BDAFL Round 6 Results

BDAFL Round 6 Report & Results.

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup, Terrigal Avoca defeated Killarney Vale at Adelaide St Oval on Friday Night, in a match brought forward to allow the Bombers faithful to head to Sydney on Saturday evening to witness their very own Daniel Lloyd make his successful debut for the GWS Giants.
In front of a solid crowd the Panthers won the match 12.12.84 to 8.4.52.

In a match that was very physical, the Bombers had the better of the opening exchanges and led by 14 points at the first change.

The second term saw Terrigal Avoca flex their muscles kicking five goals to one, including three to coach Mark Skuse and at the long break the margin was 13 points. A highlight of the term was a brilliant snapped goal from the boundary by the Bombers’ Beau Cubillo.

The two teams went goal for goal in the third quarter and at the final change the margin was 24 points.

The Bombers made a number of changes in the final quarter but each time they were able to get a goal, Terrigal Avoca were able to respond and in the end the Panthers proved too strong winning by 32 points.

Former Coach, Chris Bishop was outstanding for the winners with the damp conditions suiting his style of play. Corey Billins racked up plenty of touches in the midfield whilst Corbin Bond and Pete Van Dam also had good games. Skuse finished the game with four goals.

For the Bombers, Tim Oosterhoff was very effective the ruck winning most tap outs, Alex Bailey was an influential midfielder whilst Beau Cubillo finished with four goals in an impressive display.

In the Black Diamond Plate, Singleton remain the only undefeated team after, Maitland inflicted Wyong Lakes first loss of the season with a 19 point win in an enthralling encounter. At Adcock Park, Gosford hung on to defeat Terrigal Avoca by ten points in an competitive contest and Lake Macquarie recorded their first win on the year over the Entrance Bateau Bay

In the GE Women’s competition both Gosford and Killarney Vale had strong wins whilst Wyong Lakes suffered their second consecutive loss, this time to Maitland.

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

Terrigal Avoca 1.1, 6.5, 9.10, 12.12 (84)
Killarney Vale 3.3, 4.4, 6.4, 8.4 (52)
Terrigal Avoca :
Mark Skuse 4, Brandon Thomas 2, Jay Lewis 2, Dale Walker 1, Douglas Clark 1, Matthew Shortal 1, Corey Billins 1
Killarney Vale : Beau Cubillo 4, Alexander Bailey 2, Alex Wells 1, Jack Nancarrow 1
Terrigal Avoca : Christopher Bishop, Corey Billins, Corbin Bond, Peter Van Dam, James Hart, Jay Lewis
Killarney Vale : Alexander Bailey, Beau Cubillo, Tim Oosterhoff, Ryan Barrett, Jake Schellnack, Alex Wells

NELSON BAY v. WARNERS BAY @ Dick Burwell Oval
Nelson Bay 4.6, 5.11, 9.19, 11.21 (87)
Warners Bay 3.0, 4.1, 5.2, 8.5 (53)
Nelson Bay :Todd Thornton 3, Tim Divall 3, Benjamin Eddy 1, Jeremy Eddy 1, Louis Dews 1, Luke Rymer 1, Billy Barton 1
Warners Bay : James Newburn 3, Benjamin Kernahan 1, Jake Hayes 1, Corey Deverell 1, Benjamin Crawley 1, Josh Nicol 1
Nelson Bay : Todd Thornton, Harrison Freund, Tim Divall, Billy Barton, David Wood, Jeremy Eddy
Warners Bay : David McGuinness, Robert Schindler-Taylor, Benjamin Kernahan, Lachlan Deverell, Thomas Prentice, James Newburn

NEWCASTLE CITY v. CARDIFF @ No 1 Sportsground
Cardiff 4.5, 5.9, 8.12, 10.16 (76)
Newcastle City 6.2, 8.6, 9.11, 9.16 (70)

Cardiff : Aaron Wivell 3, David Graan 2, Beau Heeney 2, Andrew Walker 1, Trent Thompson 1, Tom Quade 1
Newcastle City :Cameron Keast 2, Max Quinlan 2, Sam Payne 1, Hamish Thomson 1, Harrison Keast 1, Joseph O'Donoghue 1, Jackson Crawford 1
Cardiff : Trent Thompson, Simon O'Brien, Zachariah Metcalfe, Aaron Wivell, Lauchlan Carey, Marcus DeLeur
Newcastle City : Conor Haswell, Matthew Enright, Cameron Keast, Aaron Seen, Mitchell Black, Jackson Crawford

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate

Lake Macquarie 15.10 (100) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 3.5 (23)
Singleton 13.12 (90) defeated Newcastle City 6.7 (43)
Gosford 10.12 (72) defeated Terrigal Avoca 9.8 (62)
Maitland 11.10 (76) defeated Wyong Lakes 8.9 (57)

GE BDAFL Women's

Newcastle City 21.14 (140) defeated Singleton 0.0 (0)
Gosford 21.8 (134) defeated Cardiff 1.0 (6)
Nelson Bay 15.21 (111) defeated Lake Macquarie 0.1 (1)
Warners Bay 16.16 (112) defeated Newcastle 0.1 (1)
Maitland 7.10 (52) defeated Wyong Lakes 3.5 (23)
Killarney Vale 21.12 (138) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade

Killarney Vale 10.11 (71) defeated Terrigal Avoca 5.7 (37)
Newcastle City 14.6 (90) defeated Singleton 6.3 (39)
Cardiff 22.23 (155) defeated Gosford 3.1 (19)
Nelson Bay 14.10 (94) defeated Lake Macquarie 1.0 (6)
Maitland 10.3 (63) defeated Wyong Lakes 6.9 (45)