 (106)
Nelson Bay 1.0, 3.1, 3.3, 3.3 (21)
Newcastle City : M. MacDonald 5, A. Hayllar 3, P. Mathewson 3, E. Starkey 3, S. Halvorsen 1
Nelson Bay : S. Balcombe 1, E. Nichols 1, J. Phillips 1
Newcastle City : J. Ellis, S. Halvorsen, P. Mathewson, A. Hayllar, M. Smith
Nelson Bay : L. Steane, J. Astley, K. Douglass, M. Fraser, M. Norton, B. Relf

Killarney Vale 4.2, 8.9, 13.10, 18.13 (121)
Cardiff 0.0, 0.0, 0.1, 0.1 (1)
Killarney Vale : G. Butler 5, A. Page 4, T. Eslick 3, S. Bailey 2, M. Jenkins 1, H. Page 1, A. Flack 1, C. Dawson 1
Killarney Vale : M. Jenkins , T. O'Hehir, J. Kelleher, M. Maddalena, A. Page, O. Young
Cardiff : C. Reed, M. Palmer, F. Lewis, N. Walker, C. Parsons, K. Murray

Singleton 1.4, 2.5, 5.7, 5.7 (37)
Muswellbrook 0.0, 0.1, 0.1, 1.1 (7)
Singleton : K. Jeffriess-Tapper 1, M. Wherry 1, H. Richards 1, R. Jones 1, P. Bates 1
Muswellbrook : A. Barrowcliffe 1
Singleton : K. McBride, H. Richards, A. Meredith, N. Nester, E. Moule, C. Griffiths
Muswellbrook : K. Anshaw, M. Sawkins, D. Nicol , E. Mills, T. Forder, G. Rawson

Ladder: Newcastle City 36, Gosford 32, Nelson Bay 32, Killarney Vale 28, Wyong Lakes 24, Warners Bay 24,
Maitland 20, Lake Macquarie 8, Singleton 8, Cardiff 4, Newcastle 0, Muswellbrook 0.

2017 BDAFL Reserve Grade

Nelson Bay 6.3, 8.5, 9.7, 14.9 (93)
Singleton 0.1, 0.5, 0.7, 1.9 (15)
Nelson Bay : J. West 6, C. Graham 3, J. Anderson 1, J. Russell 1, B. Thorp 1, D. Stuart 1, N. Stewart 1
Singleton : D. Hixon 1
Nelson Bay : J. Fleming, D. Stuart, R. Reedman, J. Anderson, L. Bell, J. Russell
Singleton : M. Roser, A. Craig, M. Tull, D. Tracey, E. Kolatchew, M. Duggan

Cardiff 0.0, 2.2, 4.3, 8.4 (52)
Killarney Vale 3.1, 3.1, 4.4, 5.5 (35)
Cardiff : M. Ryan 2, B. Wold 2, Z. Moore 2, C. Jones 1, R. Bowe 1
Killarney Vale : B. Lewis 2, G. Page 1, R. McBride 1, S. Reid 1
Cardiff : J. Ryan, J. Burgess, B. Wold, Z. Moore, A. Risby, R. Bowe
Killarney Vale : L. Wilson, W. Cross-Hicks, B. Lewis, D. Curtis, R. Fiene, P. Harvey

Maitland 2.3, 5.4, 9.4, 11.5 (71)
Newcastle City 2.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 (23)
Maitland : H. Taylor 4, A. Elbourn 2, S. Inglis 1, L. Nevin 1, B. Beatty 1, P. McMahon 1, L. Guy 1
Newcastle City : H. Gore 2, S. Akers 1
Maitland : M. Greaves, A. Elbourn, C. Rainbow, M. Curran, L. Davies, H. Taylor
Newcastle City : J. Roberts-Thomson, L. Rush, J. Brokenshire, A. Dunn, I. Hillery, H. Gore

Warners Bay 7.3, 9.8, 16.16, 21.23 (149)
Gosford 0.0, 1.1, 1.1, 1.1 (7)
Warners Bay : R. Clarke 4, J. Newburn 3, T. Hof 3, M. Younger 2, C. Avery 2, M. Bottrill 2, J. Buckley 1, T. Van
Koeverden 1, M. Hunter 1, T. Kolatchew 1, C. Manwarring 1
Gosford : P. Goodwin 1
Warners Bay : C. Avery, J. Ferguson, Z. Symons, M. Younger, T. Hof, T. Kolatchew
Gosford : L. Ghalayini, A. Tomsett, M. Noble, A. Smith, D. Barrow, P. Goodwin

Lake Macquarie 2.1, 7.1, 9.5, 11.10 (76)
Wyong Lakes 2.1, 3.5, 6.6, 8.7 (55)
Lake Macquarie : H. Davis 4, M. Burgess 1, I. Hines 1, A. Halls 1, C. Beck 1, M. Scholes 1, M. Mclean 1
Wyong Lakes : J. Morris 2, E. Edwards 2, M. Laksa 1, B. Potts 1, A. Renfrew 1, R. Mathison 1
Lake Macquarie : J. Janissen, C. Beck, H. Davis, J. O'Donnell, A. Halls, B. Farrell
Wyong Lakes : J. Morris, J. Howie, S. Williams, B. Laing, J. Noble, J. Morris


Ladder: Cardiff 89%, Killarney Vale 78%, Terrigal Avoca 75%, Warners Bay 75%, Nelson Bay 44%, Newcastle
City 44%, Lake Macquarie 44%, Maitland 44%, Gosford 38%, Wyong Lakes 11%, Singleton 11%,

BDAFL Round 9 Results

Results & Reports from today’s round 9 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL

2017 Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup
Round 9 - 03/06/2017

Terrigal Avoca 10.13 (73) defeated Nelson Bay 7.9 (51)

Cardiff 12.8 (80) defeated Warners Bay 10.11 (71)
Newcastle City 5.8 (38) defeated Killarney Vale 3.10 (28)

2017 BDAFL Black Diamond Plate
Round 9 - 03/06/2017

Newcastle City 9.6 (60) defeated Gosford 7.8 (50)
Maitland 15.8 (98) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 4.6 (30)
Terrigal Avoca 13.12 (90) defeated Muswellbrook 13.5 (83)
Singleton 17.7 (109) defeated Lake Macquarie 4.4 (28)

2017 GE BDAFL Women's
Round 9 - 03/06/2017

Gosford 12.23 (95) defeated Newcastle 1.0 (6)
Nelson Bay 8.4 (52) defeated Maitland 4.5 (29)
Lake Macquarie 8.12 (60) defeated Singleton 2.2 (14)
Wyong Lakes 10.9 (69) defeated Cardiff 1.3 (9)
Warners Bay 13.14 (92) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)
Newcastle City 13.20 (98) defeated Killarney Vale 0.2 (2)

2017 BDAFL Reserve Grade
Round 9 - 03/06/2017

Newcastle City 9.15 (69) defeated Gosford 4.4 (28)
Killarney Vale 9.12 (66) defeated Terrigal Avoca 7.5 (47)
Nelson Bay 16.13 (109) defeated Maitland 1.2 (8)
Lake Macquarie 9.9 (63) defeated Singleton 2.8 (20)
Cardiff 21.20 (146) defeated Wyong Lakes 1.3 (9)

Wet weather greeted players in Round 9 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup competition with Terrigal Avoca keeping their unbeaten record in tact whilst Killarney Vale lost a tight encounter against Newcastle City.

Undefeated Terrigal Avoca withstood an enormous challenge from a determined Nelson Bay before kicking three goals into the breeze in the last quarter to run out 22-point victors at Hylton Moore Oval. Final scores were Terrigal Avoca 10.13.73 to Nelson Bay 7.9.51.

In a match played in varying conditions, including steady rain, Nelson Bay kicked the first two goals of the match before the League leaders steadied, kicking the next 5 goals.

The two teams traded blows until the last quarter, when two Jeremy Eddy goals got Nelson Bay back to just 9 points behind. The Panthers steadied in the final 15 minutes of the game, keeping the Marlins goal-less as they finished with the finals two goals whilst keeping the ball in their forward 50m arc for long periods.

Brandon Thomas (two goals), rovers Corey Billins and Chris Bishop, backline general James Hart and Jay Lewis were best for an even and disciplined Panthers outfit.

The night game, played in persistent rain, saw Newcastle City hold on to defeat and a gallant Killarney Vale side 5.6.36 to 3.10.28 at No 1 Sportsground.

Newcastle City had the better of the early exchanges with Cameron Keast kicking the first two goals of the game. Killarney Vale were having enough of the football but were unable to convert with veteran Dane Amidy kicking the only goals for the Bombers in the first half, desoite having seven shots on goal. A long goal from Newcastle City key forward just before half time saw the Blues take a nine point into the long break.

The rain caused the game to be a battle of attrition and tough for the players, none who shirked an issue. Goals to Conor Haswell and aaron seen, two of the Blues best after half time gave their team a valuable break but the Bombers were not about to give in and a goal to coach Scott Reed reduced the margin to 13 points at the final break.

The last quarter was all Killarney Vale’s as the continued to attack however resolute defence from Newcastle City led by Haswell and Ian Baker only allowed a goal to Alex Bailey for the term and when the final siren sounded the Blues prevailed by eight points.
Josh Mifsud, Max Mumford, Ryan Barrett and Jimmy Kidd were the pick for Killarney Vale.

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate competition, Muswellbrook put in their best performance for the year however still went down to Terrigal Avoca by seven points. Newcastle City outlasted Gosford by ten points, with star Goalkicker Courtney Knight making his return to the playing field, finishing with two goals. The two leading teams Maitland and Singleton proved two strong for The Entrance Bateau Bay and Lake Macquarie respectively, whilst Wyong Lakes had the bye.

In the GE Women’s competition, Newcastle City and Nelson Bay remain undefeated with wins over Killarney Vale and Maitland, although both had to work hard for the wins. Lake Macquarie made it two wins in a row with a victory over Singleton. Wyong Lakes moved into a finals position with a good win over Cardiff whilst Warners Bay and Gosford had good wins over the winless Muswellbrook and Newcastle Nova’s.

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