BDAFL Round 7 Results

Below are results & reports from Saturday’s Round 8 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL competitions.

2017 Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup


Terrigal Avoca 4.0, 7.5, 10.7, 13.11 (89)
Newcastle City 1.2, 3.2, 4.3, 6.6 (42)

GOALS, Terrigal Avoca :
Jay Lewis 5, Jayson Van Dam 2, Peter Van Dam 2, Brandon Thomas 1, Mark Skuse 1, Lachlan White 1, Corey Billins 1
Newcastle City :
Jackson Crawford 3, Jonothon Hamilton 1, Conor Haswell 1, Cade Triffitt 1
BEST, Terrigal Avoca :
Will Mckellar, Kurt Fleming, Jarrad Flint, Jayson Van Dam, Alexander White, Brandon Thomas
Newcastle City :
Hugh Blanchfield, Jackson Crawford, Aaron Seen, Liam Dwyer, Conor Haswell, Stephen Batten


Killarney Vale 4.4, 6.5, 10.7, 12.9 (81)
Warners Bay 1.1, 6.2, 7.2, 11.4 (70)

GOALS, Killarney Vale :
Scott Reed 5, Jack Nancarrow 2, Jorden Carrick 1, Alexander Bailey 1, Alex Wells 1, Harley Beckett 1, Brandon Cozens 1
Warners Bay :
Corey Deverell 2, Matthew Spinks 2, Simon Rocco 1, James Newburn 1, Tristan Warner 1, Josh Nicol 1,
Robert Schindler-Taylor 1, Leo Vo 1, Benjamin Kernahan 1
BEST, Killarney Vale :
Tim Oosterhoff, Joshua Mifsud, James Kidd, Scott Reed, Kyall Walford, Nathan Higgins
Warners Bay :
Robert Schindler-Taylor, Jake Roach, Luke Roach, Benjamin Kernahan, Thomas Prentice, Nicholas Turner

NELSON BAY v. CARDIFF @ Dick Burwell Oval

Cardiff 2.4, 6.8, 7.14, 8.19 (67)
Nelson Bay 3.5, 6.8, 7.12, 8.15 (63)

GOALS, Cardiff :
David O'Donnell 3, Nicholas Kocon 2, Brandt Job 1, Jack Pratt 1, Trent Thompson 1
Nelson Bay :
Todd Thornton 2, Aaron Clayden 2, Jeremy Eddy 1, Mathew Dews 1, Tim Divall 1, Harrison Freund 1
BEST, Cardiff :
Simon O'Brien, David O'Donnell, Kieren Bellemore, Tom Yensch, Zachariah Metcalfe, Trent Thompson
Nelson Bay :
Jayden Rymer, Louis Dews, Christopher Eddy, Jeremy Eddy, Billy Barton, Tim Divall

2017 BDAFL Black Diamond Plate

Maitland 15.16 (106) defeated Terrigal Avoca 10.1 (61)
Newcastle City 14.11 (95) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 3.3 (21)
Gosford 15.11 (101) defeated Muswellbrook 10.4 (64)
Wyong Lakes 10.10 (70) defeated Singleton 7.6 (48)
Lake Macquarie - Bye

2017 GE BDAFL Women's

Newcastle City 27.17 (179) defeated Cardiff 0.1 (1)
Killarney Vale 3.0 (18) defeated Warners Bay 0.9 (9)
Wyong Lakes 5.5 (35) defeated Singleton 1.5 (11)
Lake Macquarie 11.16 (82) defeated Newcastle 2.1 (13)
Gosford 31.24 (210) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)
Nelson Bay 16.11 (107) defeated Maitland 1.0 (6)

2017 BDAFL Reserve Grade

Terrigal Avoca 22.14 (146) defeated Maitland 2.5 (17)
Cardiff 24.19 (163) defeated Newcastle City 2.8 (20)
Killarney Vale 11.19 (85) defeated Warners Bay 2.5 (17)
Singleton 10.9 (69) defeated Wyong Lakes 6.9 (45)
Gosford, Lake Macquarie & Nelson Bay – Byes

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup, there were wins to undefeated Terrigal Avoca, Killarney Vale and a four-point win to Cardiff over Nelson Bay.

For the second time this season, Nelson Bay & Cardiff produced an absolute thriller in the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup fixture played at Dick Burwell Oval.

Both teams kicked two goals in the second half after being tied 6.8.44 apiece at half-time. Cardiff held on to win by a mere four points, with final scores being Cardiff 8.19.67 to Nelson Bay 8.15.63.

David O’Donnell managed three priceless goals for the Hawks, whilst veteran Nick Kocon kicked two goals for his beloved Hawks.

The Hawks’ best players were Simon O’Brien, O’Donnell, Kieren Bellemore, Tom Yensch, Zac Metcalfe and Trent Thompson.

Representative player Todd Thornton and veteran Aaron Clayden both kicked goals each for the Marlins, who are now three games adrift of second-placed Cardiff.

Best players for the Marlins were Elliott Davey Medallist Jayden Rymer, Louis Dews, Chris & Jeremy Eddy, Billy Barton and skipper Tim Divall.

Terrigal Avoca, led by Jay Lewis with five goals, disposed of Newcastle City by 47 points in a clinical victory at Hylton Moore Oval. Final scores were Terrigal Avoca 13.11.89 to Newcastle City 6.6.42.

In addition to Lewis’ five goals, the brothers Van Dam (Jayson and Peter) managed two goals each for the Panthers. Terrigal Avoca were best served by Will McKellar, Kurt Fleming, Jarrad Flint, Jayson Van Dam, Alexander White and Brandon Thomas.

Jackson Crawford was almost a lone hand up front for City with three goals. City were best served by Hugh Blanchfield, Crawford, Aaron Seen, Liam Dwyer, Conor Haswell and Stephen Batten.

In the BARTV Match of the Round, ruckman Tim Oosterhoff produced a five-star performance against three opponents to lead his Killarney Vale Bombers to an 11-point victory over Warners Bay at Feighan Oval. Final scores were Killarney Vale 12.9.81 to Warners Bay 11.4.70.

Oosterhoff was simply outstanding on the ball all day, against Ben Crawley, Tom McDonell (until the tyro Bulldog ruckman was taken to Hospital for checks on a badly-injured back) and replacement ruckman Jake Roach.

Sitting a kick behind the play, Oosterhoff controlled the stoppages and produced many intercepts in a display that showed he was perhaps unlucky in missing out on a rep jumper last week. He was ably supported by coach Scott Reed, who kicked five goals in an excellent display, the returning Josh Mifsud, James Kidd, Kyall Walford and Nathan Higgins.

Warners Bay will lament quiet patches in the first and third quarters, kicking just one goal in each. The Bulldogs exploded with five goals in the second quarter and four in the last but couldn’t quite get over the line once again.

Corey Deverell and Matt Spinks kicked two goals apiece in their small forward roles. The Bulldogs best players were Rob Schindler-Taylor, Jake Roach,Luke Roach, Kernahan, Tom Prentice and Nick Turner.

In the Black Diamond Plate, Wyong Lakes pulled off the upset of the season so far in defeating the previously undefeated Singleton by 22 points at Rose Point Park, and in doing so, relegated the Roosters to third place on the ladder; Maitland, now in first place in the Plate, defeated Terrigal Avoca by 45 points at East Gosford; Newcastle City won at Passage Road over hosts The Entrance Bateau Bay and Gosford defeated a gallant Muswellbrook at Adcock Park.

In the GE Women’s competition Killarney vale defeated Warners Bay by nine points in a tight contest at Feighan Oval. Lake Macquarie recorded their first win with a win over Newcastle. Wyong Lakes were made to work hard before defeating Singleton whilst Newcastle City, Nelson Bay and Gosford all recorded comfortable wins.

BDAFL Representative Round Results

Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL Review/Results

Representative Football made its welcome return to the Black Diamond Football League on Saturday, with the BDAFL hosting AFL Sydney in both Womens and Mens matches at the home of the Killarney Vale AFC, Adelaide St Oval in Tumbi Umbi.

In an outstanding game of Mens football, the lead changed several times in the first three quarters until AFL Sydney steadied in the last 30 minutes to eventually run out 26-point victors, with final scores being AFL Sydney 1712.114 to the BDAFL 14.4.88.

Maitland’s Pat McMahon was once again outstanding at the highest level, kicking five goals in a virtuoso performance at centre-half forward. Warners Bay’s Ben Kernahan and Killarney Vale player-coach Scott Reed chipped in with two goals each.

Conor Haswell was named as the BDAFL’s best player, thwarting many AFL Sydney attacking raids with strong intercept marks. He was ably supported by Corey Billins, Pat McMahon (who dominated the first half), Zac Metcalfe, Aaron Seen and Alex Mitchell.

The AFL Sydney Womens team produced four very solid and accomplished four quarters in despatching the BDAFL by 62 points. Final scores were AFL Sydney 10.12.72 to the BDAFL 1.4.10.

The BDAFL side was able to match their more fancied opponents around the ground but struggled to convert their forward entries into scoring opportunities.

The BDAFL were best served by Alison Parkin, Kailee Goodwin , Paige Mathewson, Sarah Burns and Bec Ives with Sarah Halvorsen also had a strong game kicking BDAFL’s solitary goal.

In the Black Diamond Plate, there were wins to Wyong Lakes, Muswellbrook in an historic first ever Plate victory, Maitland and Terrigal Avoca.

Results from today’s round of Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL matches today:


AFL Sydney 1.7, 7.10, 12.10, 17.12 (114)

Black Diamond AFL 4.1, 9.2, 11.3, 14.4 (88)

AFL Sydney :
Wayd Blackburne 3, Ben Zoppo 3, Karl Merson 3, Mark Weekes 3, Tom Larby 2, Theo Moraitis 2,
Eugene Kruger 1

Black Diamond AFL :
Patrick McMahon 5, Scott Reed 2, Benjamin Kernahan 2, Tom Yensch 1, Mark Skuse 1, Peter Van Dam 1,
Corbin Bond 1, Aaron Seen 1

BEST, AFL Sydney :
Shaun Crane, Andrew Browning, Kyle Devlin, Daniel Schacher, Aaron Drinkwater, Wayd Blackburne
Black Diamond AFL :
Conor Haswell, Corey Billins,James Hart, Patrick McMahon, Alex Mitchell, Marcus DeLeur


AFL Sydney Women's 4.3, 6.7, 9.9, 10.12 (72)

Black Diamond AFL Women's 0.0, 1.0, 1.3, 1.4 (10)

GOALS, AFL Sydney Women's :
Jasmine Smith 2, Laura Holdsworth 2, Kristy Sutcliffe 1, Sera Kaukiono 1, Melissa Freckelton 1, Laura Russell 1, Roxane Mcgee 1, Sarah Ford 1

Black Diamond AFL Women's :
Sarah Halvorsen 1

AFL Sydney Women's :
Nadia Moore, Jasmine Smith, Pippy Rose Clegg, Melissa Freckelton , Sarah Ford, Sandra Janjetovic

Black Diamond AFL Women's :
Alison Parkin, Kailee Goodwin , Paige Mathewson, Sarah Burns, Sarah Halvorsen, Rebecca Ives

2017 BDAFL Black Diamond Plate

Wyong Lakes 15.9 (99) defeated Newcastle City 8.6 (54)
Muswellbrook 19.22 (136) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 1.1 (7)
Maitland 18.9 (117) defeated Gosford 6.5 (41)
Terrigal Avoca 14.7 (91) defeated Lake Macquarie 6.6 (42)

2017 BDAFL Reserve Grade

Killarney Vale 13.13 (91) defeated Nelson Bay 4.5 (29)
Terrigal Avoca 21.8 (134) defeated Lake Macquarie 3.5 (23)
Newcastle City 14.17 (101) defeated Wyong Lakes 6.4 (40)
Gosford 13.16 (94) defeated Maitland 2.3 (15)
Warners Bay 13.3 (81) defeated Singleton 12.8 (80)

BDAFL Round 6 Results

BDAFL Round 6 Report & Results.

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup, Terrigal Avoca defeated Killarney Vale at Adelaide St Oval on Friday Night, in a match brought forward to allow the Bombers faithful to head to Sydney on Saturday evening to witness their very own Daniel Lloyd make his successful debut for the GWS Giants.
In front of a solid crowd the Panthers won the match 12.12.84 to 8.4.52.

In a match that was very physical, the Bombers had the better of the opening exchanges and led by 14 points at the first change.

The second term saw Terrigal Avoca flex their muscles kicking five goals to one, including three to coach Mark Skuse and at the long break the margin was 13 points. A highlight of the term was a brilliant snapped goal from the boundary by the Bombers’ Beau Cubillo.

The two teams went goal for goal in the third quarter and at the final change the margin was 24 points.

The Bombers made a number of changes in the final quarter but each time they were able to get a goal, Terrigal Avoca were able to respond and in the end the Panthers proved too strong winning by 32 points.

Former Coach, Chris Bishop was outstanding for the winners with the damp conditions suiting his style of play. Corey Billins racked up plenty of touches in the midfield whilst Corbin Bond and Pete Van Dam also had good games. Skuse finished the game with four goals.

For the Bombers, Tim Oosterhoff was very effective the ruck winning most tap outs, Alex Bailey was an influential midfielder whilst Beau Cubillo finished with four goals in an impressive display.

In the Black Diamond Plate, Singleton remain the only undefeated team after, Maitland inflicted Wyong Lakes first loss of the season with a 19 point win in an enthralling encounter. At Adcock Park, Gosford hung on to defeat Terrigal Avoca by ten points in an competitive contest and Lake Macquarie recorded their first win on the year over the Entrance Bateau Bay

In the GE Women’s competition both Gosford and Killarney Vale had strong wins whilst Wyong Lakes suffered their second consecutive loss, this time to Maitland.

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

Terrigal Avoca 1.1, 6.5, 9.10, 12.12 (84)
Killarney Vale 3.3, 4.4, 6.4, 8.4 (52)
Terrigal Avoca :
Mark Skuse 4, Brandon Thomas 2, Jay Lewis 2, Dale Walker 1, Douglas Clark 1, Matthew Shortal 1, Corey Billins 1
Killarney Vale : Beau Cubillo 4, Alexander Bailey 2, Alex Wells 1, Jack Nancarrow 1
Terrigal Avoca : Christopher Bishop, Corey Billins, Corbin Bond, Peter Van Dam, James Hart, Jay Lewis
Killarney Vale : Alexander Bailey, Beau Cubillo, Tim Oosterhoff, Ryan Barrett, Jake Schellnack, Alex Wells

NELSON BAY v. WARNERS BAY @ Dick Burwell Oval
Nelson Bay 4.6, 5.11, 9.19, 11.21 (87)
Warners Bay 3.0, 4.1, 5.2, 8.5 (53)
Nelson Bay :Todd Thornton 3, Tim Divall 3, Benjamin Eddy 1, Jeremy Eddy 1, Louis Dews 1, Luke Rymer 1, Billy Barton 1
Warners Bay : James Newburn 3, Benjamin Kernahan 1, Jake Hayes 1, Corey Deverell 1, Benjamin Crawley 1, Josh Nicol 1
Nelson Bay : Todd Thornton, Harrison Freund, Tim Divall, Billy Barton, David Wood, Jeremy Eddy
Warners Bay : David McGuinness, Robert Schindler-Taylor, Benjamin Kernahan, Lachlan Deverell, Thomas Prentice, James Newburn

NEWCASTLE CITY v. CARDIFF @ No 1 Sportsground
Cardiff 4.5, 5.9, 8.12, 10.16 (76)
Newcastle City 6.2, 8.6, 9.11, 9.16 (70)

Cardiff : Aaron Wivell 3, David Graan 2, Beau Heeney 2, Andrew Walker 1, Trent Thompson 1, Tom Quade 1
Newcastle City :Cameron Keast 2, Max Quinlan 2, Sam Payne 1, Hamish Thomson 1, Harrison Keast 1, Joseph O'Donoghue 1, Jackson Crawford 1
Cardiff : Trent Thompson, Simon O'Brien, Zachariah Metcalfe, Aaron Wivell, Lauchlan Carey, Marcus DeLeur
Newcastle City : Conor Haswell, Matthew Enright, Cameron Keast, Aaron Seen, Mitchell Black, Jackson Crawford

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate

Lake Macquarie 15.10 (100) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 3.5 (23)
Singleton 13.12 (90) defeated Newcastle City 6.7 (43)
Gosford 10.12 (72) defeated Terrigal Avoca 9.8 (62)
Maitland 11.10 (76) defeated Wyong Lakes 8.9 (57)

GE BDAFL Women's

Newcastle City 21.14 (140) defeated Singleton 0.0 (0)
Gosford 21.8 (134) defeated Cardiff 1.0 (6)
Nelson Bay 15.21 (111) defeated Lake Macquarie 0.1 (1)
Warners Bay 16.16 (112) defeated Newcastle 0.1 (1)
Maitland 7.10 (52) defeated Wyong Lakes 3.5 (23)
Killarney Vale 21.12 (138) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade

Killarney Vale 10.11 (71) defeated Terrigal Avoca 5.7 (37)
Newcastle City 14.6 (90) defeated Singleton 6.3 (39)
Cardiff 22.23 (155) defeated Gosford 3.1 (19)
Nelson Bay 14.10 (94) defeated Lake Macquarie 1.0 (6)
Maitland 10.3 (63) defeated Wyong Lakes 6.9 (45)

BDAFL Round 5 Results

BDAFL Round 5 Report and Results below:

In Round 5 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup, Newcastle City had a thrilling two point win over Nelson Bay, Terrigal Avoca had to come from behind to defeat Warners Bay and Cardiff were too strong for Killarney Vale.
At Newcastle No 1 Sportsground, Newcastle City and Nelson Bay played out a thriller with the reigning premiers prevailing 11.10.76 to 10.14.74.

At Feighan Oval, Terrigal Avoca overcome a spirited first half from Warners Bay to run out winners by 39 points; 10.11.71 to 5.2.32.

Having beaten the Panthers the last two times these two teams have played, Warners Bay, searching for their first win of the year, looked on track to continue this trend when they led by three goals at half time having kept Terrigal Avoca scoreless in the second term which is an accomplishment in itself.

The competition leaders however were not to be denied and slowly took control of the game and by only allowing the Bulldogs to kick one point after half time were able to eventually run away from the youthful Warners bay side to win by 39 points, and remain undefeated at the top of the ladder.

Jayson Van Dam kicked two goals for Terrigal Avoca, who had nine separate goalkickers. Ben Kernahan managed three first-half goals for Warners Bay.

The Panthers were best served by Kurt Fleming, Chris Bishop, Mark Skuse and Jayson Van Dam. The Bulldogs best players were the consistent Lachlan Deverell, Kernahan, Ben Hunter and Adam Van Est.

Panthers Coach Mark Skuse paid tribute to Warners Bay in the first half, saying no-one had tackled like that against them all season and that the Bulldogs fully deserved their lead at the main break after such a good start. He said that his team created outside run and free up space in the second half, getting back to “what we know works for us”.

Skuse said that his players stuck to their allotted tasks in the second half and that he was very pleased to keep the Bulldogs goal-less in the second stanza. He also indicated that the Panthers cannot afford another sluggish start for the remainder of the season, as other sides will put at least ten goals on them.

Cardiff rebounded from their Round 4 loss to Terrigal Avoca easily accounting for Killarney Vale at Hillsborough Oval 21.18.144 to 6.11.47.

The Hawks set up the win with a six goals second term to lead by 43 points at half time before running out 97 point winners.

In a well-beaten Bombers side, their best players were Ryan Barrett, Tim Oosterhoff, Beau Cubillo and Ben Simpson.

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate, Wyong Lakes remain on top after a hard fought win over Terrigal Avoca whilst The Entrance bateau Bay were no match for the unbeaten Singleton.

In the GE Women’s competition, Killarney vale and Gosford had wins to remain in the top six whilst Wyong lakes fell to Warners Bay.

Match Details – Round 5 – 6 May 2017

2017 Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

CARDIFF v. KILLARNEY VALE @ Hillsborough Oval
Cardiff 3.4, 9.6, 14.13, 21.18 (144)
Killarney Vale 1.3, 2.5, 2.8, 6.11 (47)
Cardiff : T. Quade 5, A. Wivell 4, C. Jones 4, B. Job 2, D. Graan 2, J. Lennon 1, S. O'Brien 1, B. Heeney 1, C. Mayo 1
Killarney Vale : S. Reed 2, J. Carrick 1, A. Wells 1, B. Cozens 1, B. Cubillo 1
Cardiff : Z. Metcalfe, S. O'Brien, T. Quade, T. Yensch, M. DeLeur, C. Jones
Killarney Vale : R. Barrett, T. Oosterhoff, B. Cubillo, B. Simpson, B. Cozens, J. Kidd

Terrigal Avoca 2.1, 2.1, 5.9, 10.11 (71)
Warners Bay 2.1, 5.1, 5.1, 5.2 (32)

Terrigal Avoca : J. Van Dam 2, B. Thomas 1, M. Mitchell 1, D. Clark 1, M. Skuse 1, J. Lewis 1, M. Shortal 1, C. Billins 1, A. White 1
Warners Bay : B. Kernahan 3, J. Roach 1, R. Schindler-Taylor 1
Terrigal Avoca : K. Fleming, C. Bishop, M. Skuse, J. Van Dam, L. White, B. Sarich
Warners Bay : L. Deverell, B. Kernahan, B. Hunter, A. Van Est, Z. Moore, R. Schindler-Taylor

NEWCASTLE CITY v. NELSON BAY @ No 1 Sportsground
Newcastle City 2.1, 3.1, 9.4, 11.10 (76)
Nelson Bay 2.7, 4.10, 7.13, 10.14 (74)
Newcastle City : C. Triffitt 3, H. Thomson 2, C. Keast 2, P. Gillingham 1, L. Dwyer 1, A. Watling 1, J. Crawford 1
Nelson Bay : M. Dews 3, T. Divall 3, B. Barton 1, B. Eddy 1, A. Clayden 1, J. Rymer 1
Newcastle City : C. Triffitt, A. Seen, M. Enright, I. Baker, C. Keast, L. Dwyer
Nelson Bay : J. Erickson, H. Freund, D. Wood, A. Clayden, B. Eddy, J. Rymer
Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 20, Cardiff 16, Newcastle City 12, Nelson Bay 8, Killarney Vale 4, Warners Bay 0

2017 BDAFL Black Diamond Plate

Wyong Lakes 3.3, 6.8, 8.11, 13.15 (93)
Terrigal Avoca 5.2, 7.3, 11.4, 12.4 (76)
Wyong Lakes : A. Kosub 3, L. Moore 3, G. Stokes 1, C. Koop-Folkes 1, B. Tos 1, R. Johnston 1, J. Koop-Folkes 1, R. Dawe 1, D. Smith 1
Terrigal Avoca : M. Studdert 4, A. Coelho 2, R. Webster 2, C. Bennett 1, M. Roach 1, S. Lynch 1, M. Leecroft 1
Wyong Lakes : L. Moore, B. Tos, M. Burgess, R. Johnston, C. Koop-Folkes, R. Dawe
Terrigal Avoca : K. Foley, T. Cresswell, M. Studdert, R. Webster, J. Flint, G. Kirkman

Newcastle City 6.2, 10.6, 16.10, 19.13 (127)
Muswellbrook 1.1, 2.2, 2.2, 3.3 (21)
Newcastle City : J. Hamilton 4, B. Cullen 2, A. Gibson 2, D. Hamilton 2, O. Gilmour 2, T. Dwyer 1, B. Thompson 1, S. Akers 1, R. Allen 1, B.
Jones 1, I. Hillery 1, J. O'Donoghue 1
Muswellbrook : A. Higham 2, M. Merrett 1
Newcastle City : R. Allen, H. Kavanagh, B. Jones, J. O'Donoghue, B. Weir, T. Dwyer
Muswellbrook : N. Smith, K. Bray, A. Higham, M. Dunn, J. Cook, M. Merrett

THE ENTRANCE BATEAU BAY v. SINGLETON @ Bateau ay Sporting Facility
Singleton 1.2, 3.7, 9.11, 14.24 (108)
The Entrance Bateau Bay 1.3 , 1.3, 1.3, 1.3 (9)
Singleton : M. Gaffney 3, J. Ingram 3, C. White 2, P. Tapper 1, J. Long 1, A. Mitchell 1,
C. Faulder 1, M. Harrod 1, D. Cowburn 1
The Entrance Bateau Bay : L. Besley 1
Singleton : M. Gaffney, D. Cowburn, M. Harrod, N. Roberts, C. White, A. Mitchell
The Entrance Bateau Bay : J. Smith, M. Besley, O. Gardiner, P. McMahon, L. Besley, M. Ifield

Maitland 3.2, 11.6, 17.7, 22.12 (144)
Lake Macquarie 5.2, 5.2, 6.4, 6.4 (40)
Maitland : B. Crowley 9, P. McMahon 3, M. Norton 3, A. Damico 2, M. Greaves 1, K. Ritchie 1, T. Magyar 1, W. Beard 1, M. Peate 1
Lake Macquarie : D. Rumble 1, N. Bunny 1, S. Wellard 1, S. Hines 1, N. Cliff 1, E. Button 1
Maitland : P. McMahon, A. Damico, H. Taylor, T. Sheldon, B. Crowley, T. Magyar
Lake Macquarie : S. Hines, T. Wells, N. Cliff, R. Janissen, R. Sleeth, A. Sain
Ladder: Wyong Lakes 100%, Singleton 100%, Maitland 80%, Newcastle City 50%, Terrigal Avoca 50%, Gosford 50%, Lake Macquarie 0%,
Muswellbrook 0%, The Entrance Bateau Bay 0%

2017 GE Women’s

Newcastle City 7.4, 17.10, 23.16, 33.23 (221)
Muswellbrook 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 (0)
Newcastle City : M. MacDonald 6, S. Halvorsen 4, B. White 3, T. Braithwaite 2, S. Sing 2, A. Gillingham 2, K. Ferguson 2, E. White 2, A.
Hayllar 1, K. Brogmus 1, P. Mathewson 1, J. Ellis 1, L. Kebby 1, J. Coles 1, M. Smith 1, S. Kliousis 1, S. Medcalf 1, A. Ralston 1
Newcastle City : A. Gillingham, M. MacDonald, S. Halvorsen, T. Braithwaite , K. Ferguson, P. Mathewson
Muswellbrook : E. Mills, A. Barrowcliffe, K. Anshaw, J. Khan, D. Frazer, D. Nicol

Warners Bay 1.3, 1.3, 5.8, 5.9 (39)
Wyong Lakes 0.0, 2.0, 2.0, 2.1 (13)
Warners Bay : C. Wolfe 2, E. Brown 1, E. Foreman 1, P. Elliott 1
Wyong Lakes : A. Hemmings 1, R. Ives 1
Warners Bay : C. Wolfe, N. Medlin, E. Foreman, K. Jones, K. Rocco, R. Holmes
Wyong Lakes : A. Pearce, R. Ives, A. Hemmings, R. Potts, J. Graham, M. Bolton

CARDIFF v. KILLARNEY VALE @ Hillsborough Oval
Killarney Vale 2.1, 3.4, 6.5, 7.7 (49)
Cardiff 0.1, 0.1, 1.1, 3.2 (20)
Killarney Vale : M. Jenkins 2, J. Kelleher 2, A. Flack 1, T. Eslick 1, G. Butler 1
Cardiff : A. Bailey 1, S. Gilbert 1, M. Ryan 1
Killarney Vale : S. Bailey, C. White, M. Maddalena, T. Thorn, C. Dawson, M. Jenkins
Cardiff : N. Walker, A. Bailey, S. Dodds, J. Day, M. Palmer, I. Veness

Maitland 0.5, 0.6, 2.9, 5.10 (40)
Lake Macquarie 1.0, 3.1, 3.1, 4.2 (26)
Maitland : S. Bishop 1, M. Dombkins 1, S. Burns 1, A. Warner 1, S. James 1
Lake Macquarie : E. Howe 3, K. Jenner 1
Maitland : S. James, S. Bishop, L. O'Donohue, J. Dudgeon, J. Eagar, M. Dombkins
Lake Macquarie : K. Jenner, E. Howe, A. Macpherson, H. Kozlik, C. Hill, S. Bassett

Gosford 1.6, 3.8, 6.9, 12.16 (88)
Singleton 0.0, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1 (1)
Gosford : M. Ross 3, O. Young 2, M. Kacarovski 2, R. Elcoate 2, A. Parkin 1, C. Walsh 1, . Bond 1
Gosford : M. Kacarovski , A. Parkin, O. Young, R. Elcoate, L. Randall, K. Berry
Singleton : T. Cowburn, K. Jeffriess-Tapper, S. Paton, E. Moule, T. Thompson coward, N. Smith

NEWCASTLE v. NELSON BAY @ No 1 Sportsground
Nelson Bay 3.4, 8.13, 13.19, 19.23 (137)
Newcastle 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1 (1)
Nelson Bay : P. Smyth 4, K. Douglass 3, E. Smyth 2, L. Steane 2, J. Phillips 2, H. West 1, A. Norton 1, L. Cooper 1, S. Balcombe 1, L. Hughes 1,
C. Mudd 1
Nelson Bay : A. Norton, M. Norton, K. Douglass, M. Freund, H. West, B. Relf
Newcastle : M. Menzies, K. Dinardo, R. Stuart, A. Hood, K. Rake, B. Rizo Ramirez
Ladder: Newcastle City 20, Nelson Bay 20, Killarney Vale 16, Gosford 16, Warners Bay 16, Wyong Lakes 12, Maitland 12, Cardiff 4,
Singleton 4, Lake Macquarie 0, Newcastle 0, Muswellbrook 0.

2017 BDAFL Reserve Grade

CARDIFF v. KILLARNEY VALE @ Hillsborough Oval
Cardiff 3.2, 8.7, 11.13, 15.15 (105)
Killarney Vale 4.5, 5.8, 8.11, 9.12 (66)
Cardiff : J. Murphy 7, B. Julien 3, M. Ryan 2, S. Hawthorne 2, M. Cooke 1
Killarney Vale : J. Daley 3, M. Adams 2, E. Convy 1, W. Cross-Hicks 1, G. Page 1, R. Fiene 1
Cardiff : T. Lashlie, M. Petersen, B. Julien, J. Murphy, T. Edser, C. Davies
Killarney Vale : D. Curtis, J. Lloyd, A. King, R. Fiene, S. Cameron, J. Daley

Maitland 2.3, 7.4, 14.5, 17.8 (110)
Lake Macquarie 1.4, 3.4, 4.6, 4.9 (33)
Maitland : J. Doyle 6, J. Easton 3, K. Greaves 2, I. Wood 2, T. Williams 1, A. Thompson 1, N. McMahon 1, A. Elbourn 1
Lake Macquarie : D. Tually 3, H. Davis 1
Maitland : J. Easton , A. Elbourn, M. Curran, K. Wood, K. Greaves, D. Davey
Lake Macquarie : D. Gisbey, D. Maher, M. Mclean, B. Farrell, J. Reynolds, J. Shaw

Warners Bay 2.5, 8.9, 13.11, 19.15 (129)
Wyong Lakes 0.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 (11)
Warners Bay : R. Clarke 3, D. Russell 3, M. Bottrill 2, J. Newburn 2, D. Gray 2, Z. Symons 2, J. Ferguson 2, L. Andersen 2, S. Butcher 1
Wyong Lakes : A. Renfrew 1
Warners Bay : D. Russell, R. Clarke, J. Buckley, M. Bottrill, C. Manwarring, W. Wyborn
Wyong Lakes : G. Newham, M. Davidson, R. Warran, D. Smith, J. Morris, M. Laksa

NEWCASTLE CITY v. NELSON BAY @ No 1 Sportsground
Nelson Bay 2.3, 6.6, 8.8, 11.12 (78)
Newcastle City 0.0, 1.3, 1.6, 2.6 (18)
Nelson Bay : L. Bell 3, P. Smith 3, G. Stone 2, R. Reedman 1, J. Parsons 1, A. Gibson 1
Newcastle City : N. Grabham 1, J. Tisdell 1
Nelson Bay : D. Stuart, B. Thompson, J. West, J. Clark, C. Graham, R. Reedman
Newcastle City : J. Tisdell, D. Burke, D. Gardner, J. Roberts-Thomson, T. Growden, N. Grabham


Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 100%, Cardiff 80%, Warners Bay 80%, Killarney Vale 75%, Gosford 50%, Maitland 50%, Lake Macquarie 40%,
Newcastle City 25%, Wyong Lakes 25%, Nelson Bay 20%, Singleton 0%,

BDAFL Round 4 Results

Please find below results and review from Saturday's Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL Round 4 matches.

2017 Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

Newcastle City 5.8, 8.8, 11.10, 12.13 (85)
Warners Bay 0.0, 2.1, 4.6, 6.6 (42)
GOALS, Newcastle City :
Cameron Keast 3, Patrick Gillingham 3, Chol Arou 2, Aaron Seen 1, Harrison Keast 1, Nicholas Gill 1,
Jamie Cleaver 1
Warners Bay :
Jake Roach 1, Corey Deverell 1, Zachary Moore 1, Josh Nicol 1, Robert Schindler-Taylor 1, Benjamin Kernahan 1
BEST, Newcastle City :
Patrick Gillingham, Luke Rawnsley, Aaron Seen, Jackson Crawford, Hugh Blanchfield, Adam Johnston
Warners Bay :
Zachary Moore, Corey Deverell, Lachlan Deverell, Tristan Warner, Adam Van Est, Samuel Gibbons

Terrigal Avoca 4.3, 9.10, 12.10, 20.15 (135)
Cardiff 3.3, 6.4, 6.6, 8.7 (55)
GOALS, Terrigal Avoca :
Kurt Fleming 4, Alexander White 3, Sam Ellis 3, Jayson Van Dam 2, Jay Lewis 2, Lachlan White 2,
Mark Skuse 1, Jackson Farquhar 1, Peter Van Dam 1, Corey Billins 1
Cardiff :
Tom Yensch 2, Marcus DeLeur 2, Tom Quade 2, Aaron Wivell 1, Trent Thompson 1
BEST, Terrigal Avoca :
Damen Smith, Peter Van Dam, Alastair Richardson, Kurt Fleming, Mark Skuse, Jayson Van Dam
Cardiff :
Tom Yensch, Beau Heeney, Zachariah Metcalfe, Mattie Vukovich, Marcus DeLeur, Chad Mayo

Nelson Bay 6.5, 12.9, 17.13, 21.16 (142)
Killarney Vale 2.1, 5.2, 8.6, 10.8 (68)
GOALS, Nelson Bay :
Luke Price 5, Benjamin Eddy 4, Billy Barton 4, Aaron Millington 2, Todd Thornton 1, Jeremy Eddy 1,
Nathan Vaisey 1, Aaron Clayden 1, Mathew Dews 1, Ben Grace 1
Killarney Vale :
Scott Reed 7, Beau Cubillo 1, Liam Hassall 1, Tim Oosterhoff 1

Hunter Haval BDAFL Black Diamond Plate

Maitland 12.8 (80) defeated Newcastle City 5.8 (38)
Gosford 17.15 (117) defeated Lake Macquarie 8.6 (54)
Singleton 11.16 (82) defeated Muswellbrook 6.7 (43)
Wyong Lakes 28.14 (182) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 1.0 (6)
Terrigal Avoca - Bye

2017 GE BDAFL Women's

Gosford 13.10 (88) defeated Lake Macquarie 3.0 (18)
Nelson Bay 4.8 (32) defeated Killarney Vale 2.3 (15)
Wyong Lakes 4.10 (34) defeated Cardiff 4.5 (29)
Newcastle City 23.14 (152) defeated Maitland 1.4 (10)
Warners Bay 15.15 (105) defeated Newcastle 1.3 (9)
Singleton 8.15 (63) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade

Terrigal Avoca 15.10 (100) defeated Cardiff 9.10 (64)
Lake Macquarie 14.12 (96) defeated Gosford 9.5 (59)
Killarney Vale 12.7 (79) defeated Nelson Bay 7.9 (51)
Warners Bay 11.9 (75) defeated Newcastle City 7.4 (46)
Wyong Lakes 17.9 (111) defeated Singleton 3.7 (25)
Maitland - Bye

A mixed day for the Central Coast teams in Round 4 winners in the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup competition.

In the battle of the unbeaten teams, Terrigal Avoca flexed their muscles with a 20.15.135 to 8.7.55 win over Cardiff at Hylton Moore Oval.

The Panthers had to withstand a strong early challenge from the Hawks before stamping their authority after half time to win by 80 points.

Cardiff were missing a number of players and then lost Liam Gibson and Jack Pratt early in the game, however they had no answer to Terrigal Avoca’s running game and pressure often turning the ball at crucial times.

200 gamer, Jayson Van Dam kicked the first goal of the game with both teams trading goals for Terrigal Avoca to lead by six points at quarter time.

Panthers coach Mark Skuse had done his home work on the Hawks with plenty of pressure being applied to Cardiff’s prime movers Tom Yensch, Marcus de Lear and Simon O’Brien.

Terrigal Avoca opened up the second term with the first three goals, however the Hawks were able to answer with two of their own before late goals to the Panthers saw them lead by 24 points at half time.

With the Cardiff bench lacking personnel, Terrigal Avoca tightened the screws with their miserly defence and by keeping the Hawks goalless in the third quarter they were able to open up a 40 point lead at the final change.

With Cardiff resistance broken, the Panthers ran amok in the final quarter to record an 80 point win, a margin which was not a true reflection on the contest.

Kurt Fleming was outstanding for the winners picking up numerous possessions around the ground and also kicking four goals. Veterans Peter Van Dam and Alastair Richardson made great returns after missing last week, whilst coach Mark Skuse is a smooth mover. Sam Ellis had a great battle in the ruck with Yensch whilst Damen Smith was part of a strong back six.

Nelson Bay responded from two consecutive losses with a comprehensive 22.16.142 to 10.8.68 win over Killarney Vale at Dick Burwell Oval.

It was tough day at the office for Killarney Vale who were still missing a number of key players including their two best Rick White and Josh Mifsud.

Coach Scott Reed, who made a return to the playing field and was standout up forward kicking seven of his teams ten goals, acknowledged as much.

"It was a tough day at the office, we gave Nelson Bay a chance to run over us and they did that. They are a top side and they could very well see September action”

Apart from Reed, Tim Oosterhoff toiled hard in the ruck whilst Darwin recruit Beau Cubillo attacked the ball hard and will continue to be an asset for Killarney Vale.

In the Black Diamond Plate competition, Gosford made it two wins on the trot with a 63 point win over Lake Macquarie with veteran Tim Eather kicking eight goals whilst Wyong Lakes were too good for The Entrance Bateau Bay.

In the GE Women’s competition, heavyweights Newcastle City and Nelson Bay remain the only unbeaten teams however there are plenty of challengers.

Nelson Bay were made to work hard to overcome a very improved Killarney Vale eventually winning by 17 points after leading by just 3 points at three quarter time. Wyong Lakes and Cardiff played a cliff hanger with nothing between the two sides all day before the magpies hung on to win by five points and Gosford, was too strong for Lake Macquarie.

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