BDAFL Round 18 Results & Reports

Results from Saturday’s round of Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL matches:

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

Nelson Bay 4.6, 7.12, 12.13, 16.15 (111)
Killarney Vale 2.1, 3.2, 4.4, 7.7 (49)
GOALS, Nelson Bay :
Benjamin Eddy 5, Billy Barton 2, Jayden Rymer 2, Thomas Wood 1, Luke Price 1, Mathew Dews 1,
Bradyn Hearn 1, James Fleming 1, Todd Thornton 1, Joel Erickson 1
Killarney Vale :
Harley Bernleitner 4, Shaun Sinclair 2, Michael Broadbent 1
BEST, Nelson Bay :
Jayden Rymer, Adam Grinyer, Benjamin Eddy, Todd Thornton, James Bellman, Billy Barton
Killarney Vale :
Max Mumford, Tim Oosterhoff, Liam Hassall, Kyall Walford, Harley Bernleitner, Michael Broadbent

CARDIFF v. TERRIGAL AVOCA @ Hiilsborough Oval
Cardiff 3.2, 7.3, 12.3, 14.5 (89)
Terrigal Avoca 3.4, 5.6, 7.8, 10.11 (71)
GOALS, Cardiff :
Tom Yensch 4, Cameron Jones 3, Jack Lennon 2, Josh Murphy 2, Tom Quade 2, Simon O'Brien 1
Terrigal Avoca :
Mark Skuse 3, James Webster 2, Alastair Richardson 2, Corey Billins 1, Jack Grimmond 1, Sam Ellis 1
BEST, Cardiff :
Tom Yensch, Andrew Walker, Liam Gibson, Marcus DeLeur, Chad Mayo, John O'Regan
Terrigal Avoca :
Mark Skuse, James Webster, Corey Billins, James Hart, Ethan Formby, Kurt Fleming

Newcastle City 1.4, 2.7, 5.9, 9.13 (67)
Warners Bay 2.2, 3.4, 6.4, 7.6 (48)
GOALS, Newcastle City :
Courtney Knight 2, Patrick Gillingham 2, Max Quinlan 2, Adam Johnston 1, Cameron Keast 1, Aaron Seen 1
Warners Bay :
Riley Irwin 2, Jake Roach 2, Corey Deverell 1, Ky McGrath 1, Solomon Brown 1
BEST, Newcastle City :
Abraham Gibson, Jake Hartikainen, Max Quinlan, Aidan Watling, Cade Triffitt, Sam Payne
Warners Bay :
Matthew Spinks, Robert Schindler-Taylor, Benjamin Crawley, Nicholas Turner, Riley Irwin, Jake Roach

Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 56, Cardiff 52, Newcastle City 40, Nelson Bay206, Warners Bay 12, Killarney Vale 8

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate

Muswellbrook 3.2, 5.4, 6.6, 8.8 (56)
Lake Macquarie 4.2, 4.4, 7.5, 8.5 (53)
GOALS, Muswellbrook :
Jessy Besford 4, Cameron Davis 1, Jonathan Williams 1, Jayden Galvin 1, Jacob Connor 1
Lake Macquarie :
Rory Sleeth 2, Alex Sain 2, Elijah Button 1, Tim Clark 1, Shaun Mills 1, Timothy Wells 1
BEST, Muswellbrook :
Jayden Galvin, Broque Smith, Jacob Connor , Ashton Ingerson , Mathew Merrett, Mark McLaughlin
Lake Macquarie :
Timothy Wells, Jakson Bertoli, Rory Sleeth, Alex Sain, Shaun Mills, Riley Janissen

Singleton 1.2, 5.7, 7.10, 9.14 (68)
Gosford 3.1, 4.2, 7.4, 10.5 (65)
GOALS, Singleton :
Jarryd Ingram 3, Alex Mitchell 3, Dylan Hixon 1, Travis Bates 1, Joshua Long 1
Gosford :
Tim Eather 4, Tom Hunt 2, Patrick Murphy 2, Marc Gleisner 1, Stephen Martin 1
BEST, Singleton :
Alex Mitchell, Zach Bray, Andrew Scott, Nicholas Roberts, Andrew Hodge, Joshua Long
Gosford :
Brad Deitz, Stephen Martin, Alexander Remy, Patrick Murphy, Scott Manuelle, Tim Eather

Terrigal Avoca 4.1, 5.5, 7.10, 13.13 (91)
The Entrance Bateau Bay 1.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.5 (23)
GOALS, Terrigal Avoca :
Lachlan Bayliss 4, Dale Walker 2, Michael Roach 2, Keegan Foley 2, Steven Siegal 1, Douglas Clark 1,
Stephen Lynch 1
The Entrance Bateau Bay :
Jack Bastin 1, Mathew Johnstone 1, Nathen Jacob 1
BEST, Terrigal Avoca :
Damen Smith, Manning Mitchell, Lachlan Bayliss, Thomas Cresswell, Gavin Kirkman
The Entrance Bateau Bay :
Kyle Pollock, Max Ifield, Jared Cullinan, Ryan Besley, Jack Bastin, Doug Kennedy

Wyong Lakes 3.3, 7.3, 9.5, 11.9 (75)
Newcastle City 0.3, 1.5, 3.7, 5.8 (38)
GOALS, Wyong Lakes :
Ben Kent 3, Lee Moore 2, Rhys Dawe 2, Jarred Cross 2, Neeson Naidoo 1, Emanuel Edwards 1
Newcastle City :
Lucas Johnston 2, Daniel Osarek 1, Ned Shanahan 1, Jon Clark 1
BEST, Wyong Lakes :
Peter Drzal, Mitchell Burgess, Rhys Dawe, Brayden Tos, Scott Stevens, Lee Moore
Newcastle City :
Jon Clark, Henry Roberts-Thomson, Thomas Dwyer, Joshua King, Ned Shanahan, Lucas Johnston

Maitland - Bye

Ladder: Wyong Lakes 88%, Maitland 88%, Singleton 81%, Newcastle City 56%, Gosford 50%, Terrigal Avoca 50%, Lake Macquarie 19%, Muswellbrook 13%, The Entrance Bateau Bay 7%

GE BDAFL Women's

Semi Finals
Gosford 6.7 (43) defeated Killarney Vale 2.2 (14)
Maitland 7.5 (47) defeated Wyong Lakes 4.1 (25)

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade

Elimination Final
Terrigal Avoca 15.11 (101) defeated Nelson Bay 2.1 (13)

Qualifying Final
Killarney Vale 11.9 (75) defeated Warners Bay 6.8 (44)

The final round of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup saw Cardiff inflict just the second defeat of the season on minor premiers Terrigal Avoca whilst Nelson Bay confirmed their place in the Elimination Final next Saturday with a resounding victory over a depleted Killarney Vale.

In the Match of the Round at Hillsborough Oval, a magnificent performance all around the ground by a ruck-roving Tom Yensch sparked Cardiff to their first victory this season over Terrigal Avoca. Final scores were Cardiff 14.5.89 to Terrigal Avoca 10.11.71.

Coach Mark Skuse kicked three goals for the Panthers, with the vastly-experienced Alastair Richardson and the great James Webster adding two majors each.

Terrigal Avoca’s best players were Skuse, James Webster, Corey Billins, James Hart and Ethan Formby, who came off late with what appeared to be a significant injury to his left arm.

Nelson Bay confirmed their place in the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup semi-finals with a resounding 62-point win over a depleted Killarney Vale at Adelaide St Oval in Tumbi Umbi. Final scores were Nelson Bay 16.15.111 to Killarney Vale 7.7.49.

In the absence of twin brother Jeremy, Ben Eddy kicked five goals in an excellent performance up forward for the Marlins. Billy Barton and Elliott Davey Medallist Jayden Rymer chipped in with two goals apiece for Nelson Bay as the Marlins kicked nine goals to five after half-time.

Small forward Harley Bernleitner showed his class with four goals.

The Bombers, in the absence of Scott Reed and Ryan Barrett, were best served by Max Mumford, Tim Oosterhoff, Liam Hassall, Kyall Walford and Bernleitner.

In the Black Diamond Plate, Wyong Lakes secured the Minor Premiership with a strong 37-point win Newcastle City at No.1 Sportsground, Singleton just edged out Gosford by three points at Adcock Park in West Gosford and Terrigal Avoca finished their season with a 68-point win over near neighbours The Entrance Bateau Bay;

In the GE Women’s Semi Finals, Gosford and Maitland have progressed through to next weeks premliminary final with hard fought wins over Killarney Vale and Wyong Lakes respectively.

In the Reserve Grade Finals at Max McMahon Oval in Rutherford, Terrigal Avoca eliminated Nelson Bay from the finals series with an 88-point victory. In the Qualifying Final, Killarney Vale served notice to minor premiers Cardiff that they mean business with a professional 31-point win over Warners Bay.

BDAFL Round 17 Results & Reports

Below are the results from yesterday’s Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL Round 17 matches:

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

CARDIFF v. NELSON BAY @ Hiilsborough Oval
Cardiff 4.2, 6.4, 11.6, 15.9 (99)
Nelson Bay 2.2, 4.2, 4.6, 5.6 (36)
Cardiff : Jack Lennon 3, Cameron Jones 3, Josh Murphy 2, Aaron Wivell 2, Marcus DeLeur 2, Chad Mayo 1,
Jack Pratt 1, Lachlan Price 1
Nelson Bay : Tim Divall 2, Billy Barton 1, Jayden Rymer 1, Ryan Mudd 1
Cardiff : Jack Pratt, Marcus DeLeur, Jack Lennon, Josh Murphy, Trent Thompson, Kieren Bellemore
Nelson Bay : Tim Divall, Adam Grinyer, Harrison Freund, Todd Thornton, Jayden Rymer, Alec Clark

Warners Bay 3.2, 6.7, 6.9, 10.11 (71)
Killarney Vale 4.1, 4.2, 7.3, 10.5 (65)

Warners Bay : Kayne Gibbs 5, Jake Roach 1, Tristan Warner 1, Solomon Brown 1, Benjamin Kernahan 1, Josh Nicol 1
Killarney Vale : Scott Reed 5, Harley Bernleitner 2, Max Mumford 2, Brendan Lewis 1
Warners Bay : Tom McDonell, Jake Roach, Nicholas Metcalfe, Solomon Brown, Kayne Gibbs, Riley Irwin
Killarney Vale : Kyall Walford, Ryan Barrett, Brendan Lewis, Max Mumford, Harley Bernleitner, Shaun Sinclair

Terrigal Avoca 5.5, 8.6, 9.12, 9.14 (68)
Newcastle City 1.3, 6.6, 7.10, 9.11 (65)
Terrigal Avoca : Sam Ellis 2, James Webster 2, Alexander White 1, Jack Fitzgerald 1, Austin Clark 1, Ethan Formby 1, Jayson Van Dam 1
Newcastle City : Jackson Crawford 2, Max Quinlan 2, Reed van Huisstede 2, Sam Payne 1, Nicholas Gill 1, Patrick Gillingham 1
Terrigal Avoca : James Hart, Peter Van Dam, Sam Ellis, Corbin Bond, Jack Fitzgerald, Jackson Farquhar
Newcastle City : Aaron Seen, Harrison Keast, Ethan Durbridge, Nicholas Gill, Ian Baker, Cameron Keast

Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 56, Cardiff 48, Newcastle City 36, Nelson Bay 16, Warners Bay 12, Killarney Vale 8

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate

Newcastle City 12.8 (80) defeated Terrigal Avoca 4.6 (30)
Wyong Lakes 11.12 (78) defeated Muswellbrook 4.4 (28)
Singleton 8.13 (61) defeated Maitland 4.10 (34)
Gosford 12.5 (77) defeated Lake Macquarie 8.9 (57)
The Entrance Bateau Bay - Bye

Ladder: Maitland 88%, Wyong Lakes 87%, Singleton 80%, Newcastle City 60%, Gosford 53%, Terrigal Avoca 47%, Lake Macquarie 20%, Muswellbrook 7%, The Entrance Bateau Bay 7%

GE BDAFL Women's

Newcastle City 15.12 (102) defeated Newcastle 5.6 (36)
Gosford 13.15 (93) defeated Lake Macquarie 3.1 (19)
Nelson Bay 9.6 (60) defeated Cardiff 0.2 (2)
Maitland 7.6 (48) defeated Singleton 1.1 (7)
Killarney Vale 11.7 (73) defeated Warners Bay 2.8 (20)
Wyong Lakes 13.10 (88) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)

Ladder: Newcastle City 64, Nelson Bay 56, Gosford 48, Maitland 48, Wyong Lakes 36, Killarney Vale 36, Warners Bay 36, , Singleton 24, Lake Macquarie 16, Cardiff 12, Newcastle 8, Muswellbrook 0.

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade

Terrigal Avoca 9.12 (66) defeated Newcastle City 6.6 (42)
Lake Macquarie 8.12 (60) defeated Gosford 7.5 (47)
Cardiff 14.20 (104) defeated Nelson Bay 7.4 (46)
Singleton 7.9 (51) defeated Maitland 1.4 (10)
Killarney Vale 8.16 (64) defeated Warners Bay 1.12 (18)
Wyong Lakes - Bye

Ladder: Cardiff 87%, Killarney Vale 82%, Warners Bay 80%, Terrigal Avoca 73%, Nelson Bay 47%, Lake Macquarie 47%, Gosford 40%, Maitland 33%, Newcastle City 27%, Singleton 20%, Wyong Lakes 13%

It was contrasting emotions for the Central Coast teams in Round 17 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup competition with Terrigal Avoca winning by three points with Killarney Vale losing by six points.

The Old Firm of Terrigal Avoca and Newcastle City produced a sensational game of football at No.1 Sportsground. The Panthers, who kicked eight goals in the first half but just one in the second half, just held on against a fast-finishing Newcastle City to run out three-point winners, 9.14.68 to City’s 9.11.65.

Alexander White’s 5th minute goal in the third quarter enabled the Panthers to go to 15-1 on the season, despite Newcastle City kicking the final three goals of the match. The Panthers reknowned defence held on for the final 14 minutes of the game, keeping the Blues goal-less in a backs to the wall performance fitting of the minor premiers.

Sam Ellis and James Webster kicked two goals each for Terrigal Avoca, who were best served by James Hart, Peter Van Dam, Ellis, Corbin Bond, Jack Fitzgerald and Jackson Farquhar.

Warners Bay kept their finals hopes alive with a thrilling six-point win over a gallant Killarney Vale at Adelaide St Oval. Final scores were Warners Bay 10.11.71 to Killarney Vale 10.5.65.

League leading goalkickers Scott Reed (Bombers) and Kayne Gibbs (Bulldogs) had a great duel at opposite ends of the ground, kicking five goals apiece in a low-scoring thriller in front of a healthy crowd at Tumbi Umbi.

Gibbs, benefitting from a downfield free-kick after an ill-timed push in the back, kicked the winning goal in the 25th minute of the last quarter of an exciting, pulsating Black Diamond Cup clash.

Kyall Walford played very well for the Bombers, well-supported by fullback Ryan Barrett, Brendan Lewis, Max Mumford, Harley Bernleitner and Shaun Sinclair.

In the Black Diamond Plate, Newcastle City clinched fourth position with a 50 point win over Terrigal Avoca, Gosford saw off a dogged Lake Macquarie by 20 points and Wyong Lakes came away from their trip to Muswellbrook with a solid 50-point win over the Cats.

In GE Women’s, Killarney Vale defeated Warners Bay to claim the last final position with wins also to Gosford, and Wyong Lakes. All teams will compete in the finals which commence next Saturday.

BDAFL Round 16 Results & Reports

Results & Reports from Saturday’s round of Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL matches:

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

CARDIFF v. KILLARNEY VALE @ Hillsborough Oval
Cardiff 3.2, 10.5, 12.11, 16.15 (111)
Killarney Vale 1.1, 3.2, 5.2, 9.2 (56)
Cardiff :Trent Thompson 3, Tom Quade 3, Jack Pratt 2, Lachlan Price 2, Jack Lennon 1, Kieren Bellemore 1,Tom Yensch 1, Nicholas Chapman 1, Cameron Jones 1, Mattie Vukovich 1
Killarney Vale :Max Mumford 3, Scott Reed 2, Benjamin Simpson 1, Samuel Jabour 1, Connor Reilly 1, Trent Debnam 1
Cardiff :Tom Yensch, Jack Pratt, Trent Thompson, Bryce Graetz, Jack Lennon, Marcus DeLeur
Killarney Vale :Trent Debnam, Ryan Barrett, Samuel Jabour, Harley Bernleitner, Scott Reed, Nathan Chaplin

Terrigal Avoca 2.4, 7.6, 10.6, 15.7 (97)
Warners Bay 4.2, 4.2, 8.7, 9.7 (61)
Terrigal Avoca :Mark Skuse 3, Daniel Heuston 3, Douglas Clark 2, Ryan Webster 2, Liam Townsend 1, James Webster 1,Jack Grimmond 1, Jayson Van Dam 1, Jarrad Flint 1
Warners Bay :Corey Deverell 2, Kayne Gibbs 2, Jake Roach 2, Adam Van Est 1, Kobe McClure 1, Matthew Spinks 1
Terrigal Avoca :Jack Grimmond, Daniel Heuston, Christopher Bishop, James Hart, James Webster, Mark Skuse
Warners Bay :Robert Schindler-Taylor, Ky McGrath, Josh Nicol, Tom McDonell, Nicholas Metcalfe, Oscar Anderson

Newcastle City 6.1, 9.8, 12.11, 16.15 (111)
Nelson Bay 1.3, 2.6, 3.8, 7.8 (50)
Newcastle City : Matthew Enright 4, Max Quinlan 3, Patrick Gillingham 2, Cameron Keast 2, Jackson Crawford 2, Abraham Gibson 1,Ethan Durbridge 1, Cade Triffitt 1
Nelson Bay :Todd Thornton 1, Jeremy Eddy 1, Jordan Pritchett 1, Luke Price 1, Billy Barton 1, Adam Grinyer 1,Aaron Clayden 1
Newcastle City : Matthew Enright, Cameron Keast, Ethan Durbridge, Aaron Seen, Jackson Crawford, Luke Rawnsley
Nelson Bay : Adam Grinyer, Todd Thornton, Joel Erickson, Luke Price, Jayden Rymer, Alec Clark

Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 52, Cardiff 44, Newcastle City 36, Nelson Bay 16, Warners Bay 8, Killarney Vale 8

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate
Terrigal Avoca 12.8 (80) defeated Lake Macquarie 8.3 (51)
Singleton 26.18 (174) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 0.1 (1)
Gosford 13.11 (89) defeated Newcastle City 9.7 (61)
Maitland 13.11 (89) defeated Muswellbrook 3.8 (26)
Wyong Lakes - Bye

Ladder: Maitland 93%, Wyong Lakes 86%, Singleton 79%, Newcastle City 57%, Gosford 50%, Terrigal Avoca 50%, Lake Macquarie 21%, Muswellbrook 7%, The Entrance Bateau Bay 7%

GE BDAFL Women's
Cardiff 5.15 (45) defeated Lake Macquarie 4.11 (35)
Newcastle City 16.17 (113) defeated Gosford 1.0 (6)
Wyong Lakes 4.4 (28) defeated Killarney Vale 3.5 (23)
Singleton 4.3 (27) defeated Warners Bay 1.5 (11)
Nelson Bay 21.20 (146) defeated Newcastle 1.0 (6)
Maitland 19.12 (126) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)

Ladder: Newcastle City 60, Nelson Bay 52, Gosford 44, Maitland 44, Warners Bay 36, Wyong Lakes 32, Killarney Vale 32, Singleton 24, Lake Macquarie 16, Cardiff 12, Newcastle 8, Muswellbrook 0.

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade
Cardiff 20.16 (136) defeated Singleton 3.3 (21)
Warners Bay 16.9 (105) defeated Terrigal Avoca 9.5 (59)
Gosford 11.11 (77) defeated Newcastle City 10.13 (73)
Killarney Vale 26.9 (165) defeated Wyong Lakes 8.0 (48)
Lake Macquarie 9.9 (63) defeated Nelson Bay 5.11 (41)
Maitland - Bye

Ladder: Cardiff 86%, Warners Bay 86%, Killarney Vale 80%, Terrigal Avoca 71%, Nelson Bay 50%, Gosford 43%, Lake Macquarie 43%, Maitland 36%, Newcastle City 29%, Singleton 14%, Wyong Lakes 13%

Terrigal Avoca claimed their fourth Minor Premiership in the past five years whilst Killarney Vale went down to second placed Cardiff in Round 16 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup competition.

At Hylton Moore Terrigal Avoca had to overcome a dogged Warners Bay outfit before claiming the Minor Premiership Trophy with a 15.7.97 to 9.7.61 win.

A car mishap on the M1 caused a delay to the start of the match between Terrigal Avoca and Warners Bay, however that did not stop the Bulldogs from starting strongly and lead by ten points at the first change.

As they do when challenged, the Panthers responded and with three time Elliott Davey Medallist, James Webster making a seemless return to football, kicked the next eight goals to open up a 37 point lead.

The Marty Reiman led Bulldogs, are a different beast in 2017 and led by Jake Roach and Rob Schindler-Taylor kicked the next four goals to cut the margin to just 11 points at the final change and an upset was brewing.

The experienced Terrigal Avoca line-up however were able to steady in the last quarter before kicking away to win by 38 points.

Coach Mark Skuse and the in-form first year player Dan Heuston kicked three goals apiece for the Panthers, who once again had an even spread of goalkickers.

Jack Grimmond was Terrigal Avoca’s best, well supported by Heuston, Chris Bishop, 150 gamer, James Hart, Webster and Skuse.

Cardiff returned to the winners’ circle with a solid 55-point win over Killarney Vale at Hillsborough Oval. Final scores were Cardiff 16.15.111 to Killarney Vale 9.2.56.

Max Mumford kicked three goals for the Bombers, supported by coach Scott Reed with two majors. The Bombers’ best players were Trent Debnam, Ryan Barrett, Sam Jabour and Harley Bernleitner.

In the Black Diamond Plate, Gosford and Terrigal Avoca kept their finals hopes alive with wins over Newcastle City and Lake Macquarie respectively whilst Singleton were too strong The Entrance Bateau Bay.

In the GE Women’s competition, Wyong Lakes have taken a big step in making the finals for the first time with a five point win over Killarney Vale which following Warners Bay’s loss to Singleton will see Killarney Vale and Warners Bay effectively meeting in an elimination final next week. Gosford were no match for unbeaten league leaders Newcastle City.

BDAFL Round 15 Results & Reports

Results & Reports from today’s round of Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL matches:

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup

Terrigal Avoca 4.5, 11.9, 15.12, 21.16 (142)
Killarney Vale 1.0, 1.1, 3.1, 4.3 (27)
Terrigal Avoca :
Brendan Harper 3, Sam Ellis 3, Daniel Heuston 3, Mark Skuse 2, Ryan Webster 2, Sam O'Brien 2,
Matthew Shortal 1, Alexander White 1, Jack Grimmond 1, Corey Billins 1, Lachlan White 1, Peter Van Dam 1
Killarney Vale :
Tim Oosterhoff 2, Dane Amidy 2
Terrigal Avoca :
Brandon Sarich, Daniel Heuston, Christopher Bishop, Sam O'Brien, Brendan Harper, Mark Skuse
Killarney Vale :
Max Mumford, Connor Reilly, Dane Amidy, Kyall Walford, Harley Beckett, Brady Rankin

Warners Bay 5.7, 10.8, 12.9, 19.11 (125)
Nelson Bay 2.1, 2.3, 4.4, 7.5 (47)
Warners Bay :
Jake Roach 5, Kayne Gibbs 5, Luke Roach 4, Adam Van Est 1, Matthew Spinks 1, David McGuinness 1,
Nicholas Metcalfe 1, Oscar Anderson 1
Nelson Bay :
Aaron Clayden 2, Mathew Dews 2, Cooper Scott 1, Jayden Rymer 1, Sean McGrath 1
Warners Bay :
Jake Roach, Ben Hunter, Kayne Gibbs, Tom McDonell, Oscar Anderson, Kobe McClure
Nelson Bay :
Adam Grinyer, Billy Barton, Todd Thornton, Aaron Clayden, David Wood, Jayden Rymer

NEWCASTLE CITY v. CARDIFF @ Newcastle No.1 Sportsground Oval
Ladder: Terrigal Avoca 48, Cardiff 40*, Newcastle City 32*, Nelson Bay 16, Warners Bay 8, Killarney Vale 8

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate
Newcastle City 21.19 (145) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 4.1 (25)
Terrigal Avoca 14.10 (94) defeated Gosford 8.3 (51)
Singleton 13.13 (91) defeated Lake Macquarie 3.4 (22)
Maitland 12.8 (80) defeated Wyong Lakes 5.2 (32
Muswellbrook - Bye
Ladder: Maitland 93%, Wyong Lakes 92%, Singleton 77%, Newcastle City 62%, Gosford 46%, Terrigal Avoca 46%, Lake Macquarie 23%, Muswellbrook 8%, The Entrance Bateau Bay 8%

GE BDAFL Women's
Newcastle 11.11 (77) defeated Muswellbrook 0.0 (0)
Warners Bay 5.13 (43) defeated Lake Macquarie 1.1 (7)
Maitland 8.9 (57) defeated Wyong Lakes 1.6 (12)
Gosford 8.11 (59) defeated Killarney Vale 3.6 (24)
Nelson Bay 11.13 (79) defeated Singleton 0.0 (0)
Newcastle City 24.20 (164) defeated Cardiff 0.0 (0)
Ladder: Newcastle City 56, Nelson Bay 48, Gosford 44, Maitland 40, Warners Bays 36, Killarney Vale 32, Wyong Lakes 28, Singleton 20, Lake Macquarie 16, Cardiff 8, Newcastle 8, Muswellbrook 0.

Hunter Haval BDAFL Reserve Grade
Terrigal Avoca 24.13 (157) defeated Gosford 4.4 (28)
Killarney Vale 13.13 (91) defeated Lake Macquarie 7.6 (48)
Warners Bay 12.12 (84) defeated Nelson Bay 2.6 (18)
Wyong Lakes 7.7 (49) defeated Maitland 4.1 (25)
Cardiff 12.7 (79) defeated Newcastle City 6.5 (41)
Singleton - Bye
Ladder: Cardiff 85%, Warners Bay 85%, Killarney Vale 79%, Terrigal Avoca 77%, Nelson Bay 54%, Gosford 38%, Lake Macquarie 38%, Maitland 36%, Newcastle City 31%, Singleton 15%, Wyong Lakes 14%

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup fixtures played on Saturday, in Peter Van Dam’s 300th game for his beloved Terrigal Avoca (see photo), the Terrigal Avoca were too strong for Killarney Vale winning by 115 points at Hylton Moore Oval. Final scores were Terrigal Avoca 21.16.142 to Killarney Vale 4.3.27.

The Panthers turned up the heat in the second quarter, kicking 7 goals to one point to have the game secured at half-time, in front of a healthy crowd there to support the Panthers and the legendary Van Dam.

In a pleasing sign for coach Mark Skuse, the Panthers had twelve individual goalkickers, led by Brendan Harper, Dan Heuston and Sam Ellis with three goals apiece. Van Dam kicked one goal to cap off a momentous day for a great clubman and leader.

Coach, Scott Reed and and veteran Dane Amidy kicked two goals apiece for the Bombers.

Terrigal Avoca’s best players were Brendon Sarich, Daniel Heuston, Chris Bishop, Sam O’Brien, Brendan Harper and Skuse.

Killarney Vale were best served were Max Mumford, Connor Reilly, Amidy, Kyall Walford and Harley Beckett.

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Plate, Maitland wrested first place on the ladder by defeating Wyong Lakes by 48 points at Max McMahon Oval in the Annual Beyond Blue charity fundraiser. Terrigal Avoca all but ended Gosford’s finals chances at Hylton Moore Oval winning by 43 points, and Newcastle City were too strong for The Entrance Bateau Bay winning by 120 points.

In the GE Womens competition, Maitland confirmed their finals position with a 36 point win over Wyong Lakes and Gosford had to come from behind to defeat Killarney Vale by 35 points.

BDAFL Round 14 Results & Reports

Results and Reports from Round 14 of the Hunter Haval Black Diamond AFL Competitions played Yesterday:

Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup
General Bye

Black Diamond Plate
Lake Macquarie 6.12 (48) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay 6.6 (42)
Gosford 12.15 (87) defeated Muswellbrook 8.12 (60)
Maitland 13.11 (89) defeated Terrigal Avoca 5.3 (33)
Wyong Lakes 15.11 (101) defeated Singleton 3.5 (23)
Newcastle City - Bye

GE BDAFL Women's
Maitland 7.9 (51) defeated Cardiff 5.5 (35)
Lake Macquarie 23.20 (158) defeated Muswellbrook 0.1 (1)
Killarney Vale 11.13 (79) defeated Singleton 1.1 (7)
Wyong Lakes 23.15 (153) defeated Newcastle 1.1 (7)
Gosford 15.8 (98) defeated Warners Bay 0.4 (4)
Newcastle City 10.6 (66) defeated Nelson Bay 2.3 (15)

Reserve Grade
Nelson Bay 17.9 (111) defeated Gosford 5.3 (33)
Cardiff 30.18 (198) defeated Lake Macquarie 1.3 (9)
Killarney Vale 26.20 (176) defeated Singleton 2.2 (14)
Terrigal Avoca 12.16 (88) defeated Maitland 4.1 (25)
Warners Bay 19.15 (129) defeated Wyong Lakes 4.4 (28)

With the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup competition having a general bye all eyes centred on Newcastle No 1 Sportsground for the annual GE Women’s Round. Six highly entertaining games were played with Gosford, Wyong Lakes and Killarney Vale all recording wins.

Gosford reinforced their credentials as the team most likely to challenge the top two teams, Newcastle City and Nelson Bay with a convincing 15.8.,98 to 0.4.4 win over Warners Bay who were missing a number of their key players.

With captain Alison Parkin returnning to the team the Tigers dominated the game for the outset.

Apart from Parkin, Emily Crookes, Maddison Kacarovski and Rachael Elcoate all had strong games with Parkin and Kocarovski the leading goakkickers with three each.

Wyong Lakes continued their push for a finals berth with a 23.15.153 to 1.1.7 win over Newcastle Nova’s.

After a very competitive first half, the Magpies were able to kick 15 unanswered goals in the second half to run out easy winners.

Alyce Hemming with seven goals and Grace Jarvis, six goals were unstoppable up forward, with Alexandra Pearce dominant through the kid field in a best on ground performance.

Killarney Vale returned to the winners list with a 11.13.79 to 1.1.7 win over Singleton.

The Bombers who ended a three game losing streak do not have things their own way against a much improved Singleton side, however in the end had a bit too much polish.

Georgia Butler, Skye Bailey and Orana Young were excellent for the winners with Ashleigh Page a dominant presence up forward finishing with five goals.

In the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup, Wyong Lakes confirmed their standing as one of the favourites for this years premiership with a 78 point win over reigning premiers, Singleton. Maitland remain in second position on the ladder with a 56 point win over Terrigal Avoca. It was thriller at Tulkaba Park, with Lake Macquarie holding off a fast finishing The Entrance Bateau Bay to win by six points whilst in the finals game, Gosford had to withstand a strong challenge from Muswellbrook before prevailing by 27 points.

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